Technical recruiters since 1998<br />Contact us: 415-982-5500<br />Gravity On-Demand: Recruitment Outsourcing<br />Gravity...
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GravityPeople Recruiting Services


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GravityPeople provides technology recruiting services to growing companies. We offer two services depending our clients' needs.

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GravityPeople Recruiting Services

  1. 1. Technical recruiters since 1998<br />Contact us: 415-982-5500<br />Gravity On-Demand: Recruitment Outsourcing<br />Gravity On-Demand is our end-to-end recruitingsolution designed for companies with dynamic hiring needs. We assign an entire delivery team consisting of a VP of Services and one or more Account Managers who work with your hiring managers on day-to-day recruiting initiatives. <br />Our team leverages collaborative, easy-to-use applicant tracking software, Newton, to manage each engagement. Newton provides visibility into the entire engagement in real-time promoting unparalleled accountability. Whether we’re running interactive staffing meetings, providing status updates or using the tool to help pinpoint and eliminate bottlenecks, leveraging technology makes our teams efficient and effective. Access to the technology is 100% free and you can add as many users as you like. <br />Here are just a few of the reasons companies choose Gravity On-Demand.<br />Contingency Technical Recruiting Services<br />Having started as a contingency recruiting agency in 1998, technical recruiting is in our DNA. GravityPeople offers targeted point solutions to companies looking to make a critical individual hires. <br />Get started now: Speak with a GravityPeople Executive Recruiter who specializes in the type of position you need to fill. Many of our recruiters have 10 years of industry experience.<br />How it works: There is no cost to have our senior recruiters get started on your search. When you hire one of our candidates, our fee is a percentage of their first year's starting salary. All of our direct-hire candidates are guaranteed for a full 3 months from their start date.<br />Reduce time to fill: Coordinated account management, research services and project oversight ensure your jobs get the proper attention from open to hire.<br />Reduce costs: Hourly pricing keeps costs manageable and predictable. Month-to-month contracts ensure performance and results. <br />We’re flexible: Scale recruiting capacity up or down based on your needs. Virtually no ramp up time required to get started and if you already have a recruiting platform, we’re happy to plug in and get started.<br />We’re performance minded: We provide valuable performance metrics, including: Pipeline Reports, Stage-to-Stage Time Analysis, Conversion Rates, and Comprehensive EEOC and OFCCP reporting to ensure compliance<br />We create a great candidate experience: We provide feedback to every applicant whether you decide to pass or pursue. And when we pursue, every candidate speaks to a knowledgeable representative to learn about your company and the opportunity. <br />Our Technical Domain Expertise<br /> Enterprise 2.0, SaaS, On Demand<br /> Analytics and Business Intelligence<br /> Search Innovation and eDiscovery <br /> Social Networking and Social Media<br />Messaging, Mobile and Networking<br /> Advertising Solutions<br /> Medical and Medical Device Software<br /> Security and Intrusion Prevention Software<br /> Solar Technologies and Clean Energy <br /> Sustainable Transportation<br />Titles Most Frequently Recruited <br /> Software Engineer- Vice President of Engineering<br /> Product manager –Vice President of Products<br /> Marketing Manager- Vice President of Marketing<br /> Account Executive- Vice President of Sales <br /> Business Analyst- Vice President of Services<br />