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Ukraine credentials grayling (2010)


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Grayling Ukraine, credentials, 2010

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Ukraine credentials grayling (2010)

  1. 1. Credentials: Grayling Ukraine November 2010
  2. 2. Contents — Introduction to Grayling — Grayling Ukraine — Our Portfolio — Key Services — Leadership Team — Client Case Studies
  3. 3. A new force in global communications In January 2010, Mmd, Grayling, Trimedia, Dutko Worldwide in the US and Momentum in the Middle East, became one global Public Relations, Public Affairs and Investor Relations consultancy under the Grayling name. The new company now ranks as the second largest independent global Public Relations, Public Affairs and Investor Relations consultancy in the world. 3
  4. 4. 900 staff in 70 offices around the world 4 Grayling around the world Moscow Minsk Kyiv Grayling in Eurasia Istanbul Astana Baku Moscow Minsk Kyiv Astana Istanbul Baku
  5. 5. Our Practice Areas 5 Corporate and Public Relations Positioning and managing corporate reputation, externally and internally, establishing our client as a leader and an authoritative voice within an industry or sector Public Affairs & Government Relations Third party endorser and Government outreach strategies, public policy analysis and lobbying; perception research; issue coalition building – State and private, foreign and domestic interests Digital Communications and Social Media Successful New Media campaigns for various sectors, including both B2B and B2C clients. Integrated Healthcare Strategic package consulting on for Healthcare Clients, including Public Relations, Public Affairs and Digital Communications & Social Media Crisis & Contingency Planning and Management Strategic planning and counsel, full-service issues management support and specialist expertise
  6. 6. Grayling Sectors 6 Industrial &Industrial & EnvironmentalEnvironmental Industrial &Industrial & EnvironmentalEnvironmental HealthcareHealthcareHealthcareHealthcare Financial ServicesFinancial Services && TransactionsTransactions Financial ServicesFinancial Services && TransactionsTransactions Consumer &Consumer & Brand PRBrand PR Consumer &Consumer & Brand PRBrand PR Telecoms, Media &Telecoms, Media & TechnologyTechnology Telecoms, Media &Telecoms, Media & TechnologyTechnology EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy
  7. 7. Awards 2009: The Stevie Award for Communications Campaign of the Year in Europe for ‘Skype Victory Day’ Campaign in Russia 2009: Bronze for Interactive Marketing at the CTAM Europe Creative Awards (CAP) for ‘They Walk Among Us’ NBC Universal Campaign in Russia 2008: EMEA Public Affairs Agency the Year: The Holmes Report 2007: The Stevie Award for Best Global Public Relations Agency of the Year 7 7
  8. 8. Grayling in Ukraine — Grayling in Ukraine started operations in 2010, as former Mmd, mostly on FDI and infrastructure projects, in 2002; and established its now 8- strong Kyiv office in 2005 — In Kyiv we have a strong public affairs practice and a successful media relations team (which has particularly strong business & tech PR skills) — As well as our retained strategic advisory clients we work with a local event management specialist to handle major PR events for western multi-nationals — An effective mix of experienced, international management with a local team of professionals. Member of the European Business Association in Ukraine — We are equally a government relations firm, as well as a PR firm in Kyiv, and are one of very few advisers in the market that can seamlessly integrate and execute both strands with equal confidence. 8
  9. 9. Doing Business in Ukraine... — The Ukrainian public policy environment is one of the most complicated and finely nuanced in the world. It shares some operational similarities to working in Russia, but it has not experienced Russia’s regulatory modernization. — Ukrainian politics is complex and fiercely-fought, and sometimes Western firms unintentionally find themselves a pawn in local political battles. — Grayling in Kyiv has a track record of giving Fortune 500 firms, at global HQ-level, as well as locally, confidential advice as to how to navigate its choppy waters — This goes significantly deeper than ‘before Orange Revolution’ and ‘after’, and Grayling can offer genuine expertise in the public affairs arena; not least as we have a reputation for being politically-neutral as well as politically-engaged. — Ukraine has a vibrant media environment, but ‘pay-for-play’ can be a serious issue: Grayling has a well-established reputation for not buying editorial and we are still successful in gaining media coverage for clients. — We have also helped some of Ukraine’s largest financial-industrial players in coordinating their global communications, hubbed from Kyiv, and can do this using Grayling’s global network 9
  10. 10. Our Portfolio in Ukraine 10
  11. 11. Technology, Media and Telecoms 11 Grayling is recognised as a leader in developing and delivering region- wide communications campaigns for some of the world’s largest technology companies, as well as local start-ups With some of the most experienced communications professionals working n the technology sector, we are in tune with the latest developments, including: — Network and electrical solutions — Increasingly powerful microprocessors — Wireless access and internet technologies — Digital platforms and the latest mobile services — Solutions-based business models implemented by market-leading systems integrators — New and ‘social’ media
