School magazine research!


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School magazine research!

  1. 1. School Magazine Research!
  2. 2. Front Cover One! This is the schools logo placed in the bottom left hand corner. This is so the school is mentioned on the magazine and it is clear that it is for the school. It also makes the magazine look official as the school has their name on it. Magazine masthead. The masthead is blue which links to the colour of the school logo so the magazine is relevant to the school and its for them. The masthead is bold and spread across the whole page. Non of the masthead is covered showing the school magazine is not recognised easily enough for them to cover some of the masthead. The model in the image is a average student. She has a very happy facial expression which could show how she enjoys everyday school life. The model is not giving the audience direct eye contact which could show she is looking up to someone. This would then link to the sub heading ‘Club Together’. Which could mean she is looking up to an older student for help and guidance. The sub-heading is in full upper case and bold text. This is so it is seen as the most important and eye catching text after the larger masthead. The text is also in white so it stands out on the full image background. However white still inks into the school magazines house style as it is the colour which the masthead blends into and the background of the school logo. These two images resembles ‘pop-up’ advertisements, these are used to show a preview of what is in the magazine. The headings of these are blue to link to the masthead and white text to show they still have importance to the magazine. The masthead, logo, images and subheadings work together to create a frame around the model on the image in the centre of the cover. The shot of the model is a medium close up as her head and shoulders can be seen. I believe they have chosen this shot as a full body shot was not relevant and their main focus was to capture her facial expressions. However they still wanted her to be seen as an average student so used a medium close up so some of her school uniform could still be seen.
  3. 3. Front Cover Two! The cover shot consist of many different shots and angles. In the shot there are 3 students which consist of a long shot, a medium long shot and a medium close up. The shots get closer to the reader as if the students are coming out of the cover. Which could show that the school has so much going on it’s bursting out of the magazine. There is also an overall extreme long shot showing the grounds of the school this may be shown to show the school which this students go to and the fun the school offers. The facial expressions of the 3 students is very happy, showing that they are enjoying school life to the full and the activates that will be discussed in the magazine. The headline is white and bright yellow, this allows it to stand out from the image which creates the background. The yellow text is larger than the white which could show that this word has more importance to the headline. The masthead of the school magazine is done very professional to show the school at it’s best. Because mostly students will read this magazine however parents could also read the magazine so therefore a professional image still needs to be displayed. Above the masthead is the schools slogan ‘Achieving success together’, this shows how important the slogan is to the school and the success it gains them from following it. The masthead is in a large bold text in upper case lettering which I believe helps in making it stand out on the page. The colour of the masthead is also the same colour as the school uniform which creates a very strong link between the magazine and the school.
  4. 4. Front Cover Three! The masthead on this magazine is not as bold or dramatic as it is on other magazines. The text of the masthead is simple and becomes bolder from left to right. The masthead is crisp white so its stands clearly forward from the black show style background. Once again the masthead is stretch across the whole front cover. It is also not covered again showing that the magazine needs all the notice it can gain. The cover shot used as a background on the cover is a long shot. The shot shows a school play which has taken place within the school. This image has been chosen as the cover shot as that is the main piece within this issue of the magazine. In the image is many of the cast, however one member of the cast is more forward in the shot this is to show the reader that this person is the main in the show. The shot is also an action shot as it has been taken whilst the cast perform which I believe shows the heart and sole of the magazine and the energy within the school. Also the background of the shot is black which I believe highlights the stars of the school which is the cast in the school play. This section of text is saying what else the magazine includes. The ‘plus’ heading to catch the readers eye is in bold pink text so it stands out from the rest of the white text on the page. By it also been different from the rest of the text shows that it is an extra for the reader. The headline is in white text, however the text is much thinner than previous covers I have looked at. I believe this is because the school wanted to create a stronger headline with the image, rather than the text.
  5. 5. Contents Page One ! The main heading for the contents page is in the largest and boldest text. This is so it is clear to the audience what the page is about and what it contains. These three images selected down the side of the contents page resemble a film reel. This could show that these images are the trailer to what the magazine contains. The subheadings of the contents page are in the same font and bold as the heading however the font size is smaller. This is to show they are important in telling you what is happening at each page of the magazine. Under neither the bold sub headings there is a smaller less bold text which allows the reader to have slightly more information on the article which is on this page. The page numbers have a clear colour contrast to their background colour, this is so the numbers clearly stand out so therefore it will be easy for the reader to find the page.
  6. 6. Contents Page Two ! The heading again is the largest text on the page. However on this contents page there is no other text in the same colour which makes the heading easier to stand out. The heading colour also links to key colours in many of the images on the page and also the banner which is placed across the bottom of the page. The page numbers on the contents are placed along the left hand side. However I believe the size of the numbers are slightly too small and I may wish to use larger numbers for my contents page. This is the magazines issue number they may have chosen to place the issue number on the contents page so the front cover was not to busy. And therefore the front page could be filled further with the main story. Once again a series of images have been used to create the sense of a film reel. So again I believe this is to show a preview or a trailer of what is to come in the magazine.