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'Dub Albums On Vinyl' by Grant Goddard


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List of reggae dub albums (including instrumental and version albums) released on vinyl, written by Grant Goddard in December 1995.

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'Dub Albums On Vinyl' by Grant Goddard

  1. 1. DUB ALBUMS ON VINYL by GRANT GODDARD December 1995
  2. 2. .357 Magnum Dub: Techniques 1st, 2nd, 3rd Generation Of Dub [Tubby/Jammy/Scientist]: KG Imperial KGLP 002 20th Century DEBwise [DEB Players]: DEB Music DEBLP 06 A Dub Experience [Sly & Robbie]: Island IRG 7: Sly & Robbie A New Chapter Of Dub [Aswad]: Island ILPS 9711: Aswad & Michael Campbell A Touch Of Dean [Dean Fraser]: Hawkeye A1 Dub [Morwell Unlimited]: Trojan TRLS 193 Africa Must Be Free By 1983 Dub[Hugh Mundell]: Rockers DSR 8211: Augustus Pablo African Anthem - The Mikey Dread Show Dubwise: Cruise CRUZ 001 African Dub Chapter 2: Joe Gibbs ETADV2: Joe Gibbs African Dub Chapter 3: Joe Gibbs DSR 3734: Joe Gibbs African Dub Chapter 4: Joe Gibbs JGML 8042: Joe Gibbs African Dub: Lightning LIP 10: Joe Gibbs African Rub A Dub: Studio One SOLP 0133 Agrovators Meet Revolutionaries At Channel One: Third World TWS 900 Agrovators Meet Revolutionaries Part 2: Micron MICCAN 005 Ah Who Seh Go Deh [4th Street Orchestra]: Rama RM 001: Dennis Bovell Allied Dub Selection [Scientist/Papa Tads]: Tads TRDLP 10180 Aquarius Dub: Aquarius Baby Dub: Phil Babylon Destruction [Overnight Players]: ChaCha CHALP 008 Bag O Wire: Klik KLP 9007 Baldhead Justice [Fatman Riddim Section]: Top Ranking Better Dub: Studio One Beware Dub [Prophets]: Grove GMLP 4 Big Showdown 1980 [Prince Jammy/Scientist]: Greensleeves GREL 10 Bionic Dub: Studio One Black Ark In Dub [Black Ark Players]: Starlight BALP 400 Black Ash Dub [Sly & Revolutionaries]: Trojan TRLS 186: Jah Thomas Black Foundation Dub: Burning Sounds BS 1023: Gussie Black Horn Man [Dean Fraser]: Joe Gibbs JGML 6420 Black Unity [Bobby Ellis] Black World Dub: Bala Black World Dubwise: Bullwackies Blackboard Jungle Dub: Upsetters LP 0115: Lee Perry Blazing Horns [Tommy McCook/Bobby Ellis]: Grove GMLP 002: Yabby U Blowing With The Wind: Greensleeves GREL 149: Augustus Pablo Bobby Ellis Meets The Revolutionaries & Professionals: Third World TWS 921 Bobby Kalphat Dub Style (Zion Hill) Brain Damage [Dennis Bovell]: Phonogram 6627001 Brand: Brand BRD 001: Keith Hudson Brass Rockers [Tommy McCook/Agrovators]: Lagoon LG 1-1009: Bunny Lee Bunny Lee Presents Agrovators In Super Dub Disco Style: Jamaica Sound JSLP 013 Burning Dub [Revolutionaries]: Burning Vibrations BV 1010 LP Cancer Dub [I Roy]: Front Line FLX 4001 Champion Of The Arena [Jackie Mittoo]: Jackpot 4966/Third World TDWD 5 Changes Dubwise [Mighty Diamonds] Chanting Dub [Augustus Pablo]: Rockers City Of The Weak Heart Dub [Earl Zero]: E-E Saw EWLP 301: ABC Cloak And Dagger: Black Art TSLP 9001: Lee Perry Close Encounters With the Third World [Creation Rebel]: Hit Run APLP 9008 Commandments Of Dub: Rough Trade ROUGH 80: Jah Shaka Concrete Jungle: Concrete Jungle CJDPLP: Winston Riley Confrontation In Dub [Fatman/Shaka]: Live & Love Contempo Jade [Black Jade] Cookin’ [Tommy McCook/Agrovators]: Horse HRLP 706: Bunny Lee Creation Dub [Jah Clarke]: City Line Creation Dub: Wackies SENTA 0041: Bala Productions Creation Of Dub [Bunny Lee]: Total Sounds Crucial Dub: Earthquake Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 2
