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'Radio News: No. 9, 8 January 1993' by Grant Goddard


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Issue no. 9, dated 8 January 1993, of 'Radio News' weekly newsletter for the UK radio broadcasting industry, written and published by Grant Goddard in January 1993.

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'Radio News: No. 9, 8 January 1993' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. RRRRRRRRR iIiIiIiIiIiIiIiIiI DOOOOD ID <XXXXXXXlO IIJIN IIJIN EEEEEEEEE WW WW WW SSSSSSSSS RRRRRRRRR ilMIlMllllil DDDDDDD ID <XXXXXXXlO IIJIN RHR Ef.F.F.HEEE WW WW WW SSSSSSSSS RRR RRR !AA AAA DDD ODD ID (XX) (XX) IOOIR IIRII EEE WW WW WW sss No. 9 RRRRRRRRR AAA !AA ODD DDD ID (XX) 000 II100IR RHR EEE ww ww ww sss RRRRRRRRR Illlilililililill! DDD ODD ID (XX) (XX) IOOOOOOIRII ITF.F.EITIT ww ww ww sss.~ RRRRR iliIiIililMiIiI ooD DDD ID (XX) (XX) lOOOOOOOOI EEEEEEEEE IIIi IIIi ww sssssssss RRRRRR !AA !AA DDD DDD ill (XX) 000 lOO! IOOD1I EEE ww ww ww sss 8 JAN 93 RRR RRR !AA !AA DDD DDD ID (XX) 000 IIRII IOOIR EEE ww IIIi ww sss RRR RRR !AA !AA DDDDoo ID <XXXXXXXlO RHR RHR F.F.F.F.EITF.E liliUiilllllMillI1 sssssssss RRR RRR AAA !AA DDDDD ID <XXXXXXXlO IIRII RHR EEEHEF.F.F. lililililUiIiIlUill SSSSSSSSS THE WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE UK RADIO INDUSTRY MARSHALL EXITS VIRGIN Virgin Radio Programme Controller Andrew Marshall has left the company after only two months' work on t he national station due to launch this Spring. He has been replaced by Richard Skinner and John Revell, who were appointed Joint Programming Directors. Chairman Bruce Gyngell has also announced the appointment of director David Campbell to the new post of Chief Executive, and to whom launch MD John Aumonier will in future report. These changes signal a shift away from the ex-Allied Radio Aumonier/Marshall management axis and towards the employment of staff from companies within the Virgin Group, an established practice of the Branson empire. John Aumonier had been MD of Allied until his appointment last May, and Marshall was Allied PD and General Manager of the group's failed Airport Information Radio venture. Aumonier's new boss, David Campbell, joined Virgin in 1986 and manages its TV post-production businesses Rushes and West One. John Revell has worked in production for Virgin's ill-fated satellite venture Radio Radio, its in-store station Virgin FM, as well as for GLR/London and independent producer Unique. Richard Skinner works for Radio 1, presents GLR's morning show and, significantly, launched Capital Radio/London's abandoned AOR weekend experiment CFM. Revell and Skinner's radio experience is more rock-orientated than their predecessor Marshall, who had programmed Allied's Top 40 Radio Mercury and oldies County Sound. Chief Executive David Campbell conrnented: "Both John and Richard have a wealth of radio experience and particularly with the kind of music we will be playing." '~er the last few months the station has conducted extensive music research around the country," added Campbell. '~e have now completed the research and believe we know exactly what music our listeners will want to hear." Virgin Radio promises to announce its launch date shortly and its DJ line-up in February/March. FOUR. MORE LICENCES The Radio Authority has re-advertised four existing licences for Coventry and the Dundee/Perth area, presently held by Midlands Radio and Radio Clyde respectively. Coventry broadcasts Top 4O-formatted Mercia FM and regional oldies station Xtra AM, but Midlands chooses not to release separate JICRAR data for their potential audiences of 620,000 and 530,000 respectively. In Dundee and Perth, Clyde simulcasts Top 40joldies Radio Tay on AM and FM in both towns, and achieves a 28% listening share in its marketing area of 440,000 adults. Applications close on 6 Apr, the winners to be announced within three months, and the licences to conrnence 1 Jan 1995. EDWARDS JOINS lFM Ex-Jazz FM/London DJ Steve Edwards has joined 1FM to present a new Wednesday night hour-long contemporary soul show. Thirty-two year old Edwards attracted publicity in the national press last June, when he was sacked on-air by Jazz FM's newly appointed PD Graeme Moreland whilst presenting his weekday evening show. His new 1FM show promises to include new British artists such as Omar and Vanessa Simon, and is produced by Ivor Etienne. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radio news 1993 page 1
