'Radio News: No. 17, 5 March 1993' by Grant Goddard


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Issue no. 17, dated 5 March 1993, of 'Radio News' weekly newsletter for the UK radio broadcasting industry, written and published by Grant Goddard in March 1993.

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'Radio News: No. 17, 5 March 1993' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. RRRRRRRRR 11M 111111111111 DDOOOO III ()()()(XXXXXl lOOi lOOi F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.E all all all SSSSSSSSS RRRRRRRRR 111111111111l1li11 DDDDDDD III ()()()(XXXXXl lOOi m EEEF.F.F.F.EE Will all Will sssssssss RRR RRR AAA AAA DDD DDD III 000 000 lUOOI lOOi ill all all all sss No. 17 RRRRRRRRR AAA AAA DDD ODD ill 000 000 lOOIRN lOOi EEE Will all all sss RRRRRRRRR 111111111111111111 DDD ODD ID 000 000 lOOOOOOOIH EF.F.F.F.EF.F.E all Will all sssssssss RRRRR 11111111111111l1li DOO DDD ID 000 000 lOOOOOOOIH EEEEEF.F.F.¥. all Will all sssssssss RRRRRR AAA AAA DDD DDD ID 000 000 lOOi lOOIRN EEE all all all sss 5 MAR 93 RRR RRR ID AAA DDD DDD ID 000 000 lOOi HNHN EEE all all all sss RRR RRR ID ID DDDDDD ID ()()()(XXXXXl lOOi lOOi EE¥.¥.¥.F.F.EE 'iIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIiIIl sssssssss RRR RRR AAA ID DDDDD ill ()()()(XXXXXl lOOi HRH F.¥.¥.¥.EEF.F.F. lillillillillillillillillillillillilll sssssssss THE WEEKLY UPDATE ON THE ilK RADIO INDUSTRY LICENCE BONANZA Eight Londonwide licences have been advertised by the Radio Authority, six currently held by cO!llIlercial SLa~10ns and two new ~ licences transferred from BBC use. The , re-advertised frequencies comprise ' four on FM currently held by LBC Newstalk, Jazz, Kiss and Melody and two on AM used by LBC Talkback and Spectrum. The two new frequencies are to be relinquished by BBC GLP and BBC Radio Kent before 1 Jan 1994. "It's certainly going to be the most complicated of the tasks that we've so far undertaken in the re-advertisement progranme," admitted the Authority's Head Of Development David Vick. '~e're expecting a lot of applications. We are sending out about a hundred sets of documents to people who have, over ~he last two to three years, contacted us to say they are interested in applying for a Londonwide licence." Applicants can bid for an AM channel, an FM channel, or both, but not for a specific frequency, though the modified application form does ask for a list of preferences on AM. Licences re-awarded to incumbents will retain their present frequencies. The AM channels pose problems for applicants in findJ.ng sul~able transmitter sites in Central London. Spectrum's existing aerial is hung between the chimneys of Lots Road Power Station, but its enforced low power of 250 watts means the signal reaches only 5.3 million of a possible 7.1 million audience during daylight hours. GLR's present AM transmitter is based on the fringe of South London, and LBC's is on the London/Herts border, both using high powers. The winners of these licences and the relocated ex-BBC Radio Kent channel, could use cheaper, low-power transmitters if a single shared aerial site near Central London could be identified. Bidders who have already declared an interest in the licences include alternative music station XFM, country formatted Eagle Radio, London Christian Radio, and a news/talk service led by ex-LBC reporter Douglas Moffitt. Choice FM/Brixton is seeking to enlarge its South London service area to cover the whole city, but Radio Authority Deputy Chief Executive Paul Brown said recently: FIVE BIDDERS FOR SIX Bids closed this week for six more re-advertised ILR licences. In Ayr, incumbent West Sound Radio is the only applicant for both AM and FM. In Luton/Bedford, incumbent Chiltern Radio has bid for both AM and FM, but is challenged for the FM by Asia TV/Special FM, a Middlesex-based group led by ILR veteran Keith Belcher. In Northampton, two RADIO CONTACTS "Probably the Authority would not be very persuaded by somebody else on another trans-LcndQr. frequency who wanted to do another radio station that had strong elements of dance or soul or blues." Asked whether LBC, or a replacement news/talk station, would be awarded both an AM and FM channel, Brown said: "The arguments for maintaining commercial radio news in London on both frequencies are that the BBC does that, and do you want a service which is, after all, a minority service to be second hest to the BBC?" Acknowledging the unfulfilled demand for new music stations on FM, Brown admitted: "The proble.'11 that the Authority is going to face is: do we have our one cO!llIlercial talk service in London, supposing that will happen, on AM when the main opposition from the BBC [Radio Fourj is on FM?" The closing date for applications is 8 Jun and the Authority expects around forty bids. The winners will be announced following the Members' consideration of applicants at both their September and October meetings. LICENCES applicants have applied for both AM and FM - incumbent Chiltern Radio and NNBC, led by KCBC/Kettering MD Lester Cowling . GALAXY RADIO, Broadcast Centre, 25 Portland Square, Bristol BS99 7QQ. tel: 0272-240111 Eddie Startup, 0582-666001 Colin Mason [winner of new Severn Estuary regional ~~ licence) ftOR'l'IIS()(OO RADIO, 45 Kings Gate, Aberdeen AB2 6BL. tel: 0224-622000 Andrew Lewis, 0224-632234 John Martin [winner of re-advertised Aberdeen AM & FM licences] 1. 