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Niche Life Insurance Website Formula - Grow your digital life insurance business


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Learn how to grow your digital life insurance business with Jeff Root, the host of the “Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast” at

The slides were made by Monetize Your Expertise for the upcoming online course launch. Learn more at

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Niche Life Insurance Website Formula - Grow your digital life insurance business

  1. 1. Life Insurance Website FormulaNiche Grow your digital life insurance business by Jeff Root
  2. 2. pick your NICHE MODULE 1
  3. 3. hello and welcome! It will teach you: My name is Jeff Root. I’m author of The Digital Life Insurance Agent and host of the “Modern Life Insurance Selling Podcast” over at   I help agents build predictable flows of inbound life insurance prospects teaching the strategies I use in my own agency. intro I’ve placed over 3,000 life insurance policies on the books without ever seeing a single person face to face.  My agency currently produces over 25,000 inbound life insurance prospects annually! Throughout this course, I’ll teach you everything you need to build and maintain your niche life insurance website to attract a consistent stream of clients and boost your revenue. results That's me
  4. 4. how are they doing it? In this first lesson, we’re going to focus on choosing a niche and developing your unique selling proposition, or USP for short. You have the tools you need right in front of you  All you need is your computer and the internet how?
  5. 5. niche until it hurts Choosing A Niche lesson 1 Creating Your USP
  6. 6. why pick a niche? The niche you choose is often more important than how good you are at selling life insurance. key advantages visibility targeting opportunitiesYou'll be able to target your ideal demographic much more effectively You'll be found much easier in searches Gives you a world of marketing opportunities that you don’t have as a generalist (niche­specific trade shows, podcasts, and conventions..)
  7. 7. Life Insurance Niches The great thing about life insurance is that there are so many untapped niches for you to choose from. By picking a niche that’s largely untapped, YOU can become the go­to guy for that market! the vast potential of the untapped niches You'll have a much easier time marketing to clients You'll close sales easier than if you were competing with all of the generalists
  8. 8. TACTICAL ADVANTAGES Faster and higher ranking in the search engines1 Opens up a lot of profitable marketing channels2 Your site will rank higher when it specifically addresses a common search query (in this example, ‘life insurance for XYZ’) Use specific advertising platforms to target precise demographics Create content that directly speaks to your niche’s specific problems Remember, people are searching for solutions to their specific problems. No one is just out searching for a generalist.
  9. 9. you need to do the same! Choose a niche Focus on one or two specific marketing channels Continuously add fuel to that fire until they become the go­to authority in their respective niche Move on to another and start to expand the most profitable agents: Let's see how
  10. 10. choosing your niche Assessing your current agency
  11. 11. 5 questions to help Do you work well with a certain demographic? What are your strenghts? Any existing product already performing well? Are you more competitive with one group? What about your current clients? Any similar segment or similar needs?
  12. 12. the reasons behind See where you excel and how you can narrow down your niche  Helps you avoid niches that you aren’t already competitive in
  13. 13. assessing personal life Do you or someone you’re close to have a health impairment? 1 Are you involved in any hobbies that represent a segment of people who need life insurance? 2 Examples: scuba diving, sailing, sky diving etc.
  14. 14. advantages of personal experience It will teach you: Real life experience will not only make you more relatable to the people you’re looking to insure, but you’ll also be more familiar with the needs they have. familiarity with needs You’ll be able to speak directly to their needs through your own experiences, and that will help you establish trust between you and customers. establishes trust
  15. 15. time to pare it down even further
  16. 16. paring down your niche It’ll be much harder to effectively market to a broader niche than it will be if you narrow it down as far as possible. No niche is too small! CANIGOEVEN SMALLER? ASK YOURSELF Cancer surivors Breastcancersurivors Cancer?
  17. 17. thousands of opportunities Find an area that you’re familiar with that is currently underserved Don’t stick to “safe” clients ­ the more difficult it is for a group to get coverage, the easier time you’ll have reaching them Health conditions, occupations, avocations..
  18. 18. Evergreen vs. Emerging Diabetes, depression, cancer.. Marijuana users, e-cigarette users.. = aren’t going away anytime soon = are just forming and will see huge growth in the future
  19. 19. Think Outside the Box ALS? Obesity?oppportunity oppportunity
  20. 20. what about the others There’s likely groups within that niche that haven’t been discovered yet  It's a validation that this niche has potential!  Study how they run their business and figure out how to do it better Use new technology that enables us to market and sell in new and exciting ways
  21. 21. your USP Tell people in your niche why they should buy from you Put this into a clear, one sentence statement  USP = Unique Selling Proposition Your USP is a promise to your customers about what they can expect from your business and its products and services.
  22. 22. GET TO KNOW YOUR CLIENTS What are their problems that they most want solved?  What roadblocks have they run into in the past?  What are their frustrations?  Re­engineer those issues into your USP, and put that sentence front and center on your website.
  23. 23. hAVE CONVERSATIONS Sitting down with potential customers and having conversations with them is a fantastic way to gather the information you need to develop your USP. Remember, just listing coverage specifics and features WILL NOT attract clients. You have to clearly state what problem of theirs is that you are going to solve.
  24. 24. niche usp EXAMPLEs Owned and staffed by pilots both establish a connection and understanding between agent and client since both belong to a specific group (NOT a condition!) Coverage for breast cancer survivors from breast cancer survivors
  25. 25. ANOTHER EXAMPLE We secure life insurance for diabetics with NO medical exam required Diabetics do not like exams speak to that problem directly
  26. 26. using your usp Every single person you interact with should immediately have clarity on what unique offering you are bringing to the table. Use it in every conversation with every prospect you speak with Display it prominently across your website and other marketing materials everywhere
  27. 27. See you in THE next lesson! what will your usp be? Assignment: Take 30 minutes to brainstorm and hone in on your unique USP.
  28. 28. Do you want us to build an online course for you too? GET A FREE COURSE OUTLINE APPLY HERE