  2. 2. FIVE BID FOR. SEVERN The first of the Radio Authority's five regional licences, covering the Severn Estuary, has attracted five bidders offering competing formats of dance, country, speech and youth programming. Although the station will serve 1.6m adults on both sides of the Bristol Channel, none of the applicants propose any Welsh language prograoming. Chiltern Radio plans to extend its existing Bristol black music station Galaxy Radio from its present 450,000 TSA, giving it "distinct appeal to the younger demographic, the under-35s." Its dance music format would be "presented by friendly, hurnourous and musically well-informed broadcasters who do not intrude too much into the music flow. " The programme schedule of the enlarged station, employing 29 full-time staff, will "differ from the traditional radio style" by broadcasting news bulletins five minutes before each hour, running a daily soap opera and using ex-Capital Radio DJ Paul McKenna to present a weekend discussion show "invoking the mysterious and unexplained such as ESP." Daytirnes combine "the new and fresh dance music of today with hits of the past", while evenings comprise specialist dance music shows, and Chiltern's application notes at one point that London's KISS FM "operates with a somewhat similar format." A new contribution studio would be built in Cardiff and existing Bristol facilities be upgraded, with Chiltern's Eddie Startup appointed Chief Executive and a PO selected from two candidates elsewhere within the Group. Chiltern argues that an award to Galaxy would incur "minimal new costs" and promises to levy no charges for engineering and administrative support supplied centrally. Galaxy's pre-Chiltern incarnation as For The People [FTP] is invoked in the application by WBLS Radio that plans to mix Top 40, dance, soul, oldies and indie music "of particular appeal to the younger age groups." Ex-FTP founders Clement McLarty and Babs Williams hold 9% each of the group's £~m capital, whilst Los Angeles-based black radio syndicator Lee Bailey takes 20%. There is a novel idea for "presenters to introduce each day to their listeners a new Welsh phrase", in pursuit of the targeted 18% weekly reach amongst 15-24 year aIds and 9 hours/week listening. Coast Country FM proposes "a mix of new country and classic country gold" targeting 30-55 year olds, on the grounds that "the Severn Estuary has a higher level of interest in country music than any other region in the country." Chairman Robert Jenkins held the same post at Radio Wyvern, MD Robert Yarnold was Wyvern's founder and Chief Engineer, whilst PD Mark Williams has just exited Buzz FM, following stints at Radio City, Beacon and Metro. Each peak-time hour will include "three snappy links (20 secs each)" and "one snappy trivia quiz" and the group argues that "so many people in our survey said they were tired of dance music, rave, modern music and kid's (sic) music." Radio Investments holds 25% of the bid's £275,000 capital, complemented by Yarnold and Williams with 7~% each, and a weekly reach of 8% is targeted in the first year. Radio Severn plans "a new kind of of quality, speech-based service which will help improve the image of ILR" by broadcasting "high quality news and current affairs coverage with a first class service of regional weather, traffic and travel information." Daytime shows will comprise up to 78% speech, supplemented by music (including the cited example of The Muppets' Halfway Down The Stairs) . MD David Jones is Controller of News &Current Affairs at TVS, PD John Curzon is Editor of English Language News Programmes at BBC Wales, and Radio 4's John Hurnphreys promises to be