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Paid marketing (part 2): Facebook Campaigns and other marketing tools


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In this slide show, the team at Green & Red Technologies walks you through paid Facebook ad campaigns. The last half of the slide show deals with other marketing tools and gives options for mobile advertising.

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Paid marketing (part 2): Facebook Campaigns and other marketing tools

  1. 1. Paid  Marke*ng  Pt.  2:   Facebook  Ad  Campaigns  &   Other  Tools
  2. 2. Running a Facebook Ad Campaign is EASY!
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Facebook Gives You Lots of Options
  5. 5. So First Decide What You Want... Facebook Page Likes OR Drive Traffic to Website
  6. 6. If your aim is FACEBOOK LIKES Try Boosting Post Engagement
  7. 7. Or Creating an Ad for your Page
  8. 8. If your aim is WEBSITE TRAFFIC Let Facebook help you create an ad linking to your site
  9. 9. then go further and track what people do after they click your Facebook ad
  10. 10. The hard part: Making your campaign GREAT
  11. 11. Preparation 1. Decide on a great offer 2. Demographic Research (for Targeting) 3. Write compelling ads (with good images and written copy) 4. Commit to frequent testing & ad rotation
  12. 12. Targeting Your Audience Create groups of targets prioritized by relevancy and budget accordingly 1. Highest priority, highest spend: Parents 2. Medium priority, medium spend: Middle-aged women 3. Low priority, low spend: TOYS Age 65+
  13. 13. Write Compelling Ad Copy - Questions - Testimonials - Calls to Action - Reflect target demographics
  14. 14. Choose a Compelling Image - Shocking - Celebrities - Animals - Smiling People - Picture of a goal / dream - Locally recognizable (if using geotargeting)
  15. 15. Frequent Testing & Ad Rotation - Always test multiple ads at the same time - pause ads that never perform well - pause ads that dip in performance (can restart them again later) - Edit faltering ads by changing border color, changing headline, or changing image
  16. 16. Other best practices Use Facebook specific offers, discounts or checkout codes
  17. 17. Did You Know: Everything We’ve Shown You Converts to MOBILE
  18. 18. SMS Ads Ads in Mobile Apps Ads on Mobile Browsers
  19. 19. Here are some other tools you might find useful…
  20. 20. 1. “Alexa Rankings” --
  21. 21. 2. “Google Trends” - Know what’s popular when its popular
  22. 22. Advanced Marketing Automation Tools