  12. 12. Government & Public Sector 12 Every client and engagement program is unique. Grayling relies upon decades of experience in nearly 20 markets and an extensive network of contacts and ‘insiders’ in Eastern Europe and Eurasia to deliver sustainable FCPA-compliant solutions through a toolbox of tried and tested tools: — Stakeholder mapping, analysis, outreach and engagement — Strategic research on issues, legislation, structures, and networks — Perception studies and communication program audits — Platform messaging, as well as precision messaging for precision- targeted audiences — Political and economic monitoring, including “behind the scenes” information gathering — “Reverse Mapping” and two-way communication with stakeholders — Roundtables and conference organisation — Strategic design of public affairs activities
  13. 13. Government & Public Sector 13 For successful business entry, growth and expansion in Eurasia, you need market intelligence and trusted insight and up-to-date information on: — Regulatory environment — Legislative processes — State Government structures — Political environment and key decision-makers — Major business groups intelligence Our GR and PA practice on services that often interlock in an engagement strategy designed to meet the client’s goals: Government Relations: Engage with the Government and support a productive, two-way dialogue Public Affairs: Help align client’s goals with the public interest to further business goals, creating “win-win” solutions Foreign Direct Investment: Facilitate inward investment through careful relationship management Crisis Communications: Being prepared to react confidently at a moment’s notice
  14. 14. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical 14 Government Relations — Strategy Development — Stakeholder Mapping — Political Monitoring — Outreach Non-Government Relations Public Affairs — Outreach to patient advocacy groups — Primary education outreach — Healthcare practitioner engagement programs Public Relations — Media relations: business & trade, ethical medicine, therapeutic programs — Public & patient social outreach campaigns — New media: mapping, monitoring & engagement — Other PR services
  15. 15. Focus on ... Social and Online Media 15 Grayling is one of the leading PR firms studying, understanding and working with New Media in Ukraine. Social media is becoming increasingly important for corporate reputation management and product PR alike. — The volume of web-active consumers in CE/Eurasia is growing fast thanks to spread of broadband and mobile internet access technologies. — Social profile of active internet users means they cannot / should not be ignored - predominantly younger and better- educated, they are the new thought leaders. — Old-school print press circulation numbers are falling and TV is becoming ‘background media’ (switched on most of the time but not rarely grasping the audience’s attention).
  16. 16. Social and Online Media: Our Approach 16 Listen: — Social media influencers mapping- who has impact on your reputation / brand / sales in the online community — Blog monitoring (what is being said about you online) — Social media coaching (what are the key DOs and DON’Ts in social media) Talk: — Corporate blogging (speak up in the blogs) — Blog commenting campaigns (start a dialogue with bloggers) — Social media releases (get your news out to the social media) Engage: — Bespoke interactive campaigns (inspire your customers to do something and spread the word about you) — User/consumer groups management (help your customers to get together and solve their problems) — Viral content seeding (give customers content to play with or think about)
  17. 17. B2B 17 In a market still in the early stages of development, we: — Use a full range of PR tools (interviews, press releases, round-tables, ‘commentator’ slots, conferences, etc) to target the financial B2B and trade press — Build thematic media campaigns that give clients exposure to the market in banking, investment, insurance — Promote “out of Ukraine” from Kiev, or wherever the client base, to key international media (usual targets plus Institutional Investor, Acquisitions Monthly, CNN and BBC World business slots) — Ensure B2B media access through due consideration of the client’s advertising strategy in the trade and business media — Organise campaigns, case studies and media work- shops for a vertically integrated trade press
  18. 18. Lifestyle & Consumer PR 18 Using first-class regional and international media contacts, Graylings’s lifestyle and consumer team has unrivalled experienced in delivering innovative and creative FCPA-compliant campaigns throughout Eurasia. Utilising carefully targeted media sources and making full use of new media facilities, Grayling delivers comprehensive PR services for an expansive list of retail and services clients, ranging from high-street brands through to luxury goods and resorts: Use a full range of PR tools (interviews, press releases, round-tables, ‘commentator’ slots, conferences, etc) to target the financial B2B and trade press — Product launches — Media briefings & Press trips — Event sponsorship — Advertising — Media interviews — Media Relations — Trade Exhibition Support — Consumer competition’s — Evangelization Evenings — Celebrity endorsement Grayling has excellent contacts with key lifestyle and consumer print publications, as well as strong relationships with business media, TV, radio and online media.
