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06 singapore 20th nov felix dodds

  1. 1. Challenges for the future of Sustainable Development – the Way ForwardFelix DoddsStakeholder Forum
  2. 2. interest Medium Low interest High interest First Wave Limits 1972 - Stockholm 1973 Oil Crises 1985 Vienna Convention 1987 Montreal Convention 1991 Gulf War Second Wave Regulation 1992 Earth Summit 1993 Climate & Bio-div. Conventions Adapted from John Elkington’s Waves and Down waves 1994 Desertification Convention 1995 Straddling Fish Stocks, Copenhagen, Beijing and Governance 1999 Battle of Seattle Third Wave Globalisation 2001 Genoa G8 2001 September 11th 2002 WSSDSecurity 2003 Gulf War IIFourth Wave 2004 Madrid BombEnvironmental/Human Copenhagen 2009 Rio+20 Future
  3. 3. Legacy of Rio+20 How to Asia influence the European New Global Action processDevelopment Goals 3
  5. 5. Rio+20 in a time of economic upheaval• Rio+20 was happening during an economic crisis in the north• Rio+20 was happening when the Tea Party saw green as the new socialist conspiracy• Rio+20 – re-established sustainable development within the international discourse• Rio+20 - tried to put economy at the centre of the discussion for sustainable development• Rio+20 – attempted to strengthen multilateralism
  6. 6. Good News• Sustainable Development Goals – open working group• Intergovernmental Panel on mobilization of resources• Green Economies• Sustainability Reporting friends of para 47• UNEP strengthened – universal membership• Sustainable Development Governance Strengthened• Ten Year SCP process agreed• Knowledge platform (s) –• Nexus thinking – food, water and energy• Global Sustainability Outlook Report
  7. 7. How to influence theprocess 7
  8. 8. Tomorrow is today Rio+20 to 2015• Country consultation – by March 2013• Thematic consultations - by March 2013 on: – Equalities – Health – Education – Growth and employment – Food security and nutrition – Conflict and fragility – Population dynamics – Governance (at all levels) – Environmental sustainability – Water – Energy
  9. 9. Secretary General’s High Level panel of Eminent Personson the Post 2015 Development Agenda• Three Presidents and PMs• Vision and shape of a post 2015 agenda for beyond 2015• Focus will be around the three dimensions of economic growth, social equality and environmental sustainability
  10. 10. An overview of the process• Intergovernmental • Secretary General Sustainable Development Intergovernmental Panel on Country Thematic Goals mobilization of Consultations Consultation Working Group resources UN GA 2013 High Level Panel of Eminent People UN UN Secretary General Report UN GA 2015 UN GA 2013
  11. 11. Governance (at all levels)• Governments coordinating thematic consultation: South Africa and Germany• Lead UN bodies: UNDP and OHCHR• Global Conversation: October 2012 - March 2013• Leadership Meeting: February 2013 South Africa• Output: Final report April 2013.• Please join the discussion by signing up at: http://www.worldwewant2015.org//governance• Online moderated discussion will take place over 4 weeks from 19 November 2012 to 16 December 2012,• Join in conversation also via Twitter using #governance2015• Lead NGO Network: Centre for Economic and Social Rights and Global Campaign against Poverty
  12. 12. Environmental sustainability• Governments coordinating thematic consultation: France• Lead UN bodies: UNDP and UNEP• Global Conversation: October 2012 - March 2013• Outline of input: www.worldwewant2015.org/sustainability• Leadership Meeting: January 2013 (tbc)• Output: Final report April 2013.• Phase 1 Call for papers; deadline 8th of December.• Join in conversation via Twitter using #sustainability2015• Online discussion: open NOW• Lead NGO Network: Climate Action Network International
  13. 13. Water• Governments coordinating thematic consultation: Netherlands and Switzerland• Lead UN bodies: UN-Water, UNDESA and UNICEF• Output: Final report April 2013.• Leadership Meeting: in The Hague on 22 March 2013• Please join the discussion by signing up at: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/water• Lead NGO Network: Sanitation and Water for All• Join in conversation also via Twitter: #waterpost2015• Commissioning of framing papers on key water-related topics to kick-off the online discussions (November-December 2012).• On-line consultation interested stakeholders (Jan. to Feb. 2013) – Access to safe drinking water, sustainable sanitation and hygiene – Water resources.
  14. 14. Sustainable Development Goals/Development Goals• Aspirational Goal• Targets• Indicators
  15. 15. UN DPI NGO Conference Co-Chairs Text1.Clean Energy, 11.Subsidies and2.Water, Investment,3.Healthy Seas and Oceans, 12.New Indicators of Progress,4.Sustainable Agriculture, 13.Access to5.Green Cities, information,6.SCP, 14.Public Participation,7.Biodiversity, 15.Access to Redress8.Climate Sustainability, and Remedy,9.Sustainable Livelihoods 16.Environmental Justiceand Education, for the Poor and10. Healthy Forests, Marginalized, 17.Basic Health
  16. 16. Global Sustainability Report1.food security, 9.green jobs,2.water, 10.decent work and social3.energy, inclusion,4.sustainable 11.disaster risk reductionconsumption and and resilienceproduction,5.sustainable cities,6.climate change,7.biodiversity and8.oceans,
  17. 17. UN DESA 7 themes for Rio+20• Water• Oceans and Seas• Cities• Energy• Food• Natural Disasters• Jobs
  18. 18. Post 2015 sustainable development goals• Energy • Oceans and Seas• Water • Forests• Food and Nutrition • Climate• Human Settlements • Biodiversity• Cities/Urban• SCP
  19. 19. ASIA AND EUROPE ACTION Building a more sustainable, safe and secure world 19
  20. 20. 2012-2015• Knowledge Networks – Informative on how to engage in the process upto 2015 – A forum for experts to address the Goals, Targets and Indicators – A hub of what is happening in both regions on the key themes• Advocacy – Bring together the organizations planning to do SDG in Asia- Europe (SF, EU, IUCN,Earth System Governance, IGES) – Dialogue space VERY important to discuss across EU-G77 to seek common positions – Organizing workshops, seminars on key issues to help generate discussion and trust• Pilot projects - Pilot projects on green economies
  21. 21. • Pilot projects – Green Economy based on NSDS and NCSD – Identify Pilot projects on green economies
  22. 22. Tomorrow is today Rio+20 to 2015• Eminent Peoples Panel – May 2013• MDG Summit - September 2013• High Level Political Forum first meeting - September 2013• SDG Open Working Group - September 2014/5• Intergovernmental Panel on Resource Mobilization – September 2014/5• Summit - September 2015• UNFCCC – December 2015
  23. 23. Thank youWeb-site: www.felixdodds.netTwitter: https://twitter.com/felixdoddsBlog:http://earthsummit2012.blogspot.com/ 23