Magazine names!


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Magazine names!

  1. 1. Magazine Names!
  2. 2. What does a magazine name need to achieve?  A magazine name has many purposes and is needed greatly. The main purpose of a name is to be catchy and recognisable. It needs to be catch so it will easily remembered by the reader. This essentially means that the name must be short and catchy (if the name is too long it may need to be cut down into to letters which stand for the name). A magazines name will also generate the masthead so once again it is key that the magazines name is not too long. The name of the magazine will also have to have strong links with what the magazine represents or consists of. I am generating a Indie/rock magazine to therefore my name needs to relate to this and not a magazine which consist of pop articles or fashion pieces.
  3. 3. Initial name ideas  Right Note!  Beat!  UpBeat!  UBFM (Up Beat and Fresh Music)  Music Rocks  Music Madness  Music Weekly  MM  Music Beat!  Just Hits  Music Magic  Hits
  4. 4. Top 5 names! 1.Beat! 2.Right Note! 3.Just Hits! 4.MM 5.Star Light!
  5. 5. Vote & Feedback!  On the table shown on the left I have devised a table showing which name was most popular with the people involved with my vote. I also asked for feedback on their choice in name this will help me see why this name would be strong for my magazine. Name Tally Beat! IIIII Right Note! I Just Hits! II MM! Star Light! II
  6. 6. Name choice & why?  After completing my survey with my target market it was clear which name was most popular. The name ‘MM’ gained no votes and therefore I believe would gain no success when used on my magazine. This did not work or gain success for one main reason which was that my target market struggled to discover what the ‘MM’ stood for, and when it was revealed what ‘MM’ stood for (Music Madness) it did not appeal to my target market. The next name to score lowest was ‘Right Note!’ this gained one vote with my target market. This would show that only a very small amount of my target market would be interested and therefore not much success would be gained. I found out that one of the main reasons for this is that the name was slightly too long and my target audience preferred a name which was one word. The name which came second within my survey was ‘Just Hits!’, this gained two votes meaning slightly more of my target market were interested in this name. A reason for them been interested in this was that the name liked very well to the music magazine style I was aiming to create. However, the name which scored very highly and clearly stood out within the results of the survey was ‘Beat!’. From my target audience feedback I gathered that ‘Beat’ gathered the most interest as it was very well linked with a music magazine but also had a very strong link with my music genre (Indie/rock).  So there for my music magazine will be called ‘Beat!’.
  7. 7. What’s next?  Now I have decided on my final name choice() I am now going to move on to fonts which will work well with this name choice. Because a strong name needs a strong font to make it jump of the page when sold in stores. This font will also become my masthead font so I will need to keep this in mind when considering fonts.