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New Year's Eve Retreat 2014


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Find the application form here:

Published in: Spiritual
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New Year's Eve Retreat 2014

  1. 1. For those that want to receive the New Year in a completely different way! Let’s reconnect with the purpose of our lives, making it explicit for the New Year!
  2. 2. Here is the deal... I don’t work with resolutions for the new year anymore. It’s a process that proved useless for me, and kind of painful when the end of the year I realize that I didn’t followed through with most of them. The excitement gets lost few weeks after the years has started and... well, I assume you know what I am talking about. So I tried experimenting with a theme for the year and a set of different practices, and that has worked wonders during the last two years. In the retreat, instead of enacting resolutions for 2014, we will be working on reconnecting with the purpose of our lives and designing a set of practices that will allows us to make them explicit for the new year. This is what you can expect: •  •  •  •  A process to review 2013: Exploring who we have became this year and accepting ourselves with our lights and shadows. Sharp exercises to define your theme for 2014 and give shape to your desires for the new year: Uncovering what truly matters to us and setting a theme and principles of living for 2014. Superb food. And of course, awesome conversations.
  3. 3. When? From 29th December 2013 to 2nd January 2014. Where? At The Soul Spa – near Lisbon, Portugal. How much? €150 (This includes accommodation, meals, tailored support and materials.) You can also stay longer before or after the retreat for €30 additional per day including accommodation and three meals a day. Please notice that alcohol will not served nor allowed during the retreat. Find the application form here: Looking forward to hosting you at The Soul Spa for this beautiful and intimate journey. Love tons, Dey