'Radio News: No. 14, 12 February 1993' by Grant Goddard


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Issue no. 14, dated 12 February 1993, of 'Radio News' weekly newsletter for the UK radio broadcasting industry, written and published by Grant Goddard in February 1993.

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'Radio News: No. 14, 12 February 1993' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. RRRRRRRRR 1IA11111111111111 DOODDD ill <XXXlOOOOO fOOl fOOl EEEEEEEF.F. 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Atlantic achieved 12% weekly reach in its survey area of 31m adults comprising 70% of the country, whilst Classic scored 9% across the whole OK only months after launch. In its key 15-34 age group, Atlantic achieved a remarkable 20% reach, which makes it "the premier station targeting 15-34 year olds outside London", accocding to MD Travis Baxter. Only three years ago, the Irish station was branded a "pirate" at launch by some elements within UK commercial radio, yet now it is participating in the industry's audience research for the first time and has recently joined the Radio Advertising Bureau. It seems as if the "outcast" Atlantic has finally been accepted into the Establishment. "People keep saying this to me and I find it very worrying," laughs Baxter. "It's always been our case that we wanted to contribute to OK commercial radio. 1 know a few people had a bit of a problem with that at the start, but it's fairly clear that those feelings have now gone and we're able to play our full role as part of the commercial radio sector in the OK. And we 're still banging on about the principles we've been banging 00 about for three years flOW, which are: get audience off the BBC, increase commercial radio's share of listening, get new advertisers to buy radio and get current advertisers to spend more. It's far better if we're all doing this together." The successes of Atlantic 252 and Classic FM, together with the impending launch of Virgin Radio, seem to indicate that national radio's "day" has arrived. "1 think it's exciting," says Baxter, "because clearly, with Virgin on, we could see national radio reaching more than 12m listeners a week before the end of this year, quite easily. If that happens, it really is a completely new opportunity for advertisers to get to grips with." And some ILR stations are having their complacency shaken by the new competition. "1 do think the OK market is changing. A lot of the ILR stations have been monopoly operators in single markets, and competition is increasing for them. The new stations understand competition from the outset, because they have had to compete to get into a market where there already are commercial operators. People currently operating have, over the last few years, been learning a new game, but the new guys came in knowing that was the game they had to play. There's a re-orientation of what's going on in the market and that's pretty exciting." BBC/ILR. .... DIFFER.ENT WAVELENGTH .... BBC local radio will continue to increase its emphasis on speech, according to MD of BBC Regional Broadcasting Ronald Neil, putting it on "a different wavelength" to commercial radio. He said that "analysts predict ILR will be even more dominated by pop/gold music with less and less speech, and less and less of it of local relevance." Addressing an audience of BBC managers, Neil said that his local stations will provide a comprehensive, in-depth news service throughout the whole day, not just at key listening points. "Backing up the / straight news service must be output that puts flesh on the hard news," he insisted. ''More extended reports and interviews on the big stories that really do affect people's lives at local level - the Council Tax, health reforms, education, benefits, transport and a hundred others . These are not dry dusty subjects that make listeners turn off. These matters are at the heart of everyone's daily lives." But Neil stressed that news must not be the only programming attraction: "Local Radio should increasingly provide a really strong local sports service covering local teams and a wide range of local leisure activities. And of course we musn't undervalue the importance of other core information services - traffic, travel and local weather will continue to make it the comprehensive local service." He warned his staff: ''No radio station in future will pass muster by simply hitting speech quotas. The 100% [speech content] is much much more than that. It is the underpinning of a philosophy for BBC Local Radio for the rest of this century." RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HAl 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1993 page 1