  19. 19. IR & Financial Communications 19 — Financial media & analyst relations — IPO & SPO communications support & global coordination — M & A communications — IR strategies & services — Shareholder dispute crisis communications (minority actions is a speciality) — Business communications services for retail and wholesale financial services companies, banks and insurers We are an integrated and dedicated cross-country Financial Practices team covering both client transactions and the financial services industry itself:
  20. 20. IPOs There are clear benefits to clients working with Grayling and a partner agency: — By ‘hubbing’ campaigns in Moscow and Kyiv we work with local clients faster (we can also manage and edit the translation of prospectuses and key documents) — Our dual agency approach saves clients time and tens of thousands of Euros in London agency travel and accommodation — We deliver in-country, tier-A business media press coverage 20 Our experience is forged on many IPO campaigns and considerable pre-Grayling team-member IPO experience; as well as several debt issues Grayling works in-country and drives communications Issues forward through messaging, strategies, documents, materials and press release drafting London, or other relevant listings market local, partners for key financial press coverage out of London and in relevant markets are available
  21. 21. Crisis Management & Training 21 General Crisis Management Workshop Business Continuity Training Crisis Communications Training Full scale Crisis Management Drill The training is aimed at raising awareness about corporate crisis management procedures. After a presentation trainees are asked to participate in the table top exercise. Full one day A live drill at a selected off site fall back location to test ability to maintain critical business functions in case of serious business disruption. Full one day After an introduction on corporate communications principles nominated spokespersons are offered a crisis media training with a series of mock interviews / press conference. 4-6 hours. Testing crisis preparedness in a real time through simulation of stakeholders calls, on-site interviews etc. Full one day. Crisis Preparedness Every single company must be prepared to effectively manage unforeseen events, whether they be “real” (factory fire, scandal, shareholder disputes, etc.) or “created” (litigation, black PR attacks, media assault, etc.). A measurement of a company’s preparedness to quickly and to confidently respond to a crisis is a measurement of a company’s long term success. As part of Grayling’s crisis communications practice, we offer clients a four- part and complete crisis protocol:
  22. 22. Leadership Team: Grayling Ukraine 22 Joe Rice Johnson III General Manager: Ukraine & Kazakhstan —Graduate of the Eastern Kentucky University, USA —Over 20 years‘ strategic political and communications experience, 15 of those spent on US House, Senate and Government campaigns —Joined Grayling in autumn 2010 —Served as Country Director in Russia for the International Republican Institute and Chairman of Republicans Abroad in Russia —Previously Country Director for Russia of International Oil Trading Company, Ltd. Dr. Oleksandr Sakharenko Government Relations Manager —Graduate of the Institute of International Relations of the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University with distinction, and PhD in Political Science —8 years’ work in central governmental bodies of Ukraine —Joined Grayling in June 2009 —Previously, Vice Head of Division position at the State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovations Volodymyr Dyachenko Public Relations Manager —Graduate of the National Technical University of Ukraine —5 years’ experience working agency-side in all aspects of public relations and corporate communications with a focus on technology brands —Joined Grayling in Nov 2009 —Previously worked as a journalist for IDC Publishing House
  23. 23. Case Studies Adobe, BSA, Economist, Google, KDD Group, Philips, Schering-Plough, SCM, SES Sirius, Sincom, Vienna Stock Exchange, Wolf Theiss 23
  24. 24. BSA: 1st Anniversary in Ukraine — The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is the largest and most international IT industry group, with policy, legal and educational programs in 80 countries. Grayling launched BSA’s activities in Ukraine in February 2008 and has been providing PR support since then. — BSA is the voice of the world's software industry and its hardware partners on a wide range of business and policy affairs. BSA’s mission is to promote conditions in which the information technology (IT) industry can thrive and contribute to the prosperity, security, and quality of life of all people — Grayling carried out a press conference for the 1th Anniversary of Business Software Alliance in Ukraine. Ukrainian officials (Deputy Chairman of the State Department for Intellectual Property of Ukraine and Head of the Department for IT-Related Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine) were invited to the event to discuss openly the situation with illegal software usage in Ukraine; Georg Herrnleben, BSA Director for CEE, Middle East and Africa, shared the European experience, the BSA Committee representatives described the local achievements and looses, announced the plans for the next year to decrease rate of software piracy in Ukraine — 25 media attended the press conference; 43 publications appeared as a result. 24
