The Baseball Fan is Multicultural


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Gravity Media provides analytic data on baseball programming or events to consider securing to reach the various multicultural audiences. For more information, contact Mr. Yuriy Boykiv at 646-486-0000 or

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The Baseball Fan is Multicultural

  1. 1. 1© 2013 Gravity MediaTHE BASEBALL FAN IS MULTICULTURAL
  2. 2. 2© 2013 Gravity MediaBACKGROUNDAligning a brand with a carefully selected sport can be magical. Sports fans are passionateabout their sport, team or player and thereby become passionate about the brands which aretruly imbedded into the culture of that team, sport or league.The challenge for many advertisers/marketers is the careful selection part. Then, there is theInnovative and organic injection of brands into fan culture is delicate and requires a skilledagency partner like Gravity Media who is leading the sports marketing efforts for IDT (NYSE: IDT)and CenterLight Healthcare.IDT targets Latino Americans from Central and South America, so soccer is a no-brainer.However, navigating the media and partnership opportunities around soccer is daunting.CenterLight Healthcare, a New York-based managed long term care service provider servicing-year-old company with a new name. Launching this brand utilizing anintegrated partnership with the New York Yankees was smart, but complicated.CenterLight targets Latinos, too. However, their target groups are Puerto Ricans andDominicans. Neither are strong soccer cultures; they are both dominant in baseball.In the next few pages learn more about sports and cultural relevancy.
  3. 3. 3© 2013 Gravity MediaOBJECTIVESpark innovative thinking.Help identify a potential fit between a brand, a target audience and a sport.Initiate an audit and point-of-view on a sports sponsorship platform.Open the lines of communication to evaluate, consider and activate a sportssponsorship.
  4. 4. 4© 2013 Gravity MediaDEFINITIONSWatch On TVAttendRegularlyParticipatePast YearWatch On TVAttendRegularlyParticipatePast YearMost popular watched programs bythe cultural group.Most popular sports eventsattended regularly or occasionallyby the cultural group.Most popular participation in sportsin the past year by the culturalgroup.Highest indexing sports watch onTV by the cultural group. A numberabove 100 is defined as tendency towatch as compared with totalaudience.Highest indexing sports eventsattended by the cultural group. Anumber above 100 is defined astendency to attend as comparedwith total audience.Highest indexing participation inthe specific sport by the culturalgroup. A number above 100 isdefined as tendency to participateas compared with total audience.PopularityIndex
  5. 5. 5© 2013 Gravity MediaMLB + BASEBALLnd biggest sportin the country, following football.Watch MLB OnTVAttend MLBRegularlyParticipate InBaseball PastYear1. White2. African American3. Hispanic4. Asian58,600 (111)5,100 (62)7,500 (77)1,300 (62)1. White2. African American3. Hispanic4. Asian8,000 (102)1,100 (92)1,600 (115)265 (85)1. White2. African American3. Hispanic4. Asian21,100 (116)1,100 (39)2,300 (69)435 (60)All numbers in parenthesis are indexes.All numbers (000)Source: GfK MRI, Spring 2012, Base: P18+AttendCollege BallRegularly1. White2. African American3. Hispanic4. Asian2,600 (109)353 (94)312 (70)36 (37)Watch CollegeBall On TV1. White2. African American3. Hispanic4. Asian12,900 (108)1,700 (94)1,400 (65)316 (66)
  6. 6. 6© 2013 Gravity MediaTHANK YOU.Yuriy BoykivCEOyboykiv@mediagravity.comP: 646.486.0000 M: 917.750.0764East Coast:104 West 26th Street, 6th FloorNew York, NY 10001West Coast:275-A McCormick Avenue, Suite 100Costa Mesa, CA 92626