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Trekking Bicycle for Long Distance Ride


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What bicycle should you use for touring?

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Trekking Bicycle for Long Distance Ride

  2. 2. Found your bicycle? Is it in tip top condition?
  3. 3. What is the right bike?
  4. 4. Consider a 700C Hybrid the ideal "Trekking" bike
  5. 5. Unisex Frame with racks for panniers while travelling Rear Rack Front Rack
  6. 6. Good traction on paved or non tarmac surfaces. 700C Slick Wider Tyres with smooth centre line and knobby outer tread
  7. 7. Mudguards for Bicycle minimize the spray or splash of water or mud Keep your feet and cycling mates drier.
  8. 8. Get it Full-Length Protect components from water and filth… …that will wear them out prematurely.
  9. 9. Fitted with Gear Systems to cycle steadily without too much efforts Go on low gears to get up steep hills with luggage.
  10. 10. Improve blood circulation as curved shape allows more hands movements. Butterfly Handlebar with Sponge Grips for resting
  11. 11. Adjustable Riser Stem for more upright position Bell for warning pedestrians and other cyclists.
  12. 12. Wide Comfy Saddle for long distance ridding
  13. 13. Quick Release Spindle remove bicycle's wheels quickly without any tools Ease the transportation of bicycle.
  14. 14. Need to get there by plane, car or train? Plan
  15. 15. Stow Bicycle Safely Keep it in tip top condition for the ride.
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