  25. 25. Adobe — Grayling provided communications support for Adobe activities in Ukraine from 2008 to 2009. We were appointed to promote products, transfer Adobe’s global reputation as a thought leader in creativity and innovation in Ukraine and raise awareness of anti-piracy activities. — In September 2008, Grayling handled the media support for the launch of Adobe’s flagship product, Creative Suite 4. The launch produced extensive coverage and helped create great relations with the media. — Grayling and Adobe worked together to establish a pool of journalists to raise anti-piracy awareness and generate media discussion. To achieve that goal, Grayling promoted Adobe’s Daniil Klyuchnikov as a universal expert on the subject of software piracy. — An event devoted to the launch of Adobe Connect was held in March. The event was a success and enjoyed a lot of interest from the top media. It helped create not only coverage of Adobe Connect launch but several other Adobe’s products as well — To promote corporate products, Grayling organized Adobe’s seminar in the International Photo Fair frames. Over 100 participants attended the event and substantial media coverage was secured from attending journalists. 25
  26. 26. Grayling has been helping Skype to build its consumer and corporate profile in key emerging markets since September 2008. Currently Grayling works with Skype in Russia, Poland, Turkey and Ukraine. Solution Grayling’s unique approach across all markets is to develop creative and innovative ways for Skype to reach its target audience; ideas which have real relevance and cultural resonance in each market. This includes: • Skype Victory Day campaigns in both Russia and Ukraine: Helping WWII veterans to reconnect with old comrades over Skype, through partnership with the International Red Cross and key media • Skype on baby wards in Poland: Helping new mothers to use Skype to stay in touch with friends and family during the birth of a child • Skype Eid Campaign: Providing Skype calling facilities in key major cities in Turkey during the festival of Eid, helping families and friends to stay in touch throughout the holidays Results • Coverage throughout the partnership to date includes a vast amount of national TV coverage, radio, national print and glossy media, as well as online, business and technology coverage. • For our Victory Day campaign in Russia in 2009 we won the International Business Award (‘Stevie’) for the best communications campaign in Europe. Skype: Consumer and Corporate PR 26
  27. 27. — In 2009, Grayling carried out a multi-country long-term project with Schering-Plough – one of the world’s pharmaceutical industry leaders – in the field of hepatitis C virus (HCV) prevention and treatment. — The multistage project was aimed at raising awareness among key-opinion leaders, state officials and decision makers in CEE and CIS on medical, economic and social problems caused by HCV. — Stage 1 – White Paper on HCV prevalence in Central & Eastern Europe and CIS. The paper was prepared by Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in cooperation with PharmARC, a medical research and consultancy company. Its aim was to look at HCV infection rates and outlook across 16 CEE & CIS countries (by country, by age cohort) and to estimate social and economic impact assessment and risks for HCV in each country. — Stage 2 – Governmental seminars in Kyiv, Ukraine for CIS and in Warsaw, Poland for CEE for public policy advisers and governmental officials, medical KOLs and practitioners, international NGOs, etc. The Seminars were aimed at discussing the levels of infection in the respective regions, the future outlooks in this field as well as at the assessment of economic and social impact of the HCV prevalence. The White Paper was presented and discussed on the Seminars with its key authors — Stage 3 – Post-event PR & GR activities aimed at ensuring local resonance to the event and problems raised. 27 Schering-Plough International Campaign on Hepatitis C Virus:
