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1. Getting started with GraphicMail____________________________________________________________________________________Bef...
Subscribing to GraphicMailIf you become a GraphicMail customer, we will review your account to ensure that it complieswith...
4. Set up your subscription form____________________________________________________________________________________The su...
creating emails.To create your first email click on the create button. You’ll need to give your email a nameand then selec...
idea of what the likelihood is that it may be caught in a filter and land in someone’s junk boxinstead of their inbox. Run...
You can get further detail on any report category by clicking on the name of the newsletter in thetable and this will retu...
There is a wealth of information out there about email marketing. Although we are leaders inour field, we often like to co...
If you’re sending on behalf of a client, then their lists need to comply with the above.If you’re sending out press releas...
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Getting started with GraphicMail


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GraphicMail is at the forefront of Email Marketing. This is a great guide on getting started with GraphicMail and you new Email Marketing account.

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Getting started with GraphicMail

  1. 1. 1. Getting started with GraphicMail____________________________________________________________________________________Before you begin, there are some administrative items which help us ensure industry bestpractices and maintain high delivery – don’t worry, they won’t take long.Verifying your accountWe require that you verify your email address. To do this we send you an email with anactivation link. By clicking on this link you are verifying that the email address is yours. Onlyafter your email address has been verified can send your 200 emails.Setting up your ProfileTo comply with legislation, such as US-CAN SPAM and the European Privacy Directive, we areobliged to know our customers. The legislation also requires us to publish the sender’sphysical address on the footer of each outgoing email. For internal purposes, we require aworking telephone number we can contact you on. You can input this information on the Userprofile menu under the Setup & Options menu. This information must be completed beforebeing allowed to send any emails via GraphicMail.Basic Account Options (Time and date settings)We suggest you set up the following in the Setup & Options menu:• Time Zone Setting• Date Format• Email footer position
  2. 2. Subscribing to GraphicMailIf you become a GraphicMail customer, we will review your account to ensure that it complieswith our terms, anti-spam and privacy policies. This procedure consists of automated andmanual checks and may result in a member of our support team contacting you for additionalinformation. The process may take up to 2 business days and during that time you will not beable to use your account.2. Collect email addresses__________________________________________________________________________________When we verify your account one of the things we ask you to do is to upload or create amailing list. Collecting opt-in email addresses requires a little more work and lateral thinkingon your behalf. (Opt-in refers to people who have actually requested to receive yournewsletters)Here are some great ways of gaining new subscribers:1. Using a subscription form on your site or adding one to your newsletter2. Allow people to sign up via your social media platforms such as Facebook3. Through offline promotions and at industry trade shows4. Cold calling and sales sweepsGraphicMail makes the first two easy. However you’re getting subscribers it’s important tohave this opt-in proof due to the large numbers of spammers out there. If you upload emailaddresses, we may ask you to provide opt-in proof when we are verifying your account. Weneed to safeguard you and ourselves against being blacklisted. You won’t gain anything excepta bad reputation if you send emails to people who do not actually want to receive yournewsletters!Make sure your email addresses have been collected using industry best practices. You canfind an explanation of those practices at the end of this document.3. Add mailing lists and create your address book__________________________________________________________________________________Each GraphicMail account is allowed up to 20 mailing lists. A mailing list contains emailaddresses of your subscribers. Extra information about these subscribers, such as mobilenumbers, age and address is stored in your address book.There are a couple of different ways to add an email address to your account:• Importing email addresses from an online accounts (like hotmail, gmail or AOL).• Uploading a file of email addresses - Excel (xls,xlsx) or text (.csv, .txt)• Copy, pasting or typing email addresses.You can edit, delete, copy or move addresses between lists with our list management tools.You can find those under Mailing List > Manage.
  3. 3. 4. Set up your subscription form____________________________________________________________________________________The subscription form is the tool GraphicMail gives you to capture new subscribers. The form iscustomizable and can be embedded into or linked to from your website. You can use it tocapture more than email data about your subscribers.The subscription form is also the tool that allows a subscriber to unsubscribe from your emails.GraphicMail appends an unsubscribe button on the footer each email. When somebodyunsubscribes from a mailing list they are automatically get added to a blocklist and will nolonger receive your emails. You can view the blocklist under the “Advanced Mode”.The default footer looks like this:Note: You can enable one-click unsubscribe by going to the Header / footer settings menuand checking the box next to Enable one-click unsubscribe.To can customize your subscription form by go to the Subscription form wizard.5. Create your email campaign____________________________________________________________________________________Since no two people think the same way, GraphicMail offers several different options for