Honorary Director of a planned regional training initiative. Radio Investments holds 15% of the group's £900,000 capital, and the GWR Group and a local newspaper have expressed interest in participation. The audience will be ASCI over-35s, and a weekly reach of 20% and 10 hours/week are targeted within three years. Select FM describes itself as an "adult inspirational" station offering "a combination of younger, easy listening, mellow rock and information rich, yet measured, news and features programming." Its "speech programming for the enquiring generation" accounts for 22~% of daytime output, combined with "a judicious selection of rock, pop, soul, R&B and popular jazz." Three senior staff of London-based independent producer Rewind are involved in the bid - Michael Story as Chairman, Richard Seabright as Marketing Director and Chris Parry-Davies as PD. 80% of the group's £800,000 capital is owned by satellite production company Starstream, with the remainder held by Rewind and Broadvision Radio. The Radio Authority will announce its decision within three months. BUZZ SOLD FOR. £1 Troubled Birmingham incremental Buzz FM has been sold for £1 to Cary-Wood plc, headed by ex-Radio Nova boss Chris Cary. The deal, completed on 23 Dec, gives Cary's company control over 97% of the station's shares, after former owner Radio Clyde had reportedly considered 14 possible buyers. The remaining 3% is retained by investment group 3i and station founder Lindsey Reid. Reid and Cary have known each other since both were DUs on 70s offshore pirate RNl, where Reid was called Mike Lindsey and Cary was known as Spangles Muldoon, and both subsequently worked on BBC Radio Birmingham and shared a house in the city. Cary has already introduced some programming changes since taking control. "Our A-playlist is coming around a lot more than it was before," says Technical Director Lindsey Reid. '~e're playing more familiar hits more often now. We have commercial-free hours now and are saying ,while other stations claim to be playing more music, Buzz FM is really doing it' which is true! We're using the computer to play back-to-back music between lOam and 2prn, and two of those hours are commercial-free." Cary is thought to be interested in applying for the forthcoming West Midlands regional licence, and would use Buzz's Birmingham studios for an enlarged operation serving 2~ million people. If this application were to fail, Cary might alternatively lobby the Radio Authority to increase Buzz FM's TSA to cover the whole of Greater Birmingham from an improved relocated transmitter at Sutton Coldfield. Station Manager Tony Ingham, appointed by Radio Clyde, has left Buzz FM, as has afternoon DJ Adrian AlIen, who Ingham had installed, and late night presenter Mark Williarns who was part of the original 1990 line-up. The station lacks a national saleshouse at present since its agreement with the Radio Sales Company expired at the end of November. .-1' a RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 i radio news 1993 page 2
  3. 3. Revised categories in this year's Sony Awards mean there will be three stations of the year - national, metropolitan and local ***** Radio 2 wins the Grand Prix of the N1 Universite Radiophonique et Televisuelle Internationale for Hiles Kington's programme Water, Water Water ***** BBC Radio Lancashire's new schedule sees newsreader Eleanor Moritz join breakfast DJ Al Clarke, Ann O'Brien take over afternoons, and Neil Pringle replace Julie Pringle on weekend breakfasts ***** Radios 3 & 5 share coverage of next year's international cricket ***** Spectrum Radio/London Head of Presentation Jon Kaye joins BBC Radio Essex as Senior Producer of its Colchester studio, only months before East Anglian Radio opens a new Colchester FM opt-out in the town ***** And, despite the BBC having two years ago abandoned plans for a local Dorset station, it is now opening an FM opt-out of BBC Radio Devon for Mid & West Dorset, pre-empting the impending launch of the county's new commercial station Regent Radio/Weymouth ***** Extolling the virtues of