  28. 28. — Grayling developed and implemented the idea of an International seminar in Ukraine, providing communication with the Ministry of Health and achieving official support — Grayling managed all logistical, project management, VIP liaison and media relations — The seminar united medical experts and top state officials from CIS countries to discuss the problems of HCV; considering its impact on healthcare policies and long-term cost implications. The event raised awareness of the disease amongst the media, state officials and the public, with the aim of encouraging further state commitments to addressing HCV in the CEE and CIS region — Grayling worked with Seminar Speakers to develop joint recommendations for CIS State authorities to help them address the HCV problem with concrete actions. — Around 100 medical experts (from France, Switzerland, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Russia and local regional representatives) attended the event in Kyiv — 25 media attended the press conference, which resulted in 43 publications, 2 TV and 2 Radio news features 28 Schering-Plough International Campaign on Hepatitis C Virus:
  29. 29. Google: YouTube Symphony Orchestra project — In 2009, Google called for professional and amateur musicians of all ages, locations and instruments to audition for the YouTube Symphony Orchestra by submitting a video performance — Finalists were selected by a judging panel and the YouTube community voted for their favorite performers on YouTube from February 14-22. There were 2 Ukrainians among the finalists. — Winners were announced on March 2nd and invited to travel to New York in April 2009. Vadym Borisov, Ukrainian violinist, was among the winners and he had the honour to participate in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra summit, and perform at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas. Thousands of the Tan Dun submissions were compiled into a mashup video which was premiered worldwide on this channel on April 15th. — Grayling provided full PR support for the project: — As a result, 120+ publications were generated, among them 5 TV interviews (Inter, STB, ICTV, Pershy, K1) and the highlights in top media (Korrespondent, Focus, Glavred, Profil’, etc.). 29
  30. 30. SES Sirius: Corporate PR and Political Monitoring — Grayling Ukraine has been providing SES Sirius with Corporate PR and Political Monitoring in Ukraine since 2008. Our work includes corporate media briefings, interviews, events and road shows plus weekly political and issues monitoring reports on Ukrainian political developments. ACTIVITY HIGHLIGHTS — In late 2008, Grayling organized a 10 Ukrainian city Roadshow for SES Sirius covering: Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Simferopol, Nikolaev, Odessa, Chernovtsy, Lvov and Kiev. — The aim of the project was to introduce SES Sirius to existing partners, to approach new dealers, to assess the level of interest towards SES Sirius / Viasat services and generally to raise awareness of satellite TV. — Results: More than 45 online articles, 8 articles in printed dailyies, 1 Radio-Show and 4 TV appearances. — In Summer 2009, Grayling developed and project-managed a summer event for the satellite TV dealers (Viasat) to express gratitude towards them for the work they have performed on behalf of SES Sirius and Vision TV — For this, a ‘Dealers’ Paradise’ outdoor event was created for 365 attendees: including business presentations, sports activities and all-day catering organised by Grayling Ukraine 30
  31. 31. SES Sirius: Coverage Examples 31
  32. 32. Philips: 15th Anniversary — Grayling developed and project-managed a series of workshops to mark the 15th Anniversary of Philips Ukraine, in October 2008. The workshops, which targeted B2B & B2C media, aimed to raise awareness about Philips business activities in general as well and presenting a new range of products in the lifestyle consumer division. — The event which kicked-off with a general presentation about Philips, its history in Ukraine, and lesser-known business activities of the company, branched off into separate working groups where journalists could ‘feel and touch’ the new products. — In total, some 80 journalists attended the workshops resulting in excellent media coverage, and the opening speech was broadcast by two main TV stations. 32
  33. 33. Economist Conferences: Business Roundtables with the Government of Ukraine — In 2006 and 2007, Grayling Ukraine provided media relations support to Economist Conferences in Kyiv (Government’s Roundtables). — The key tactic was to establish partner relations with leading Ukrainian media to promote the event; securing attendance of representatives of key Ukrainian and international media to the open session and the press conference and generating media coverage of the event — The conference was positioned as one of the main annual business events in Ukraine - leveraging ‘hot topics’ to secure news hooks on TV, in national dailies, vertical, and business media. — An average of 70 articles, 3 TV news items and interviews were generated for each conference, exceeding client and partner expectations and making a huge contribution to global business and investment relations development in Ukraine — In 2008, Grayling provided Government Relations support for the Economist Conferences in Ukraine 33