  2. 2. LBC & REPRIMANDED LBC/London and Sunrise East Midlands/Leicester have each had three listener complaints about their programming upheld by the Radio Authority, as have eight additional ~laints about stations' conrnercials. LBC presenter and Sun newspaper columnist Richard Littlejohn was the subject of two complaints, for describing the Royal Family as "a tax evading bunch of adulterers", and for conrnenting "I'm no Royalist - I'd string ,em all up tanorrow." The other LBC complaint concerned a listener's dissatisfaction with a £15 postal reading by the station's guest psychic. The complaints against Sunrise East Midlands concerned a phone-in host who failed to maintain impartiality, having interrupted and argued with callers who did not share his viewpointj an evening presenter's story about police discovering that a car emanating a buzzing noise had a vibrator inserted in its exhaust pipej and the uncensored broadcast of a male caller to the afternoon request show who addressed the female DJ as ''bitch....bastard." The advertising complaints involved a station's promotion of the Fastrack Music service outside of cooroercial breaks; a property company whose claim to be "the premier agent11 was disputedj a computer ccxnpany that falsely claimed to manufacture its own equipment; a used car dealer's "incredible offers"j a furniture dealer's "one-off" weekend sale that LEEDS 2 SOUTHEND Two applicants have bid for the re-advertised AM/FM Leeds licences - present incumbent Trans World Communications (operating as Aire FM and Magic 828) and The Voice Of Yorkshire group led by Christopher Price and Victor Watson. The sole bidder for the re-advertised Southend/Chelmsford AM/FM licences is incumbent Essex Radio (operating as Essex Radio and Breeze AM). The Radio Authority has also announced plans to RADIO DIAR.Y was repeated the next weekendj a carpet shop's offer of free fitting that was not freej and sexual innuendos contained in ads for a balloon company called Blow Job and a cash &carry store. Twenty-four of the fifty-seven programming complaints received by the Authority in 1992's final quarter concerned Sunrise East Midlands, the Asian service owned by Midlands Radio, whose programming is contracted to Sunrise Radio/Hounslow. Several complaints, including two from local MPs, referred to a dispute between the station and Geet Radio who had operated Leicester's first full-time Asian station as a Restricted Service Licensee illlnediately prior to Midlands' launch of its own similar service. 1 licence a cross-Channel motorway to next week. new FM station for travellers on the M20 Folkestone. Full details 15 FER RADIO ACADEMY DINNER in the company of John Drummond with introduction by David Hellor at The Council Chambers, Broadcasting House, London Wl . 6. 3Opm. £35.25 members/£47 non-members . Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 16 fEE FOCUS ON RADIO (1) debate on BBC Green Paper at RSA, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ. £11.75. Info: 'fhe Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 17 fEE WHAT FUTURE FOR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMES? debate at Abbey Centre, London SWl 10.30am-4.30pm, £35. Voi ce Of The Listener &Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 24 fEE THE GREEN PAPER & THE FUTURE OF THE BBC seminar at Committee Room 14, House Of Commons, 5-6.3Opm with Heritage Minister Peter Brooke. £4. Voice Of The Listener & Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 2 ~ LUTON/BEDFORD closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 1.03m and 0.68m adults respectively . Info: Radio Authority 2 ~ NORTHAMPTON closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 540,000 and 320,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 2 ~ AYR closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM services serving 510,000 and 220,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 3/4/5/6 MAR 24TH ANNUAL COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR at Opryland Hotel & Convention Centre, Nashville, USA. Country Radio Broadcast.ers Inc. tel: 0101-615-327-4487 3 ~ RADIO ACADEMY MUSIC CONFERENCE at The Brewery, London ECl. £116.32. Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ . tel: 071-323-3837 9 ~ SCARBOROUGH closing date for new licence serving 65,000 adults on AM or FM. Info: Radio Authority 10 MAR WHAT FUTURE FOR FARMING &RURAL PROGRAMMES? debat.e at Abbey Centre, London SW1 2-4 .3Opm, £10. Voice Of The Listener &Viewer, 1U1 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ t el: 0474-352835 16 ~ WHAT FUTURE FOR LIVE MUSIC? debate at. Committee Room, House of Commons 6-7.30pm. Voice Of The Listener &Viewer, 101 Kings Drive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ t el: 0474-352835 16 ~ NORTHWEST ENGLAND closing date for new regional FM licence serving 4.3 million adults. Info: Radio Authority 18 MAR FOCUS ON RADIO (2) debate on Speech Radio at BT Conference Centre, Newgate St reet, London EC1. Into: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London WIll, 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 2/3/4 APR WHAT FUTURE FOR PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING? - A GLOBAL ENQUIRY FOR LISTENERS &VIEWERS conference in London. Voice Of The Listener &Viywer, 101 Kings D~ive, Gravesend, Kent DA12 5BQ tel: 0474-352835 6 !PR COVENTRY closing date for licence re-applications for AM & FM services serving 620,000 and 530,000 adults respectively. Info: Radio Authority 6 APR DUNDEE/PERTH closing date for licence re-applications for AM &FM services serving 280,000 and 240,000 adults ~espectively. Info: Radio Authority 20 APR FOCUS ON RADIO (3) debate on music radio at BT Conference Centre, Newgate Street, London EC1 . Info: The Radio Academy, PO Box 4SZ, London W1A 4SZ Tel: 071-323-3837 19/20/21/22 APR NAB 93 organised by the National Association of Broadcasters at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Info: 202-429-5350 20 APR LONDONDERRY closing date for new local FM licence se~ving 100,000 adults. Into: Radio Authority RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HAl 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1993 page 2
  3. 3. Following its positive RAJAR result, Jazz F!! took a fuB-page advert in London's &vening Standard to proclaim that "Marvin Gaye, Muddy Waters and BB King can make nearly as many people put on Jazz FM as they can a pair of Levi's." But don't these three musicians have as much to do with jeans as they do with jazz? ***** If ever there was proof that the public wants more legal radio, look at RAJAR's revelation that 4%of the UK's listening is to "other" stations. These are "either the BBC World Service, or pirates, or local stations outside the listeners' own area," says RAJAR's Roger Gane. "It was a higher figure than anticipated" ***** Commenting on Choice FM/Brixton's successful gamble to extend its survey area north of the Thames, MD Patrick Berry says: "It's no surprise to us. We ran a big competition on air last summer and found that almost half of the entries came from people living outside our original survey area" ***** Invicta F!!/Whitstable is asking listeners to ''make a wish" and choose their own competition prizes. A trip to Chicago is already up for grabs ***** Folk Roots magazine editor Ian Anderson is presenting a new world music show World Routes on Jazz F!!/London Sundays 6-7pm ***** Radio should take issue with MTV Europe MD Bill Roedy's comment that his TV station "already has a bigger influence on UK music-buying habits than any other medi um." MTV Europe has at most 2.7m subscribers in the OK, while Radio 1 has 16.6m listeners and ILR 20.6m ***** Polydor MD Jirnmy Devlin delivers the keynote opening address at The Radio Academy's Music Radio RADIO WAVES Conference on 3 March. The Academy has also announced "Pete Waterman In New Partnership With John Reith", perhaps proving that PWL can create a hit for just about anyone, even if they've heen dead for half a century ***** Broadcast equipment supplier ASC has published a new illustrated 77-page price list essential for anyone involved in studios (0734-811000) ***** Spain's Alfonso Ruiz de Assin succeeds !IRC's Brian West as President of the Association