GreenGain June Webinar


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Take a tour of GreenGain, the online green business certification assessment and sustainability tool from Green America's Green Business Network.

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  • Advantages of certification Any seal level can qualify for benefit corporation status, but a business must
  • Certification provides access to a range of services to help you connect into the sustainability community, market to more customers, grow your business successfully and sustainably.
  • Reaching more customers
  • GreenGain June Webinar

    1. 1. The Green Business NetworkThe Green Business Network is a vibrantcommunity of over 3,000 businessescommitted to creating a better world.Our mission is to help businesses everywherebecome more successful and grow a greeneconomy that is good for people and the planet.
    2. 2. The Green Business NetworkWe have been working tirelessly for threedecades. Join us in celebrating:30th anniversary of Green America20th anniversary of the National Green Pages10th anniversary of GreenfestivalGet listed in our Anniversary Editionof the National Green Pages by July 9th!!QuestionsTish Kashanitkashani@greenamerica.org202.872.5338
    3. 3. The Green Business NetworkWe are excited to be at the forefront ofchange for so many years. Here iswhat we see in the evolving marketplace:Transparency consumers increasingly seek out businesses that are open, honest, & credibleGuidance businesses want tools to help them move deeper in their sustainability workProgress rewarding and motivating businesses on the path of sustainability is crucial to shifting the economy
    4. 4. Green America Seal of Approval Old Seal of Approval Since 1985 Our green business trustmark is backed by almost 30 Years of experience and reputation. The screening process used to include: Old Process Approved or Rejected only the best of the best were recognized General Assessment the application was not industry specific but referenced industry specific standards Independent Review by the Standards Committee
    5. 5. Green America Seal of Approval New Seal of Approval Since 2011 We evolved the screening process into a formal certification strategy. The program includes: New Process Three Tiers formal advisory process with external partners Custom Assessment same standards Independent Review Gold level certification requires Standards Committee review & approval Stakeholder Engagement formal advisory process with external partners Public Beta we want your collaboration!
    6. 6. Green America Seal of Approval Bronze Represents businesses that start on the path of sustainability and are implementing sustainable practices in the workplace. Silver Represents businesses that are deepening their commitment to social AND environmental responsibility in core business practices, along the supply chain, and in their community. Gold Represents businesses that are pioneering best practices in their industry and embedding social and environmental responsibility into the DNA of the company.
    7. 7. Online Sustainability Tool
    8. 8. Online Sustainability ToolAssessment Seal of Approval
    9. 9. Online Sustainability Tool ImprovementAssessment Reporting Seal of Approval
    10. 10. How Does GreenGain Work?
    11. 11. GreenGain: Setting Up Your Profile
    12. 12. GreenGain: Assessment
    13. 13. GreenGain:Tracking
    14. 14. GreenGain: Reporting
    15. 15. GreenGain: Reporting
    16. 16. GreenGain: Improvement
    17. 17. GreenGain: Improvement
    18. 18. GreenGain: Gold Level Review
    19. 19. Five commonly asked questions…We want to thank members for their feedbackon GreenGain during our public beta year.The most frequently asked questions are:3.I answered many of the questions, but my resultssay ‘No Seal Earned.’ Why didn’t I earn a seal?4.I’m a sole proprietor working out of my home.What if the questions don’t apply to me?5.How do I download the interactive Seal? Can I usethe same seal for print materials?6.Do I need to do the GreenGain assessment if I waspreviously screened and approved?7.How is the Green America Green BusinessCertification different from other certifications?
    20. 20. Once You Earn the Seal…We understand that every small business isalways looking for ways to save time, energy, andmoney. The Green Business Network offers avariety of services that are designed to helpbusinesses easily and efficiently:Certify their sustainability performanceConnect into a green business communityMarket to the right consumers & a larger audienceGrow their bottom line while improvingtheir sustainable business practices
    21. 21. Certify. Connect. Market. Grow. Display Seal of Approval Show your interactive seal online, include on print and marketing materials, and display in store fronts Benefit Corporation With our allies at BLab, use the Green America Seal of Approval to file as a Benefit Corporation in your state. Current States California, Vermont Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York Upcoming States Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Colorado…
    22. 22. Certify. Connect. Market. Grow. Seminars & Webinars Hear from experts on Green Business at Green Festivals. B2B Networking Opportunities Get advice on business plans, financing, branding, etc. and learn from other businesses through online discussions Connections & Green American Stay up to date on local and national public policy affecting green business Public Policy Action Stay up to date on local and national public policy affecting green business
    23. 23. Certify. Connect. Market. Grow. National Green Pages Sold at Newsstands & distributed to Green America members. NEW online directory with Showcase Listings & FREE download for iPhone and Android Green Festivals 10 Years and 1 Million Attendees Greendeals The Groupon for green products Online Partnerships by ebay, the Green Bride Guide, etc. Advertising Opportunities Advertise in all Green America publications
    24. 24. Certify. Connect. Market. Grow.
    25. 25. Certify. Connect. Market. Grow. Green Awards Access quarterly grants for deserving green business. Learn about investing opportunities. Discounted Business Services Save money on shipping costs, packaging, web hosting, credit card processing, long distance calling, social(k) retirement plans B2B Wholesale Buy wholesale from Green Business Network members
    26. 26. Certify. Connect. Market. Grow.In sum, the Green America Certified GreenBusiness Seal opens doors to many benefits.But ultimately, it will help you…Save money & time while greening your businessTrack & report your sustainability effortsSet your business apart from your competitorsBuild transparency & credibility for your brandPromote your leadership in the marketplace… And together, we can grow a vibrant andsuccessful green economy!
    27. 27. Have Questions?Maren MaierDirector, Standards and Seal of Approval202-872-5329mmaier@greenamerica.orgDesireé Reese-WolfordDeputy Director, Green Business