0 " ; ESSEX RADIO, Radio House, Clifftown Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SSl 1SX. tel: 0702-333711 Eric Moonman, Philip Hinton [winner of re-advertised Essex AM &FM licences] : ASIA TV/SPECIAL FM, Studio, 7, Belvue Business Centre, Belvue Road, Northolt, Middx UB5 5QQ. tel: 081-841-8030 Anjna i uru R~,~~h BeBROIADCche;~ apcoplicaNNBCntforpore-aBodvert115'3SedO LUKtotnt/~dfordNFM hlicence] 1 ' ~ n~ avnLUanC~vn ~~LnQ, , X ,e erlng, ort ants NN16 8PU. te : 0536-412413 Lester Cowling, ' 0604-870211 Joy Earl [new applicant for re-advertised Northampton AM &FM licences) i RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1993 page 1
  2. 2. NEW LICENCES INCLUDE RECORD EXAMPLES The music formats specified in licences issued by the Radio Authority are to be more tightly defined and' will in future include examples of records and artists the station intends to play. Existing ILR stations that successfully re-apply for their licences will also be forced to- adopt more musically restrictive "Promises of Performance", the contractual definition of their programming policies. Addressing a recent Radio Academy conference, the Authority's Deputy Chief Executive Paul Brown said that newly drafted Promises of Performance resulting from the licence re-advertisement process will be "less wide" than they were in the past. "At the moment, those stations that were [former] IBA contractors decided, for very obvious reasons, that they would have Promises Of Performance in a musical sense that allowed them to range across the entire track of popular music," said Brown. "We don't expect those radio stations to leave the centre ground, but we do expect them to vacate the outer fringes away from the central most popular area." Brown explained that Promises Of Performance will now be "more detailed in a musical way" and include examples of tracks the station plays. The first such licence was issued recently to Star FM!Windsor, due to launch in May with a mellow adult contemporary format that its Promise Of Performance defines as "tracks characterised by a softer texture and melodic image aimed at a predominantly adult W A TERMAN RALLIES BEHIND Pete Waterman, Chairman of PWL, led a highly charged debate this week on the future of Radio One, arguing that the station is as important to the country as Radio Four, and speculating that BBC bosses really want to close the network entirely. Addressing the Radio Academy's Music Radio Conference, Waterman said Radio One had seemed unable to defend itself since the publication of the Green Paper and the BBC document Extending Choice last year. And he suggested that the music industry must actively lobby politicians and ministers over the issue. '~e are very lucky in Great Britain to have a radio station that walks a very very good straight line, a middle path in music for the last twenty-five years," said Waterman. "To suddenly say that because it treads a popularist path, it should not be a government station because it does not appeal to the higher values of music is nonsense." Waterman argued that the record industry was as important to the UK economy as the recently closed DAF Leyland factory, and that taking pop music out of Radio One's remit would have a disastrous effect. "Because it's daft pop records, nobody takes it seriously, but it is serious," he said. "This country earns billions of pounds a year from the record industry. It employs thousands of people and it's probably one of the biggest employers in Great Britain. VIRGIN R.EVEALS DAYTIME Virgin Radio, launching 30 Apr, has announced its daytime presenter line-up. Russ Williams (ex-Capital Radio) is the breakfast DJ, followed by Richard Skinner (the station's Joint PD), Jonathan Coleman (from Australia), and Mitchell Johnson (from Hong Kong). Evening/weekend DJs include Rosko (ex-Radio One), Wendy Lloyd (ex-Radio Luxembourg & GLR) , Graham Dene (ex-Capital Radio), Chris Evans (ex-GLR), Kevin Greening (ex-GLR), Sandy Beech (ex-Atlantic 252), and Nick Abbott (ex-GLR). audience." The station lodged with the Authority a list of tracks contained 1n American production company Century 21's Mellow Adult Contemporary CD Library. The document is referred to explicitly in the licence as illustrative of "the broad variety and examples of the genre of music to be broadcast." Asked whether the citation of specific tracks might not prove anachronistic within a station's