I Am Like You!


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You don't love enough when you don't do it right.

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  • Please SHARE and raise awareness!!!

    Thank you Nancy Poh - Presentation with deep meaning!!!
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  • Thank you, Anny. I appreciate yours thoughts and quotes shared here. Let's hope your message gets across.
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  • Thank you, Spider, for your encouraging comments.

    There is a glaring grammar error on Slide 12 so, I have amended and edited this slideshow. This is link the amended version.


    I have also added another image for slide 11 and a new link on poo facts to slide 24:


    Here is another I discovered today.

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  • So profound but unfortunately TRUE !!!.. they can feel too !!! .. ALL THEY NEED IS LOVE and to be fed and they give so much back .. good presentation Nancy .. Spider :)
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  • Thank you for all the comments posted here. It is great to hear that this slideshow is funny and touching at the same time. I was also moved by the pictures I discovered on http://tinypic.com/. You can find links to each of them just by clicking on the images.

    This is the message I posted on my blog to go with this slideshow:

    'If you love animals or are a pet owner, please do it right or you may unknowingly become a cause for someone to take unbecoming actions against animals that have become pests in their neighbourhood.

    You decide if that makes you an accomplice or a murderer if an animal is killed in the process. '
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I Am Like You!

  1. 1. I am just like…
  2. 2. You
  3. 3. Don’t you see it too?
  4. 4. I need to be fed.
  5. 5. Loved and cared for…
  6. 6. You need to “go” too just like I do…
  7. 7. Though you don’t do it the way I do.
  8. 8. Look what you did! Do you know that stinks?!!! It’s unhygienic too.
  9. 9. My owner let me out the backyard. Look! Your droppings are all dried up on the ledge. Not a good idea. That’s right under the neighbour’s kitchen window!
  10. 10. We don’t mean to upset anyone. We can’t teach our owners to clean up after us. Can you help us?
  11. 11. They used hot water to chased me away. I was caught stealing fish in the kitchen. My owner moved out and left me behind. There are people out there… … who cannot control their anger.
  12. 12. I can get beaten up if I am caught spilling the garbage bin looking for food.
  13. 13. When we are all grown up…
  14. 14. We need love… … as much as you do.
  15. 15. Can’t say we are as good at… … family planning.
  16. 16. Please spay or neuter us.
  17. 17. Don’t throw our youngs out… … to fend for themselves.
  18. 18. to love and feed me today. I am not noisy. Am just hungry.
  19. 19. You will not do this to your own… Would you?
  20. 20. Please send me to someone who do. Don’t love me any more?
  21. 21. We are just like you. We hurt as much.
  22. 22. Like me, you may rather be… … put to sleep then be abused.
  23. 23. What can you do about this? Answers and solutions can be found on: http://www.spca.org.my/ http://www.spca.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutering Created by: GreenBeingNancy MS Programme clipart artists discovered Contributors at http://tinypic.com/ Shared on: http://www.slideshare.net/GreenBeingNancy http://philosophyrecycled.blogspot.com/ WHAT WOUD INSPIRE YOU TO ACT?