  4. 4. creating emails.To create your first email click on the create button. You’ll need to give your email a nameand then select from a handful of industry related templates included in your account. Whenyou select a template from the dropdown menu you’ll be able to view it in the preview pane atthe bottom of the page. If you don’t like any of the templates from the dropdown options, thenclick on the link to add more. This will allow you to browse through the entire library and selecta template you would like to use.Once you have selected a template, the fun part begins! The Editor will launch and you canbegin inserting your content and images. Our Editor is laid out in the same way as MicrosoftWord, only it allows you to add images, create HTML and insert hyperlinks. Please consult theonline tutorials and help menus to learn specific functions of the Editor.If you find this Editor too complicated or limiting then we suggest you try one of the otheravenues:• Our drag-and-drop editor• Create your newsletter in Word and import it, we’ll convert it to HTML• Create the HTML in Dreamweaver, FrontPage or another HTML client and import it.6. Editing and testing your email campaign____________________________________________________________________________________All email clients are all different. And there are lots of them. There are online-based web emailclients –like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail – and there are desktop email clients – like Outlook,Thunderbird, Lotus and MacMail. And the bad news is NONE of them render emails in the sameway!So this means that you need to test and tweak your email campaigns before they go out.You can do this in one of two ways:• You can get an email account at all the major email clients and send your self a test email, check it and then tweak it; or• You can get an account at an email rendering service like or and let them show you how it looks in multiple clients’ inboxes.Also, before you send run a SPAM Score test. This will give you a report card that will checkthe domains in your account as well as the structure and content of the email to give you an
  5. 5. idea of what the likelihood is that it may be caught in a filter and land in someone’s junk boxinstead of their inbox. Running a SPAM score test is highly recommended!7. Sending your email campaign____________________________________________________________________________________Finally, time to send. We’ve tried to make this as straightforward as possible.• Select the list you ant to send to.• Set the from email address - this is where replies will go!• Set the from name – this is what people will see in their email client!• Set the subject line.• Select the email you want to send.Then double check everything! When you are ready press SEND. Remember, there is no goingback – make sure everything is 100 %!We would also like to remind you that once you set your “From” email and “name” you shouldnot change them. Your subscribers can add your email address and name into their addressbook or email client – this is called white listing. This will ensure that your emails get deliveredinto their inbox. If you change the “From” names then in may reduce inbox delivery rates.8. Analyzing your campaign results____________________________________________________________________________________Check your send resultsNow that you’ve completed your send, go check out how you well you did via “View by sends”in the report section! Simply click on the magnifying glass to the left of a send to get the sendreport.The send report tells you:• The number of emails delivered.• The number of emails that were opened.• The number of unsubscribes, clicks, forwards and complaints.• The reason why an email was not delivered. (Either hard bounces, such as unknown addresses, or soft bounces, such as a full inbox, spam filter, or other temporary bounce issues.)
  6. 6. You can get further detail on any report category by clicking on the name of the newsletter in thetable and this will return a list of the subscribers that opened an email, a list of the links in the emailthat were clicked on and how many times each link was clicked.Export your statsAt any point in the process you can choose to export the report. You can export a PDF of thegraphical report or a .CSV file of the detailed reports which contain the email addresses.Adjust your campaignAll reports are actionable, so you can create a new target list from the send. So, if you wantto create a list only of those who opened your email, then drill down to the list of opens andselect to copy the addresses to a new or existing mailing list.You can get reports that show you how a list has performed over its lifetime and even drilldown to a report history for each individual subscription!The tip of the iceberg____________________________________________________________________________________This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do with GraphicMail and what you can dowith email marketing in general. To keep up to date with the latest happenings in GraphicMailand the world of email marketing, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.Watch these videos for a quick overview of our product:• Email Marketing Quick Tour• Creating a newsletter using our free templatesAre you still interested and hungry for more?Then sink your teeth into our advanced Power Feature videos.• Scheduling sends using TriggerMail• Subscriber Segmentation: send to a portion of your mailing list• Ensuring successful delivery of email campaigns• Understanding Reports and Statistics• FeedMail: RSS to Email
  7. 7. There is a wealth of information out there about email marketing. Although we are leaders inour field, we often like to consult other experts. We would suggest reading the followingwebsites and subscribing to their newsletters or RSS feeds.General:Marketingsherpa.comThe site presents news, case studies and best practice data pertaining to the Internet andintegrated marketing for marketing, PR and advertising professionals.MarketingProfs.comThe site provides tactical and strategic marketing expertise to Internet and offline marketingprofessionals through a combination of provocative articles and commentary.Email Marketing ReportMark Brownlow’s site contains his first-rate articles on permission email marketing.Spam:DeliverabilityNews, rumors and commentary from the email deliverability communityMAPSPrinciples for effective mailing list management.SpamLawsEverything you need (or wanted) to know about current international spam legislation.SpamcopOne of the top RBLs. The site teaches you how to reduce the number of spam complaints youget by implementing best practices.Statistics:Email Stat CenterThe first centralized online repository of research and statistics specific to the email marketingindustry.eMarketerThe one-stop-shop for statistics and research for internet marketing and demographics.Best Practices:How to tell if your mailing list is compliant with our standardsYour mailing list is okay if people:• signed up via your website• opted in to receive emails from you offline (promotions, trade shows etc)• opted in to receive emails via a co-registration site• purchased one of your products, attended an event or gave you an email address so they could receive updates are employees
  8. 8. If you’re sending on behalf of a client, then their lists need to comply with the above.If you’re sending out press releases, the reporter has to have agreed to receive emails fromyou.Your mailing list is not okay if it is:• a 3rd party list (like your chamber of commerce)• a list of prospects• a list you scraped from websites• a purchased list• a rented list like lexis-nexis, a real estate MLS database, D&B, Advertising redbooks, Adbase, Experian• potential employers (don’t send your resume)• a list of unsolicited reporters• a list of registered voters in your districtIf your list consists of the okay group, then you can import it into GraphicMail. If it consists ofthe not okay group and you import it into GraphicMail; we’ll be inundated with servercomplaints which will force us to have to close your account. Don’t say you weren’t warned!Good luck with your campaign and we wish you email marketing success!