eight-year licence term, Paul Brown replied: "At the right time, at the appropriate moment, these things can be changed." But he admitted that "for any regulator, Promises Of Performance are very difficult and a bit of a pain in the butt. They are very difficult to draw up." R.ADIO ONE If we do away with it, what are we going to play [on Radio One]?" In other sessions at the conference, Virgin Radio's Joint Programme Director Richard Skinner enlarged upon the station's music programming policies and announced the DJ lineup of its daytime programmes [see Radio News]. Director of EMIT Records' Classical Division Roger Lewis gave a "damning indictment of Radio Three" for the conservative music policy of its former regime under Controller John Drummond. And ex-Virgin Records MD John Webster offered a typically controversial overview of the state of the British record industry. A full report on the Radio One debate will appear in next week's issue. LINE-UP Virgin boss Richard Branson apparently played a large part in acquiring Chris Evans, encouraged by his children who are big fans of the whacky DJ. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HAl 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 t radio news 1993 page 2 .~
  3. 3. The new issue of BBC Music Magazine reveals that Radio 3's most frequently aired composers last year, in descending order, were Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Bach, Haydn and Brahms ***** The Voice of The Listener & Viewer holds a seminar What Future For Live Music? 16 Mar 6-7.3Opm in Committee Room 5 at the House of Commons with speakers Sally Groves (Scbott Music Publishers), Nicholas Snowman (South Bank Centre) and Andrew Clements, the Financial Times' Music Critic. Tickets £4. On 2-4 Apr, VLV's 3-day conference What Future For Public Service Broadcasting? at London's RSA includes a welcome address by Paul Wright, Head of the Department of National Heritage's Broadcasting & Film Division. Tickets £220/£100 concessions (0474-352835) ***** Radio 3 has a new weekly ten-part documentary series on the American Bluebird jazz label of the 40s, starting Tue 9 Mar at 4.3Oprn, repeated Thu 10.15pm ***** New blood and local talent? Star FMVWindsor, launching in May, begins to look remarkably like County Sound/Guildford before it was bought by Allied Radio. Star's Chief Executive (and ex-County Sound MD) Mike Powell has appointed three similar exiles. Ex-Deputy PD Paul Dwens becomes Director of Presentation & Music, while ex-Head of News Valerie Handley and ex-Sales Director Alan Keen take up identical positions. Capital's MS&M saleshouse has been contracted ***** Buzz fPI/Birmingham has re-introduced local news with reporters Charlie Jordan and Sybil Fennell, wife of the station's MD/PD The Radio Authority has awarded the first of its five regional licences, covering the Severn Estuary, to Chiltern Radio Group's dance music formatted Galaxy Radio. Galaxy RADIO WAVES ChFis Cary ***** Heritage Secretary Peter Brooke told a VLV debate that he had so far received 4500 responses to the Green Paper on the BBC, but only seven from organisations ***** Sandy Warr, of Capital/London's evening news show The Way It Is, ]OlnS BBC GLR to co-present drivetime with Nick Herbert ***** NTL bas won transmission contracts for 32 ILR statious, worth £1.3m a year ***** Out of all the available newsreaders, why does !RN employ one with a lisp OD the weekend shift who baffles the whole UK audience with stories about "teworwists" planting bombs in "wubbish bins"? ***** Midland Bank is sponsoring Atlantic 252's CashCall in which £1000 prizes are given away twelve times a day, seven days a week ***** Not your average radio listener? Extolling the virtues of BBC Network Radio, MD Liz Forgan cited ''Nigerian calypso from Andy Kershaw on Radio 1." Baffled musicologists should note Forgan's admittance that she has "a lifetime of Radios 1, 2 and 5 to catch up on" ***** Legendary unlicensed London community station JBC/Harlesden has returned with full weekend programming, following more than a year of sporadic tests ***** How far would you go to win the daily £10.47 prize on Island 104.7 fPI/Guernsey's breakfast show sticker patrol? Workmates of Ian Champion heard his registration number read out on air, but knew he was on the ferry to Herm, so they unscrewed his number plates and took them to the station to claim his prize by the 6pm deadline ***** Black community stations Choice fPI/Brixton and WNK/Wood Green are unhappy that the LATE NEWS currently holds the incremental licence for the Bristol area, which it bought from original licence applicant FTP. In other areas, Essex Radio has been re-awarded both AM and UK distributor of Spike Lee's new film X has decided to advertise it exclusively on nss fPI/I.ondon. Choice MD Patrick Berry is arguing with Warner Brothers that his station is "a victim of perception" and is "consequently facing much of the unfairness Malcolm X sought to highlight." WNK MD Joe Douglas says: "We would be justified in calling for a boycott" ***** BBC Radio Light Entertainment needs Trainee Producers and a Script Editor (071-927-4492) ***** Pepys Radio Training Centre in Deptford needs a Centre Co-ordinator and Studio Assistant (081-695-6000 x40OB) ***** Too much cheatin' lyin' cryin' an' dyin'? A new study by Auburn University, Alabama concludes that "in cities where there are a large number of country music radio stations, you will also find a high suicide rate" ***** Top Washington DC morning DJ Donnie Simpson. leaving black music station WKYS for rival WPGC fPI with a six-year deal and $lm salary, commented: "I hope t4is serves notice that we can all be paid. There's no half-price sale on minorities" ***** Billboard magazine reports the latest radio promotion idea to catch fire at American stations. Lock four listeners in a brand new car, disallow books or Walkmans, let them go to the bathroom every three hours, insist that everything that enters the car, such as food and wrappers, must stay inside, and give the car to whoever sticks it out the longest. KDWB/Kinneapolis' version, named "B.O. Sphere", ran 28 days before a (somewhat smelly) winner emerged! ***** FM licences in Essex, which were uncontested. And Northsound Radio has won both AM and FM licences for Aberdeen. Full details next week. RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 f radio news 1993 page 3
  4. 4. RADIO DIARY 9 MAR SCARBOROUGH closing date for new licence serving 65,000 adults on AM or FM. Info: Radio Authority 10 MAR WHAT FUTURE FOR FARMING &RURAL PROGRAMMES? debate at Abbey Centre, London SW1 2-4.30pm, £10. Voice Of The Listener &Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 16 MAR WHAT FUTURE FOR LIVE MUSIC? debate at Committee Room, House of Commons 6-7.3Opm. Voice Of The Listener &Vi~wer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 16 MAR NORTHWEST ENGLAND closing date for new regional FM licence serving 4.3 million adults. Info: Radio Authority 18 MAR FOCUS ON RADIO (2) debate on Speech Radio at BT Conference Centre, Newgate Street, London EC1. Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 2/3/4 APR WHAT FUTURE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING? - A GLOBAL ENQUIRY FOR LISTENERS &VIEWERS conference in London. Voice Of The Listener &Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 6 APR COVENTRY closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 620,000 and 530,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 6 APR DUNDEE/PERTH closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM services serving 280,000 and 240,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 20 APR FOCUS ON RADIO (3) debate on music radio at BT Conference Centre, Newgate Street, London EC1. Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 19/20/21/22 APR NAB 93 organised by the National Association of Broadcasters at the has Vegas Convention Centre. Info: 202-429-5350 20 APR LONDONDERRY closing date for new local FM licence serving 100,000 adults. Info: Radio Authority 30 APR VIRGIN RADIO launches nationally on 1215 AM 4 MAY NORTHEAST ENGLAND closing date for new regional FM licence serving 1.9m adults. Info: Radio Authority 4 MAY PETERBOROUGH closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM services serving 575,000 and 225,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 11 MAY WHAT ABOUT THE WORKERS? (3) at BBC Pebble Mill, Birmingham. Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 1 JUN BOURNEMOUTH closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 460,000 and 450,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 1 JUN BRISTOL closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM services serving 1.01m and 610,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 1 JUR CARDIFF closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 370,000 and 550,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 1 JUN NEWPORT closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 360,000 and 190,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 8 JUN LONDON closing date for applications for four AM and four FM services, six of which are re-advertisements and two of which are new, serving 5.8m to 7.5m adults. Info: Radio Authority 25 JUN APRS 93 at Olympia 2, London 12 JUL COMMUNITY RADIO - TRAINING GROUND? pre-Radio Festival conference on training, run jointly with the Community Radio Association. Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 13/14 JUL RADIO FESTIVAL at International Convention Centre, Birmingham. Info: Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London WIA 4SZ tel:071-323-3837 AIRMAIL PRINTED PAPER RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLE~LX HAl 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1993 page 4