increased speech content in local radio, BBC Radio Cumbria Manager Hike Marsh says the station's reach has improved at breakfast, lunch and drivetime by 7P-, 80% and 42% respectively since 1990 ***** At LBC/London, computer company Lotus sponsors the weekly Computer Focus feature in the First Edition show and the station's Technology Week ***** Er, what? Virgin Radio MD John Aumonier says of the station's new home at 93 Chertsey Road, Woking: "We were extremely fortunate that the Woking building became available." But weren't the former County Sound studios unused for a year, and aren't RADIO WAVES they owned by Allied Radio, of which Aumonier was MD until last May? Marketing and promotion is to be housed alongside the three upgraded Waking studios, though the sales operation stays in London ***** Festival Radio/Brighton relocates to 6B Steine Gardens, Brighton BN2 1WB ***** Reorganisation of BBC Wales onto a single site means the second floor of Cardiff's Broadcasting House becomes the radio centre and home to Radios Wales/<:ymru ***** IRS MD Pat Falconer says "Jazz fill's decision is mad" to leave the saleshouse and set up its own team for national advertising ***** London reggae pirate Vibes fill celebrated its first birthday with a Xmas Eve party at the Spring Gardens Club ***** Chiltern Supergold is running a trail in Italian for its co-promoted Zucchero concert at Hammersmith Apollo on 1 Feb ***** BBC Radio Horthampton wins the Plain English Campaign's Cryst~l Clear News award for its output, particularly the weekday Point To Point show ***** Clever airtime buying, or pressure sales tactics? 210flll/Reading is running ads for rape alarms into news reports of rape cases, and LBC' s bulletins covering the IRA's pre-Xmas bombs were sandwiched by ads for anti-blast window protectors ***** Radio Luxembourg's dying five hours on New Year's Eve were relayed on its former 208AM channel, as well as Astra ***** Stravinsky's Dumbarton Oaks concerto was the most frequently played work on Radio 3 last year ***** Chiltern Radio/Bedford breakfast producer Emma Scott joins Galaxy Radio/Bristol as presenter ***** Anoraks at Bush House? Mike Read's BBC World Service show Replace A Disc uses 70s offshore RADIO DIARY pirate RNI's theme song Man Of Action by the Les Reed Orchestra as its opening music ***** Ex-GLR and LBC producer Syd Burke replaces Zak as Programme Controller at WNI/Wood Green ***** Alka Seltzer sponsored Atlantic 252's year-end rundown of 1992's top singles in a £60,000 deal ***** BBC World Service Deputy MD David Witherow becomes acting MD until John Tusa's successor starts work ***** Classic fill's launch advertising was awarded "wasted opportunity of the year" by Campaign magazine ***** Capital RadiO/London appoints Martina Dodson to the new post of Client Sales Director ***** BBC Radio Lancashire needs a weekend breakfast show presenter/producer and Programme Assistants for Andy Peebles' morning show and Ann O'Brien's afternoon slot (0254-680455) ***** London Media holds a one-day course on radio interviewing & presenting (26/28 Feb), and ten-week evening classes on essential radio (from 8 Feb) and advanced radio (from 10 Feb). Concessions available (071-278-6601) ***** Midlands Radio Action Trust needs a Coventry-based Media Trainer (0203-559229) ***** Radio Broadcast Managers are wanted "to join strong finance team for new licence applications" by DFM, PO Box 37, Gosforth, Newcastle NE13 1LA ***** Art imitating life a little too close for comfort? At the staff Xmas party of Radio Channel, BBC For Europe's fictional commercial station (Fri 11.30-11.45am 648AM) , there were ugly rumours of programme changes and possible job losses. The station's owner, Lady B, is remaInIng tightlipped about the first RAJAR results ***** 12 JAM ABERDEEN closing date for re-applications for AM &FM licences serving 230,000 adults, starting 29 Jul 1994. Info: Radio Authority 24/25/26/27/28 JAM MIDEM RADIO at Palais Des Festivals, Cannes, France. Info: International Exhibition Organisation, Metropolis House, 22 Percy Street, London W1P 9FF tel:071-528-0086 25 JAM RAJAR first audience research figures from joint BBC/ILR system released publicly 27 JAM WHAT FUTURE FOR RELIGIOUS BROADCASTING? debate at Abbey Centre, London SW1 10.30am-4.3Opm. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 9 FEE LEEDS closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM licences serving 1.23m &770,000 adults respectively, starting 1 Sep 1994. Info: Radio Authority 9 FEE SOUTHEND/CHELMSFORD closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM licences serving 1.53m and 770,000 adults respectively, starting 12 Sep 1994. Info: Radio Authority 10 FEE WHAT FUTURE FOR REGIONAL BROADCASTING? debate at Committee Room, House of Commons 6-7.3Opm. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 17 FEE WHAT FUTURE FOR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES? debate at Abbey Centre, London SW1 10.30am-4.3Opm. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 2 MAR LUTON/BEDFORD closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 1.03m and 0.68m adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 2 MAR NORTHAMPTON closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 540,000 and 320,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 2 MAR AYR closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM services serving 510,000 and 220,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 3 MAR WHAT FUTURE FOR LIVE MUSIC? debate at Committee Room, House of Commons 6-7.3Opm. Voice Of The Listener &Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 9 MAR SCARBOROUGH closing date for new licence serving 65,000 adults on AM or FM. Info: Radio Authority 10 MAR WHAT FUTURE FOR FARMING &RURAL PROGRAMMES? debate at Abbey Centre, London SW1 2-4.3Opm. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835- . ~,.. . RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HAl 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radio news 1993 page 3
  4. 4. National National NW England Severn Estuary Coventry Coventry Dundee/Perth Dundee/Perth Ayr Ayr Northampton Northampton Luton/Bedford Luton/Bedfocd Leeds Leeds AM AM 47rn FM 4,300,000 FM 1,600,000 AM 620,000 FM 530,000 AM 280,000 n~ 240,000 AM 510,000 FM 220,000 AM 540,000 FM 320,000 AM 1,030,000 FM 680,000 AM 1,230,000 FM 770,000 Southend/Chlmsfd AM 1,530,000 Southend/Chlmsfd FM 770,000 Aberdeen AM 230,000 Aberdeen FM 230,000 Scarborough AM/FM 70,000 High Wycanbe AM ? Pembrokeshire FM 85,000 Weymouth FM 80,000 North Wales AM/FM 130,000 Carlisle FM 150,000 Glenrothes FM 260,000 Colchester FM 120,000 Slough/Windsor FM 390,000 Harlow FM 100,000 Morecambe Bay FM 180,000 Montgorneryshire AM ? Cheltenham AM ? REGIONAL 8 Dec 92 16 Mar 93 30 Sep 92 5 Jan 93 5 LICENCES 1 Sep 94 1 Sep 94 RE-ADVERTISED LOCAL LICENCES ., Jan 93 7 Jan 93 7 Jan 93 7 Jan 93 4 Dec 92 4 Dec 92 2 Dec 92 2 Dec 92 2 Dec 92 2 Dec 92 4 Nov 92 4 Nov 92 6 Nov 92 6 Nov 92 8 Oct 92 8 Oct 92 TT Nov 92 7 Aug 92 1 Jul 92 8 Jun 92 12 May 92 27 Apr 92 7 Apr 92 7 Feb 92 6 Apr 93 6 Apr 93 6 Apr 93 6 Apr 93 2 Mar 93 2 Mar 93 2 Mar 93 2 Mar 92 2 Mar 93 2 Mar 93 9 Feb 93 9 Feb 93 9 Feb 93 9 Feb 93 12 Jan 93 12 Jan 93 1 Jan 95 1359AM 1 Jan 95 97/102.9FM 1 Jan 95 1161/1584AM 1 Jan 95 96.4/102.8FM 16 Oct 94 1035 AM 16 Oct 94 96.9 FM 15 Oct 94 1557 AM 15 Oct 94 96.6 FM 15 Oct 94 792/828 AM 15 Oct 94 96.9/97.6FM 1 Sep 94 828 AM 1 Sep 94 %.3 FM 12 Sep 94 1431/1359AM 12 Sep 94 96.3/102.6FM 29 Jul 94 1035 AM 29 Jul 94 96.9 FM NEW LOCAL LICENCES 9 Mar 93 17 Noy 92 4 7 Jan 93 Radio Wye 1170 AM 20 Oct 92 1 7 Jan 93 [no award1 8 Sep 92 5 6 Noy 92 Regent Radio/Orchard FM 25 Aug 92 3 1 Oct 92 Marcher Coast FM/Marcher Sound 28 Jul 92 4 7 Sep 92 CRFM spring 93 21 Jul 92 3 7 Sep 92 [no award1 19 May 92 6 2 Jul 92 Colchester ~SGR-FM 31 Mar 92 9 2 Jul 92 Tristar Bdcstng spring 93 24 Mar 92 1 7 Sep 92 Harlow Radio/Essex Radio 10 Mar 92 2 14 May 92 BAY RADIO AC spring 93 96.9 FM 18 Feb 92 1 4 Jun 92 RADIO~ community spring 93 756 AM 14 Jan 92 5 6 Mar 92 CD 603 AC Mar 'B 603 AM AIRMAIL PR.INTED PAPER RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radlo news 1992 page 4