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03 hanley asef post rio nov2012

  1. 1. Post Rio Agenda –How to strengtheninter-regionalcooperation Nicholas Hanley Head of Unit International Relations Direction General Environment European Commission
  2. 2. Rio outcome – first reaction fromEurope• Was it a success or failure? Only time will tell.• Europe positive engagement to ensure them the promise of "THE FUTURE WE WANT" is realized.• A sound basis for further work toward sustainable development.
  3. 3. Guiding principlesRio outcome reaffirms the principles for sustainabledevelopment including poverty eradication,sustainable consumption and production, andprotection and managing nature resources.The social, economic and environmental pillars areas equally valid today as they were in 1992.
  4. 4. A different world since 1992The implementation of Rio+20 agenda requires us tobe aware that we are in a very different world todaythan that of 1992 – some trends positive and somenegative.• Success in some regions in making real progress with achievement of Millenium Development Goals;• Many countries emerging from developing country status, major changes in the share and distribution of global wealth;• Continuing pressure of population, consumption, resource stress and climate change.
  5. 5. Implementing Rio+20The Green Economy• An agenda for all countries whatever their state of development – resource efficiency is the only option for a sustainable future.• Achieving this requires eco-innovation, technology transfer and real business commitment.• Are we measuring success in the right way? beyond GDP agenda.
  6. 6. Implementing Rio+20Sustainable Development Goals, the future ofMillenium Development Goals and the Post 2015Development Agenda.How do we bring these together?
  7. 7. Implementing Rio+20• Progress essential in a range of critical sectors. Ocean resources, land degradation, water, energy, food security, sustainable consumption and production, cities, etc.• Ongoing challenges in Rio conventions climate, biodiversity and desertification.
  8. 8. Implementing Rio+20Means of ImplementationOverseas development aid flows from developed todeveloping countries cannot be the sole answer. Abroader mix of finance and investment required• Own resources• Private sector• IFIsBlending of instruments will be important
  9. 9. Implementing Rio+20Institutional FrameworkImproved leadership from the heart of the UN:• High-Level Forum• Role of UNEP – upgrading• Accross all UN agencies.
  10. 10. Regional Co-operation• Asia-Europe co-operation will be important particularly with the Green Economy agenda• Europe will seek to discuss common agenda with all partners• Planned communication on EU follow-up will be a transparent way of sharing our ideas• How do the Asian countries see the follow-up?