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Beauty salon business plan template


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BEAUTY SALON BUSINESS PLAN. How to start a Beauty Salon using a hybrid business plan template kit. Investor / Lender ready business plan template and sample documents in Word, Excel and PowerPoint for starting a Beauty Salon.

Creating a business plan when starting a Beauty Salon is important. Lenders, Investors and Landlords many times require a business plan for review before making a decision to invest, lend or lease. As a road map for a management team to follow, a business plan is an excellent resource.

The process of sitting down and taking the time the write a business plan from scratch can be overwhelming. The Beauty Salon Business Plan Template, Excel financial worksheet model and PowerPoint Pitch Deck templates make the task much easier. With the vast majority of the hard work and research already completed, a high level business plan and start-up documents can be crafted in very little time.

The business plan template covers the following sections:
Executive Summary
Keys to Success
Company Summary
Start-up Summary
Chart: Start-up
Table: Start-up
Organizational Chart
Policies & Procedures
Services & Products
Industry Analysis Summary
Market & Location Analysis
Strategy and Implementation
Competitive Edge
SWOT Analysis
Projected Income Statement - Year One
Projected Cash Flow Statement - Year One
Balance Sheet - Year One
Projected Income Statement - Year Two
Projected Cash Flow Statement - Year Two
Balance Sheet - Year Two
Projected Income Statement - Year Three
Projected Cash Flow Statement - Year Three
Balance Sheet - Year Three

Entering the Beauty Salon industry can prove profitable. There is a consistent need for individuals to secure the service of a Salon. If you have been interested in opening a Beauty Salon but unsure of the first step, the business plan template and start-up package offered may be what you need.

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Beauty salon business plan template

  1. 1. BEAUTY SALON Business Plan Template By
  2. 2. If you have wanted to start a BEAUTY SALON then this if for you
  3. 3. This is a high quality business plan template with the majority of the narrative written for you and a full set of sample financial statements
  4. 4. It covers the following sections
  5. 5. Executive summary Marketing strategy Start-up Summary Chart: Start-up Company Summary Keys to success Keys to success Keys to success Objectives Table: Start-up Management Organizational Chart
  6. 6. Policies & Procedures Services & Products Industry Analysis Summary Market & Location Analysis SWOT Analysis Marketing Competitive Edge Strategy and Implementation Financials Sales Forecast Personnel Plan Funding
  7. 7. Profit & Net Worth Projected Cash Flow Projected Balance Sheet Projected Profit and Loss
  8. 8. Most of the business plan sections are filled out. There are some blank areas where you will need to type in specifics on your company
  9. 9. A full set of financial statements are in the plan There are charts and smart arts are presented in the document Nice visual presentation An excel worksheet is available for an easy customization
  10. 10. This business plan is great for management team to use in setting up a beauty salon and for presenting the business to lenders and investors
  11. 11. You need to add your company name and location into a few sentences in the business plan
  12. 12. Market and location analysis Services and products Management section Fields that are blank
  13. 13. Hybrid business plan document Contains over 2000 words of well written content you can use
  14. 14. A power point pitch deck is available as an extra to make for a quick but still professional presentation. Great for pitching investors/lenders on your salon
  15. 15. Excel work sheet for the financials for any easy customization Excel worksheet has cell formulas Easy to use intuitive business planning documents Financials will automatically adjust once changes are made Fields that are blankWatch at:
  16. 16. BEAUTY SALON Business Plan Template full-beauty-salon-business-plan Jssnetbay The Source for High Quality Business Plan Templates on Fiverr