of European Radio. West remains on the executive committee and chairs AER's Advertising Group, while Radio Clyde's James Gordon remains Chairman of the Copyright Group ***** Radio's first nose job spot? ~/Thamesrnead is listing vacancies at Sidcup Hospital for minor operations ***** The Broadcasting Standards Council has dismissed listeners' complaints against Radio 4 of alleged "colourful language" in the serial Georgy Girl, blasphemy in the play Randle 's Scandals and an offensive joke about Madonna in I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue ***** QEFM's latest brainwave is Satellite Radio Blues which is not a history of the station, but an uninterrupted black music channel ***** Excellent London black music pirate station F!! celebrates its second birthday with a megabash this weekend ***** Island F!!/Guernsey announces the arrival of new digital technology, making it "the first radio station in the British Isles t o be able t o receive their commercials LIVE FROM MANCHESTER", screams the press release. How useful! ***** After nine years on-air, but only eleven months before the first of its three ) licences are re-advertised, Signal Radio ends simulcasting with the launch of oldies Signal Gold/Stoke on AM. Signal/Stafford becomes a breakfast opt-out of Signal/Stoke on FM and Signal Cheshire continues in Stockport and Congleton on FM. PD John Evington presents breakfast on the Gold service ***** Voice Of The Viewer & Listener hold a seminar The Green Paper & The Future Of The BBC 24 Feb 5-6.3Opm at The House Of Commons with National Heritage Minister Peter Brooke, tickets £3. The seminar What Future For Live Music? has heen rescheduled to 16 Mar and speakers include producer George Martin (0474-352835) ***** IFM launches a Black or Asian Trainee Presenter Initiative (071-580-4468 x4039) ***** BBC Radio H1Bherside needs a Daytime Sequence Editor for its mid-morning and drivetime shows (0482-23232) ***** RTM/Thamesmead needs Sales Consultants (081-311-3112) ***** BBC World Service needs a Production Assistant in its Romanian Section (071-257-2948) ***** Choice F!!/Brixton needs a Receptionist and a Senior Sales Person (071-738-7969). Get well soon! to the station's breakfast DJ Angie Greaves, in hospital having her tonsils removed ***** New BBC Network Radio boss Liz Forgan has written to staff asking: "Please treat my office like Waterloo Station." What? And beg for money like the dossers there do? ***** American female shock jock Randi Rhodes "The Holy Toilet" used a roving mic to entertain listeners with her visit to the ladies room, complete with appropriate noises! ***** RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1993 page 3
  4. 4. lIREA BAND TSA ADVERTISED CLOSED BIDS AWARD WINNER FORMAT ON AIR FREQUENCY NATIONAL LICENCES ..~ National AM speeeh Spring 95 1053/1089AM National AM 41m 4 Feb 92 5 13 May 92 VlRGl1f RADIO rock 30 Apr 93 1215 AM REGIONAL LICENCES NE England FM 1,900,000 22Jan93 4 May 93 1 Sep 94 NW England FM 4,300,000 8 Dee 92 16 Mar 93 1 Sep 94 Severn Estuary FM 1,600,000 30 Sep 92 5 Jan 93 5 1 Sep 94 RE-ADVERTISED LOCAL LICENCES Peterborough AM 575,000 4 Feb 93 4 May 93 1 Jan 95 1332 AM Peterborough FM 225,000 4 Feb 93 4 May 93 1 Jan 95 102.7 FM Coventry AM 620,000 7 Jan 93 6 Apr 93 1 Jan 95 1359 AM Coventry FM 530,000 7 Jan 93 6 Apr 93 1 Jan 95 97/102.9 FM Dundee/Perth AM 280,000 7 Jan 93 6 Apr 93 1 Jan 95 1161/1584AM Dundee/Perth FM 240,000 7 Jan 93 6 Apr 93 1 Jan 95 96.4/102.8FM Ayr AM 510,000 4 Dee 92 2 Mar 93 16 Oet 94 1035 AM Ayr ~'M 220,000 4 Dee 92 2 Mar 93 16 Oet 94 96.9 FM Northampton AM 540,000 2 Dee 92 2 Mar 93 15 Oet 94 1557 AM Northampton FM 320,000 2 Dee 92 2 Mar 93 15 Oct 94 96.6 FM Luton/Bedford AM 1,030,000 2 Dee 92 2 Mar 93 15 Oct 94 792/828 AM Luton/Bedford FM 680,000 2 Dee 92 2 Mar 93 15 Oct 94 96.9/97.6FM Leeds AM 1,230,000 4 Nov 92 9 Feb 93 2 1 Sep 94 828 AM Leeds FM 770,000 4 Nov 92 9 Feb 93 2 1 Sep 94 96.3 FM Southend/Chlmsfd AM 1,530,000 6 Nov 92 9 Feb 93 1 12 Sep 94 1431/1359AM Southend/Chlmsfd FM 770,000 6 Nov 92 9 Feb 93 1 12 Sep 94 96.3/102.6FM Aberdeen AM 230,000 8 Oet 92 12 Jan 'f3 3 29 Jul 94 1035 AM Aberdeen FM 230,000 8 Oct 92 12 Jan 93 1 29 Jul 94 96.9 FM AIRMAIL PRINTED PAPER RADIO NEWS PO BOX 514 HARROW MIDDLESEX HA1 4SP tel 081 427 6062 fax 081 861 2694 ~ radio news 1993 page 4