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Enterprise mobility


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Frédéric Mauger (@fmauger) and Géraud de Laval (@geraudch) talk about enterprise mobility. The arrival of mobile devices in the companies brings new challenges for developers and for IT managers as well. Along this talk, you'll find the various need and issues related to the mobility. You'll discover technologies which can help you in this process: MDM, MAM, Sandbox, VPN, ... We end the presentation with the overview of our solution SENSE which uses several technologies and mix them together.


Frédéric Mauger (@fmauger) et Géraud de Laval (@geraudch) de chez Sysmosoft à propos de la mobilité en entreprise :

"L'arrivée des appareils mobiles dans les entreprises entraîne de nouveaux challenges, pour les développeurs comme pour les responsables informatiques. Nous présenterons les différents besoins et enjeux liés à la mobilité des entreprises ainsi que les familles de technologie qui y répondent. Nous traiterons notamment: MDM, MAM, Sandbox, SDK et VPN. Nous finirons par un aperçu de SENSE notre solution de sécurité mobile qui utilise plusieurs de ces technologies."

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Enterprise mobility

  1. 1. {{softshake}} October 2013 Enterprise Mobility Frédéric Mauger - CTO - Head of R&D Géraud de Laval - Senior UX Developer
  3. 3. ENTERPRISE  MOBILITY  STRATEGIES   How? COPE Not  allowed BYOD Enterprise   device
  4. 4. ENTERPRISE  MOBILITY  STRATEGIES   Todays  organiza2on’s  policy BYOD & Mobile Security survey 2013
  5. 5. ENTERPRISE  MOBILITY  CHALLENGES   Issues? Employee privacy User Experience Control Security Distribution
  6. 6. Technologies
  7. 7. MOBILE  TECHNOLOGIES:  FRAMEWORK Employee privacy User experience E U R T M A H R IT LT R U O G L A Technologies no solutions Multi-platform No price! Control Security Distribution Status of summer 2013
  8. 8. VPN  +  IPSEC - Secure communications - Already available in enterprise - Transparent for the user with all apps Employee privacy User experience - Device based - Only communication Control Security Distribution
  9. 9. REMOTE  DESKTOP - Application based - Highly secure only encrypted communication no storage on “disk” Employee privacy User experience - Really poor UX latency IO differs from desktop no offline mode Control Security Distribution
  10. 10. VIRTUALIZATION - Full work environment - Security at OS level Employee privacy User experience Control - Performance issue due to 2 running OS Security - Only Android and BlackBerry Distribution - Enterprise has to provide devices
  11. 11. MOBILE  APPLICATION  MANAGEMENT:  MAM - App-based - Everything around app lifecycle: download, update, ... Employee privacy User experience - No security, only remote app blocking Control Security Distribution
  12. 12. MOBILE  DEVICE  MANAGEMENT:  MDM - All management needs: wifi passwords, passcode, ... Employee privacy User experience - Device based - Intrusive: remote wipe Control Security Distribution
  13. 13. WRAPPING - App based - Add security on “all apps” - Data segregation - Limited features - Doesn’t work with the OS factory’s apps (you need the binary) Employee privacy User experience Control Security Distribution
  14. 14. SANDBOX - New apps for Business needs - Security at application level - Data segregation Employee privacy User experience - Only a limited set of apps - Multi-platform support Control Security Distribution
  15. 15. SANDBOX  +  SDK - New apps for Business needs - Security at application level Employee - Data segregation privacy + third party apps User experience + specific app security - Only a limited set of apps - Multi-platform support Control Security Distribution
  16. 16. INSIDE  SENSE { Sandbox SDK MAM
  17. 17. HOW  IT  WORKS   Architecture  overview SENSE   MOBILE SysmosoR     Apps Company   Apps Third  Party   Apps IdenMty  Server SENSE   Email  Server Messaging GATEWAY Documents Web  resources Specific  Server Company  Network