02 surendra asef sd gs nov singapore 2012


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02 surendra asef sd gs nov singapore 2012

  1. 1. Secretary General’s Action Agenda Change (Exponential Interconnected Complex): demographic, emerging economies, inequality, social contract, globalization). UN’s Role: Legitimacy, develop new norms-structures-process for Intl’ Cooperation. Next 5 Years: agreement on shared vision, path shaping investments, broad based constituencies working together, adopt flexible but robust governance architecture to address increasing stress on the Intl’ System. 5 Generational Opportunities: SD: MDGs, Climate Change, Post 2015 Development Agenda: food nutrition, water, oceans, transport, Antarctica-Nature Reserve. Others: Prevention (DRR..), Safer and More Secure World, Supporting Nations in Transition, Working with Women and Youth:: Enablers – partnerships & strengthen UNOverarching Goal of the UN: Sustainable Development
  2. 2. Global Sustainability Panel Sustainable Development is the overarching goal. To achieve we need effective institutions. Improve Coherence: Local, national, sub-regional, regional, global. Create SDGs to give collective priority for SD. Establish SD Outlook Establish SD Council.
  3. 3. Future We WantPara Substance and Principles Process245 MDG: Full and Timely Achievement246 Non-regression; 3 Dimensions; CBDR – National Implementation247 Action Oriented; Communication; Limited Number; Universality; Priorities Guided by Outcome Document Government Driven with active engagement of Stakeholders248 Inclusive Transparent & Under GA249 Coordinate with Post 2015 support from Inter- agency and Expert Team250 Metrics: targets and Indicators251 UN Agencies contribution; Role of Regional Commissions for Data; finance, technology, capacity building.
  4. 4. HLP: London, 31 Oct-2 Nov Sustain Prosperity – Poverty Eradication. (accountability, transparency, access to justice, personal security, freedom from violence) Key Issues: Corruption & Conflict, Property Rights, Rule of Law, Strong Institutions. Report Structure: What we want? What we need? How do we get there? How do we track progress?
  5. 5. CHALLENGE – 1: Framework, Themes  Cluster  Goals + Crosscutting Themes Framework for Global Goals Overarching Goals: Sustainable Development, Poverty Eradication Cross Cutting Issues bs e Jo ng y ilit d ha ity an t n ab eC en rs io ES ics th nm r ive in at de at ty om EM ls ow a ro uc od im l ui OI st a n cia P on vi Go TH Ge Eq Ed SC Su Gr M Bi Cl En So Ec[Cluster] [Prioritize][Transformational]Human Well BeingSocial Floor Food, WaterBasic Needs Energy, Cities Oceans, Natural Disasters,….Planet Well BeingEcological Ceiling
  6. 6. CHALLENGE -2: Global  National, MetricsSUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS  GLOBAL GOALS HUMAN WELL BEING PLANET WELL BEING Beyond GDP Global Goals Inspirational Poverty Eradication Indicators Consumption Time Bound Production National Dev. Plans Action: Targets Political Calendar
  7. 7. CHALLENGE – 3: Convergence of MDG and SDG process Post 2015 Development Agenda Sustainable Development as Overarching Goal One Framework, One Set of Global Goals MDG Review Global Goals 1. Framework: HLP: Indonesia, Liberia, UK Guiding Principles WG: 30 Representatives Crosscutting Issues Themes  Clusters Goal ASG: Amina Zubiar Interagency Team 2. MOI: $, Tech, Cap. Bldg. Expert Support Regional Characterization ================ Post 2015 Team National Dev. Plans HLP: ???? ================ ASG: ??? 3. Metrics: SG Led Process GDP Plus: Well-Being ================== Development Community GoalsTargetsIndicators
  8. 8. CHALLENGE – 3: Time Lines2012 2013 2014 2015 2016UN Task Team High Level Panel UNDG:: Country: Thematic Consultations Elaboration: Working Group (30, Regional rep. Advisory)SDG Launch Inter-agency Expert GG Endorsement By GA Team Panels Interim Report Final Report
  9. 9. CHALLENGE - 4 LONG TERM GOAL Well BeingPhysical Material EmotionalSecurity Prosperity Well Being
  10. 10. Focus for ASEFKnowledge Networks: • Forum for experts, institutions on SD knowledge Asia and Europe; • Arrive at a common experienced based common position; • Build on Experience:: Knowledge Generation:: Wisdom Generation.Advocacy Forum: • Target common positions to ‘opinion leaders’; • Support network attendance at key meetings, seminars; • Strategic alliance with other network coordinators.Implementation Implementation • Pilot projects on Green Growth – Asia/Europe experience; • Pilot projects on NSDS, Goals - Asia/Europe experience;
  11. 11. Collective Journey to SD Consistency (predictability + Integrity) + Reputation TRUST WHAT HOW Journey Destination Hyper-Connected Hyper-Transparent20th Century 21th Century