Running flat?


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Know your wheels and make the right decision when buying a bicycle pump. Introducing Airace Dual Jet TS Pump for tyre and shock.

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Running flat?

  1. 1. Should you leave it behind or…RUNNINGFLAT? …carry it home?
  2. 2. Should have boughtWait for help? that portable pump… Before you shop for one, know your bike first.
  3. 3. LOOK AT YOUR WHEELS Are the inner tubes fitted with Presta Valves? Also known as:Sclaverand Valve or French Valve
  4. 4. Presta Valves-are found in inner tubes of high pressure road style and many mountain bicycle.-lighter and smaller in diameter (6mm).-rims of bicycles drilled for Presta valves cannot accommodate the wider Schradervalves (8mm).-allows a smaller hole to be drilled in the rim.-have a captive knurled nut to hold the core tight. To pump inner tube wth Presta Valves: -knurled nut need to be loosen before you can pump tube up. -re-tighten the valve nut to keep air from escaping after inflating the tube. a lock nut to secure the stem at the wheel rim.
  5. 5. Internal Components (enlarged) pin pushed in What about the ones with the Schrader Valves? -often seen on bicycles with wide rims and tires. closed valve -have a removable valve core -have a spring-loaded valve mechanism. To pump inner tube with Schrader Valves: -there is a small pin in the centre of the valve opening which must be pushed in to put air in or to let air out.
  6. 6. Each type of valve requires adifferent type of pump fittingbut… …an adaptor can be fitted to permit the Presta valve (6 mm) to be connected to a pump with a Schrader chuck (8mm). What else must you check on?
  7. 7. Is yours afull-suspension bike? That comes with… Forks Disc brakes YES? Shock Absorber
  8. 8. Go get aTYRE and SHOCK PUMP
  9. 9. …to avoid damaging the shocksCHECK SUSPENSION PRESSURE REGULARLYrun on optimal pressurefor your weight andriding conditions
  10. 10. Maximum Pressure 300psi for fork or shockIntroducing the Airace Dual Jet TS Rubber Tips and Valve Covers Mini Pump Schraeder Valve with extractable flexy hose
  11. 11. Riding on under-inflated tires can cause flats and damage your wheelsConcealed Tyre Pumpwith lever to lockvalve in place Presta/Schraeder reversible valve core with a knurled cap
  12. 12. Schrader/Presta Valve Nut Valve Adaptor Fits on Presta Valve StemThreaded Schrader Rubber GasketSpare Presta:To Use Presta Pump on Schrader Valve
  13. 13. LeverMaximum Pressure 80psi To pump tyre, lift up lever to lock Presta / Schrader Valve in place.
  14. 14. Comes withBracket for Dual Jet TS(Tyre & Shock) Pumpto mount to your bike for use on theroad or trails… nuts x2 provided
  15. 15. Created with thanks to:Microsoft Office contributors at Wikipedia StromBer taken by Aezram Marcela A7N8X
  16. 16. Now you know. Go make the right choice. Jom Johan Trading and Services No 43A, Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A Taman Prima Saujana Sek 1 43000 Kajang, Selangor Tel: 03-87369398 Email: Shared on