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Intro to SEO

  1. 1. The Green Business Network™The Green Business Network is a vibrantcommunity of over 3,000 businessescommitted to creating a better world.Our mission is to help businesses everywherebecome more successful and grow a greeneconomy that is good for people and the planet. www.greenbusinessnetwork.orgThe Green Business Network is a program of Green America. We harness economic power— the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to build a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.
  2. 2. The Green Business Network™We have been building a green economy for three decades.Join us in celebrating:30th anniversary of Green America20th anniversary of the National Green Pages®11th anniversary of Green Festivals®QuestionsNick Bibernbiber@greenamerica.org202.872.5330
  3. 3. The Green Business Network™We help green businesses across the country toConnect. Market. Grow.
  4. 4. Introducing Jonah Mytro Director Founder Q4 Marketing
  5. 5. Introduction to SEO“Search Engine Optimization 101” Presented by: Jonah Mytro q4 Marketing and Media Group
  6. 6. Background & Experience•10 years of internet marketing experience with B2C clients• Founder of Q4 Marketing and Media Group (2009) • Online marketing firm • Consult with clients on all facets of online marketing (strategy, optimization, execution, analysis)• Founder and Director of (Groupon for Green Businesses) • Daily Deal site promoting eco-friendly deals and products• Expertise with all facets of online marketing, SEO, SEM, Affiliate, Media Buy,Ecommerce, Social Media, Email, Lead Generation
  7. 7. Agenda• Goal of SEO• SEO Stats• Target Keywords• What is SEO• Examples of SEO • Onsite SEO • Off Site SEO•10 Things you should do• Bad SEO (Don’t Do This)• Case Studies• What to do next•Tools & Resources• Q&A
  8. 8. Goals of SEO• Improve the organic rankings for your website - Top 3 positions ideal (#1, #2, #3) - 1st Page - Top 30 results• Drive Qualified Traffic• Generate Leads• Generate Sales
  9. 9. SEO Stats• Google: 70-75% market share / Yahoo & Bing: 20% / 5% all others - Optimize for Google• 62% of users click on an organic link on the 1st page of search results – 23% of searches end up on 2nd page• 80% of users click on Organic results vs. 20% on paid results• Who clicks on top 3 organic listings 1st position: 18% of clicks 2nd position: 10% 3rd position: 7%• Organic clicks result in a 25% higher conversion rate compared to paid placements• Search bots index your site every 7-10 days Frequent copy changes = more frequent visits• Optimization changes could take 24 hours to 90 days to show results• Organic results fluctuate person to person based on click rates
  10. 10. Target Keywords• Target Keywords are keywords that you want to optimize your website for• Your preferred Target Keywords may be different than your target customers preferred keywords• Think about how your target customer will search & pick keywords that people use in searching• Example: Water Bottles: BPA Free Water Bottles: Reusable Water Bottles: Steel Water Bottles: Cheap Water Bottles
  11. 11. Target Keywords: Tools• Keyword Tool: Google Adwords: • Click on Tools >> Keyword Tool• Local Searches: US only over past 30 days• Global Searches: All searches over past 30 days• Competition: Percentage of websites vs. monthly searches (Low, Medium, High)• Avg. CPC: Avg. Cost Per Click for bidding on Google Adwords
  12. 12. What is SEO • SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher with search engines. • SEO should be a long term marketing approach that will result in long term website traffic/sales/leads. • Think long term for SEO • Not everything you do will improve your organic rankings • You may actually see a dip in rankings for a short time before improvements • Don’t expect magic to happen overnight – no guarantees – no secret sauce! Paid AdsOrganicResults
  13. 13. Onsite SEOOnsite SEO includes everything on your website including content, meta tags, urls, imagetags, and more.• Meta title tags, description, keywords• URL – Keyword rich• H1, H2, H3 tags• Internal Links• Keyword density• Body copy• XML sitemap
  14. 14. Offsite SEOOffsite SEO includes links to your website from articles, blogs, social media, blog comments,anything on another domain linking to your website.• Directories (,,,• Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon• Blogs (Wordpress, Tumbler, Blogspot) - Content - Comments• PR/Articles • Domain Diversity is Key - Inbound links should come from a variety of domains - Ex: • Stay consistent with inbound links - Brand/domain (GreenDeals) - 1-2 Target keywords (Green Coupons/ Green Products )
  15. 15. 11 Onsite To Do’s1. Content is king: Quality content vs. quantity of content 1. 150-400 words of unique content per page2. Keyword insertion: 1-4 target keywords for each 100 words (4% rule) 1. Target Keyword: “BPA Free Water Bottles” 2. Include this keyword 4 times per 100 words3. Use h1 tags as introductions to your copy 1. BPA Free Water Bottles: Steel Water Bottle | 24 oz. $19.994. Meta Tags (Title, Description, Keywords) 1. Title: 70 Characters 2. Description: 140 Characters 3. Keywords: 4-10 target keywords5. Sitemaps (XML – Submit to search engines) 1. Google Webmaster Tools (Setup Account): 2. Add XML sitemap & Track crawl results/errors 3.
  16. 16. 11 Onsite To Do’s – Onsite (cont.)6. Url Structure: Keyword rich, separate words with dashes, no special characters 1. (GOOD) 2. (BAD)7. Always start with target keyword in first sentence of copy on all pages 1. “BPA-Free Water Bottles are perfect for gifts…..”8. Interlinking content 1. Link “BPA-Free Water Bottles” in content to page Footer copy 1. Content in footer of website that is 100-200 words and describes page content10. Footer links 1. Links on footer of page that links to the top pages on website. 2. Target: 3-6 footer links11. Tag images/pictures/videos (ALT Tags) 1. Each image should have an ALT tag that is a target keyword.
  17. 17. Please Don’t Do This• Don’t Steal Content – Duplicate content is bad• No more than 100 hyperlinks per page• Stay away from link farms• Flash is bad (images/videos)• Text color is same color as background• Keyword stuff copy (4% rule)• Duplicate Title Tags/No Title Tags
  18. 18. What to do next1. Check your website rankings - What keywords are you indexed for - & Seobook.com2. Setup Google Webmaster Tools - Sitemap setup correctly - Crawl errors3. Choose 2-3 target keywords for your website & optimize the copy - Each webpage is unique - target keywords & copy appropriately4. Check (update) your meta tags5. What is your h1 tag6. Fresh Content – Homepage & Site wide7. Change url structure8. Do press release (
  19. 19. Tips & Resources• Google Webmaster Tools• SeoBook & Seobook plugin for firefox• SemRush (free/paid)• Google keyword tool• – Tool and Resource for Tips• Search Engine Journal• Search Engine Land
  20. 20. SEO Quiz
  21. 21. Questions?Contact:Jonah MytroQ4 Marketing & Media GroupEmail: