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How Cities Can Launch a Green Business Program Overnight


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Overview slideshow that describes the new offering, designed to help cities launch best-in-class green business programs!

The wait is over - cities can have access to leading technology and power their green business programs.

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How Cities Can Launch a Green Business Program Overnight

  1. 1. The Leading Turnkey Green Business Solution
  2. 2. View thispresentation onlyif you want to... Meet your region’s green goals Launch a best-in- class green program...easily Help local businesses go green
  3. 3. Green Business Programs help a cityand its businesses become morecompetitive...
  4. 4. Green Businesses Can Win More RFPs Save on Costs Gain NEW customers Increase Employee Engagement Minimize RiskPlus, it’s the right thing to do.
  5. 5. Cities that go green stand to winnational recognition, attract newbusinesses, improve overallbusiness and citizensentiment, and increase their taxbase.
  6. 6. Let’s repeat that last part….
  7. 7. Let’s repeat that last part…. …cities that go green can increase their tax base
  8. 8. Cost savings More+ new customers businesses inmore profitability the City Tax Base
  9. 9. Cities today recognize this andare increasinglyexpanding their green efforts...
  10. 10. Green buildings Air qualityEnergy efficiency Clean energyTransportation Water conservation
  11. 11. But, many current city programshaven’t received the full adoptionrequired to be successful...
  12. 12. Why? Tons of paperwork (psst...not green) Cumbersome PDF checklists Lengthy time to start program Limited tracking of impact Lots of work and budget $
  13. 13. And many of these programs aretargeted at large companies.
  14. 14. But Did You Know...Small and mid-sized businessaccount for 50% of electricity?
  15. 15. But Did You Know...Small and mid-sized businessaccount for 50% of electricity? (…and let’s not forget the impact on water, waste, transportation, etc.)
  16. 16. Yet surveysshow SMBsdon’t knowhow to gogreen
  17. 17. "The single greatest barrier to going green forbusinesses is lack of knowledge regardingsustainable practices. This barrier also applies tobusinesses that have begun green initiatives andare now seeking recognition and certification.” - 2010 Sustainability and Connecticut Business Survey
  18. 18. A TurnkeyGreen Business Solution
  19. 19. GCP Gives Businesses theKnowledge They Need to Succeed… Best-in-class practices and full implementation support Led by team of MIT, Harvard, and LEED professionals Incorporates tiered system similar to LEED Industry-specific initiatives compiled from other NGOs or industry experts, including:  EPA (cleaning/janitorial, construction, etc.)  Bay Area Green Program (several industries)  America’s Best Cleaners (dry cleaners) Research team continuously updates and incorporates member feedback
  20. 20. …and the Tools and Support to HelpThem Achieve Green Goals(this is where we really shine) Smart, ROI-driven online platform Tactical worksheets Vendor and product suggestions Sample policies
  21. 21. Our online tool helps businesses easily implement initiatives 1. Upon enrollment, businesses complete an 2. An initiative database that is ROI ranked guides industry-specific initial assessment what a business should complete next 3. Each initiative includes links and resources 4. Businesses track their efforts across several that will actually help a business complete the initiative key categories and identify progress
  22. 22. GCP Strengthened by In-personAssistance and Verification  Local project management. Trained green consultant assists city with implementation.  Onsite assistance at local businesses. Eco-consultants explain and help implement initiatives for certification and confirm ongoing eligibility.  Unlimited access to knowledgebase. Business participants gain access to “Ask Green Irene”  Online database of the most effective green innovations with expert U.S.-based green researchers who offer personalized email and phone support
  23. 23. Most Importantly, GCP OffersTransparency and RecognitionBusinesses in the program will be able to But unlike any other seal, “clickable” means a market themselves with third-party landing page is displayed with all of a business’ certification green efforts
  24. 24. GreenCityProgram is perfect forcity officials and administrators• Enhance or start a program quickly. Turnkey software solution with 450+ sustainability practices built-in. Don’t start from scratch.• Easy setup. Low software costs means no big city budget to approve and a nominal fee can be passed to business participants.• Customizable content. City priorities can drive additional sustainability content (e.g. Houston cares about air quality efforts)• Minimal paperwork. Online program means no more stagnant, cumbersome PDF checklists, it’s all in the cloud.• Powerful reporting capabilities. Because it’s online, cities and businesses can track their efforts and sustainability scorecard.
  25. 25. Featured in: “While almost everyone wants to do the right thing for the planet, a variety of factors can hold businesses back from taking the sustainability plunge. One of them is uncertainty about what going green really means…the Green Business Bureau is working to clarify what makes a business green with a nationwide network that delivers solid green business certification, particularly for small- and mid-sized businesses.” “But contrary to what many cash-strapped small-business owners may think, Marcos Cordero, CEO of the Green Business Bureau, which offers green business certification, says sustainability management doesnt have to cost a lot. "Many things require simply changing behavior that results in excessive waste. Start small and building sustainability will pay for itself," says Cordero.”
  26. 26. Ready to start?Reach us