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As media research


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As media research

  1. 1. AS Media Research-Front Covers Survey Which of the covers below are you most likely to buy and give a reason why? Which of the covers below do you think will be most successful to launch my music magazine?
  2. 2. Results Name Magazine Choice Why? Magazine for me Why? Beth 5 Very dramatic. 5 The artist is the main piece. Leanne 3 She stands out on the page. 2 Very conventional. Brad 1 Liked the pun. 6 Long shot which shows a sense of power. Charl 5 Celebrity on the cover. 3 Everything you need is there and a good clean layout. Charl B 5 Celebrity on the cover. 3 Looks cool. Amy 1 Eye catching. 2 Not to complicated. Jazz 2 Splash is very effective. 5 I like the big cover shot. Sarah 3 Celebrity on the cover. 6 Clear layout. Adele 3 Eye catching. 6 Clear layout. Steph 6 I like the animals used on the cover. 3 Clear layout. What have I found? From the results above I have found many key pieces of information that can help in the development of my music magazine and making it a great success. The table below shows the results of what magazine was most eye catching to the people I surveyed.
  3. 3. Magazine choice. Number of people who found it most appealing. Magazine one 2 Magazine two 1 Magazine three 3 Magazine four 0 Magazine five 5 Magazine six 1 From the table above it is clear that a well known celebrity on a cover shot makes a magazine more eye catching. Also on the two most popular cover (3&5) the cover shot is no more than a medium shot, meaning the audience would find a larger more dramatic image more eye catching than a less detailed long shot. From the results, you can see that cover four was not seen as eye catching to anyone. I believe this could have been because the shot was too busy for people to take in all and therefore found it more overwhelming than eye catching. So there for I have gained from this research for a magazine to be eye catching then the cover shot must be dramatic and bold. And that it is vital not to make the cover shot to busy as readers find this too overwhelming. Another part of my research within this piece is finding out what layout people find is most appealing and most effective for a launch of a new music magazine. The table below shows which magazine layout people found most effective for my music magazine. Magazine Choice. Number of people that found layout
  4. 4. most effective. Magazine one. 0 Magazine two. 2 Magazine three. 3 Magazine four. 0 Magazine five. 2 Magazine six. 3 From the table above it is clear that people thought that for a first magazine then a clear layout was key.