  34. 34. ABA - Vienna Stock Exchange — In 2008, Grayling co-ordinated and supported the press conference of the Vienna Stock Exchange in Ukraine, held on May 2008, in Kyiv by the Austrian Business Agency ABA-Invest in Austria. — The communications objective was for Austria to be presented as a key business location for Ukrainian companies. — Representatives of ABA-Invest in Austria and Vienna Stock Exchange explained that investments in Vienna Stock Exchange has a lot of advantages for business. Results: — More than 30 online articles, 5 articles in printed media, 1 Radio-Show and 6 TV appearances. 34
  35. 35. Sincom: Invest Fund “Hetman” presentation In July 2009, Grayling organized a presentation of Invest Fund “Hetman” in Premier Palace Hotel Goals: — To present ideas of creation common project strategy Hetman Invest Fund — To explain perspectives of fund market development and institution of joint investment in Ukraine The team at Grayling: — Advised on all aspect of communication including messaging and PR issues — Provide PR counsel and support in the presentation development Results: — The fund’s presentation was attended by hundreds of the company’s stakeholders, and achieved 20+ pieces of coverage in target media, including coverage on TV channels. 35
  36. 36. Wolf Theiss: briefing on M&A and Private Equity Grayling supported the conference organized by mergermarket and Wolf Theiss, which was held in October 2009: Goals: — To analyze the effects of the global credit crunch on the M&A market in Ukraine — To anticipate the development of M&A and private equity deals in upcoming years — To identify obstacles keeping Ukraine from achieving its full potential in CEE The team at Grayling provided: — Media relations (media invitation, accreditation, press release distribution and follow-up) — PR counsel and support for the presentation material Results: — Grayling secured 40+ pieces of coverage in media, including news on TV channels and Radio, plus 3 extra interviews organized for Wolf Theiss’s key speaker 36
  37. 37. System Capital Management Crisis and Issues Management: — Grayling developed a long-term crisis management plan for the company — Set up an effective communications management function — Carried out an extensive public outreach campaign — Elaborated, updated and communicated key messages across the Ukrainian media that were subsequently covered extensively by the media — Media-trained the top management team and the owner which resulted in a number of highly visible interviews in leading Ukrainian media Reputation Management: — Developed and implemented a comprehensive PA and PR strategy to position SCM not only as the biggest investor but also a Ukrainian world-class company — Created the PR function of the Managing Company and ensured all PR of SCM’s assets, including The First International Bank of Ukraine, Azovstal and Sarmat is consistent with the SCM corporate strategy — Developed and launched a state-of-the-art internet site — Launched a complex advertising campaign in Ukraine and elsewhere 37
  38. 38. KDD Group KDD Group, a leading Ukrainian development company, announced its plans for a IPO on the AIM market in London in Q4 2007 Facing the company were a number of challenges: — Depressed global financial markets — An unprecedented short preparation period – 60 days — A heavy queue of Ukrainian developers announcing IPOs Grayling: — Advised on all aspects of communication including messaging and PR issues — Developed and enhanced the corporate website (according to recent AIM Rule 26 legislation) — Drafted and distributed news releases to RNS, leading financial media and Ukrainian business media — Arranged profiles of the Group’s CEO with leading Ukrainian media — Arranged interviews with the company and business and property media in London and Kyiv Results: — KDD successfully placed 19.6% of its shares for £68m and it was admitted to AIM in December 2007 and was the largest AIM IPO in Q4 07 38
  39. 39. Stakeholder Perceptions Audit: An Example — Grayling Ukraine asked by a leading global provider of construction materials to produce a detailed stakeholder perceptions audit, identifying and mapping key stakeholders — The audit targeted Government, business, NGOs, media, suppliers & customers — Grayling received feedback from 113 of the 180 carefully selected participants (higher than clients target yield). — Feedback included: — 87 pre-arranged telephone interviews — 26 in-depth one-on-one interviews with Grayling’s (Mmd) in-house & freelance consultants Results: — Grayling delivered detailed feedback & results from stakeholders. This covered: company reputation, perceived strengths/weaknesses, market presence & knowledge of market activity, quality of service etc. — Provided segment-by-segment as well as overall feedback & analysis — Based upon the audit analysis, Grayling developed strategy communication recommendations for each target group as part of an incorporated PR strategy for the client 39
  40. 40. 900 staff in 70 offices around the world Grayling in Ukraine 40 23A, Pushkinska St. Kyiv, UA-01004 Ukraine tel: +380 44 288 29 08 e-mail: