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Favor Rental - Serving LongIsland NY NJ NYC CT


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Great Neck Games offer wide variety of latest Photo Favors, Airbrush Design or DVD Recordings and much more. Browse through the wide variety of favors and feel free to choose a standard favor or contact us to customize something for your particular event that fits the theme. Visit our showroom to see a sample of each of our favors first hand.

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Favor Rental - Serving LongIsland NY NJ NYC CT

  1. 1. Great Neck Games & Productions (800) GN-Games / (516) 747-9191Favor Rental
  2. 2. Favor Stations• Photo Favors and much more! Whether your looking for the latest Photo Favor, Airbrush Design or DVD Recordings, you will find it here.• Browse through the wide variety of favors and feel free to choose a standard favor or contact us to customize something for your particular event that fits the theme.
  3. 3. Favor StationsVisit our showroom to see a sample of each of our favors first hand!• Engraving Station • Funky Photos• Airbrushing • Fashion Shack• Ball Stars • Crystal Photos• Chinese Calligraphy • Wire Sculptures• Chinese Name Paintings • Dance Heads• Create A Bear • Id Making• Wax Hands • Digital Photo Easel• Viewfinder Key Chains • iMingle Photo• Spin Tees • iSkins Photos• Silver Wear Jewelry • Candy Sculptures• Photo Id Booth • Resin Jewelry Making• License Plate Making • Marker Art• Jewelry Making • Flip Book Photos• Foto Fantasy • Leather Engraving• Gel Candles
  4. 4. 1 Engraving Station1 Engraving Station - where guests can have their photo taken and etched into a pendant of their choice whether it be a dog tag or a rhinestone heart. Each pendant is placed on their choice of keychain, necklace, or bracelet.
  5. 5. 2 Airbrushing2 Airbrushing - Let our professional airbrush artists custom design & personalize Any kind of clothing item or accessory you can imagine. Your guests will choose The lettering, style & overall design, our artists will bring it to life to create a Custom piece of art inspired clothing.
  6. 6. 3 Ball Stars3 Ball Stars - Take a color photo & then have it superimposed onto basketballs, footballs, baseballs, softballs, & soccer balls. Then they are placed onto a stand to keep on a shelf for display.
  7. 7. 4 Chinese Calligraphy4 Chinese Calligraphy - is in fashion. Give your guests their name, a saying, or a word in Chinese on the paper color of their choice. Each calligraphy painting comes with a black matted frame. Size is 11 by 14 inches.
  8. 8. 5 Chinese Name Paintings5 Chinese Name Paintings - w/ artists painting different styles and colors for both girls and boys, women and men. Each Name Painting comes with a matted frame. Size is 32 by 10 inches.
  9. 9. 6 Create A Bear6 Create A Bear - Plush teddy bear skins that you stuff, fill with a heart and then dress & accessorize your very own bear with a multitude of outfits, including basketball jerseys, satin dresses, doctor & nurse uniforms, karate outfits, etc. Then they are placed onto a stand to keep on a shelf for display.
  10. 10. 7 Wax Hands7 Wax Hands - Guests dip their hands into warm wax creating their own hand sculptures. The hands can be holding any kind of item such as a rose or a bottle. The technician will then dip the sculpture into different colors to create a remarkable favor.
  11. 11. 8 Viewfinder Key Chains8 Viewfinder Key Chains - Our photographer will take your picture during the function. We will then develop the picture and put it into one of the old style key chains. Each viewfinder can be personalized for your event.
  12. 12. 9 Spin Tees9 Spin Tees - taking classic spin art to wearable clothing! Let your guests create their own colorful spin art design on tees, tanks, sweats, and many other clothing items.
  13. 13. 10 Silver Wear Jewelry10 Silver Wear Jewelry - including Metal Smith and assistant creating custom jewelry for guests out of Forks, Knives & Spoons. Guests can choose what piece of silverware they would like, and then choose a stone to set. Lastly they can choose between a key chain, Bracelet, necklace, money clip, or ring.
  14. 14. 11 Photo ID Booth11 Photo ID Booth - coney island style strip photo booth letting your guests go inside and snap away (4) pictures at a time to be printed in a strip. It includes clip frames for the strip photos. Personalization is also available for each strip.
  15. 15. 12 License Plate Making12 License Plate - Making where guests can choose exactly what they want their own custom license plate to say. Any state can be used, and the license plates are embossed to look identical to a real plate.
  16. 16. 13 Jewelry Making13 Jewelry Making - The latest and greatest bracelets and chokers with sateen bands, Stretch frosty bands & rubber bands with assorted charms, initials and then placed into a velveteen personalized pouch for safekeeping.
  17. 17. 14 Foto Fantasy14 Foto Fantasy - We superimpose your guests faces, or whole bodies onto different backgrounds. Choose from over 200+ backgrounds, travel destinations, magazine covers Pop Art and much more. Items to have your photo on can include tee shirts, boxers, mugs, phone cards, mouse pads, screen savers, Wheaties boxes, magnets, key chains, phony IDs and candy boxes. Canvas Photos and many more please call with any questions.
  18. 18. 15 Gel Candles15 Gel Candles - guests can choose from either a Champagne flute, Martini, or Votive glass. They will then personalize their very own candle by putting glitter, sequins, sports items, shells, and other items into their candle. Includes wicks, box, tissue and personalized ribbon with your childs name & date.
  19. 19. 16 Funky Photos16 Funky Photos - incorporating a variety of 30-40 different frames into a single photo opportunity! Your guests will receive a high definition digital print and will be able to choose from the large variety of frames to put their photo in.
  20. 20. 17 Fashion Shack17 Fashion Shack - lets your guests act like a fashion designer picking out a logo of their choice as well as the type of clothing they would like it on. They can position it, choose the colors, even a rhinestone pattern patch or heat transfer.
  21. 21. 18 Crystal Photos18 Crystal Photos - have your guests take home crystals in all shapes and sizes with their photo on it. It makes a gorgeous decoration in the home or office.
  22. 22. 19 Wire Sculptures19 Wire Sculptures - let our artists twist you a custom sculpture! Straight pieces of metal wire instantly turned into names, messages, or words in minutes.
  23. 23. 20 Dance Heads20 Dance Heads - will keep your party guests entertained and coming back for more. Its not just lip-synching or karaoke, Dance Heads superimposes your guests heads on a professional dancers body while they sing along to some of pops greatest hits of all time. Call us about SUPER HEADS!!
  24. 24. 21 ID Making21 ID Making - Take a photo & place in on a plastic fun ID with funny drivers licenses, credit cards, and sports IDs VI cards & backstage passes, etc.
  25. 25. 22 Digital Photo Easel22 Digital Photo Easel - letting guests choose between an 8” x 10” caricture drawing which is placed in a matte frame, or guests can choose to have a classic strip photo.
  26. 26. 23 iMingle Photo23 iMingle Photo - where your guests can pose and take a photo, then have fun and scribble, draw, write a message all via a touch screen plasma. When your done press print and take home a copy of your creation.
  27. 27. 24 iSkins Photos24 iSkins Photos - creating custom covers for a large variety of phones. Techs will take photos and orders to print custom vinyl decals or requests For stylish hard cases
  28. 28. 25 Candy Sculptures25 Candy Sculptures - are created by our magnificent artists displaying their folk art skill. Guests will be amazed to watch sugar form into a variety of different animals and designs. Each piece is spun around a wooden stick which makes a perfect treat!
  29. 29. 26 Resin Jewelry Making26 Resin Jewelry Making - with a variety of necklaces, bracelets & key chains. Guests can choose their resin pendants which are stamped with a design.Each piece can be customized to a theme or style. Lastly once the pendants are placed on the desired jewelry finishing beads are added.
  30. 30. 27 Marker Art27 Marker Art - on sports balls is a great addition to any party. Let our graffiti artists style a variety of sports balls including basketballs, football, baseballs, soccer balls and many more with custom artwork!
  31. 31. 28 Flip Book Photos28 Flip Book Photos - lets your guests stand in front of a web cam to shoot 7 seconds of motion. Those 7 seconds of motion are then broken down into 60 frames which are printed and bound into a fun pocket sized flip book. Each flip book comes with a personalized inside page with option to personalize the outside cover.
  32. 32. 29 Leather Engraving29 Leather Engraving - lets guests to have artists custom engrave a variety of leather bracelets and dog tags. Each bracelet can read the wording of their choice while incorporating engraved designs and a variety of beads, jewels, and pendants to hang from the bracelets.
  33. 33. Great Neck Games & Productions (800) GN-Games / (516) 747-9191Great Neck Games & Productions is a full service event rental and production company specializing in Furniture, Dance Floors, Lighting, Arcade Games, Casinos, Carnivals and much more. 275 Jericho Tpke. Mineola, NY 11501 Email :