  3. 3. Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1 [Prince Fari/Arabs]: Hit Run APLP 9002 Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 2 [Prince Fari/Arabs]: Front Line FLX 4002 Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3 [Prince Fari/Arabs]: Daddy Kool DKLP 15 Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 4 [Prince Fari/Arabs]: Trojan TRLS 205 Cultural Dub [Revolutionaries]: Germain Cultural Dub [Sylvan Morris]: Harry J HJLP 8709 Cultural Dub: Harry J Cultural Roots - Revolutionary Sounds: Germain Cultural Roots Dub: Germain Culture In Dub: Sky Note SKYLP 16: Sonia Pottinger Dance A Dub [Junior Delgado]: Incredible Jux Dance Hall Style Dub [King Tubby]: Clocktower CTLP 0118 Dangerous Dub [King Tubby/Roots Radics]: Copasetic COPLP 5002 Dawn Of Creation [Revolutionaries]: Sagittarius SULP 03 Deeper Roots Dub [Mighty Diamonds]: Front Line FLD 6002: Joseph Hookim Dial M For Murder (In Dub Style): Express 5355 DIP Presents The Upsetters: DIP DLP 5026 Disco Dub [Sly & Robbie]: Gorgon/Sonic Sounds Don’t Underestimate The Force [Revolutionaries]: J&L JJ 049/LP 031 Double Dynamite [Dean Frazer/Willy Lindo]: Crystal 1008 Dread At The Controls Dub: Hawkeye HALP 001: Gussie Dread Lion Dub [Jah Lloyd]: His Majesty HM 1003 Dub Basket [Rupie Edwards]: Cactus CTLP 107 Dub Basket Chapter 2 [Rupie Edwards]: Cactus CTLP 117 Dub Classic: Success LP 175: Rupie Edwards Dub Conference [Winston Edwards]: Celuloid LTM 1025 Dub Conference At 10 Downing Street [Blackbeard]: Studio 16 WE 0010 Dub Conference Volume 1: Moodisc HM 108: Harry Mudie Dub Conference Volume 2: Moodisc HM 110: Harry Mudie Dub Conference Volume 3: Moodisc HM 112: Harry Mudie Dub Confrontation [Shaka/Fatman]: Live & Love LAP 12 Dub Disco Volume 1 [Bunny Wailer]: Solomonic Dub Disco Volume 2 [Bunny Wailer]: Solomonic Dub Duel [Crucial Bunny/Scientist]: Hawkeye HLP 008 Dub Explosion: Ethnic Fight Dub Expression [Revolutionaries]: High Note Dub Festival: Third World Dub From Creation [Creation Rebel]: HitRun APLP 9001: Adrian Dub From The Roots: Striker Lee TSL 106: Bunny Lee Dub Her Blouse And Skirt Vol 1 [Revolutionaries]: Germain/Revolutionary Sounds Dub Her Blouse And Skirt Vol 2 [Revolutionaries]: Germain/Revolutionary Sounds Dub Her Blouse And Skirt Vol 3 [Revolutionaries]: Germain/Rub-A-Dub Dub I: Micron Dub In Blood Dub Justice [Agrovators]: Attack ATLP 110: Bunny Lee Dub Landing Volume 2 [Prince Jammy/Scientist]: Starlight SDLP 903 Dub Massacre Part 4 [Twinkle Brothers]: Twinkle NG 515: Norman Grant Dub Masters Volume 1: Mango MLPM 1001: Jah Shaka/various Dub Me [Morwell Esquire]: Morwell Dub Me Crazy Part 11: Ariwa ARILP 065: Mad Professor Dub Me Crazy Part 7: Ariwa ARILP 033: Mad Professor Dub Merchant: Dread At The Controls DATCLP 009: Mikey Dread Dub Planet Orbit 1 [Matumbi]: Extinguish MR 007 Dub Revolution [Bunny Lee] Dub Rockers Delight: Blue Moon BMLP 055: Robert Palmer Dub Sensation: Tropical Soundtracs Dub Store Special: Studio One Dub To Africa [Prince Fari/Arabs]: Hit Run APLP 9006 Dub War - Coxsone vs. Quaker City: Imperial IC 8016 Dub Wise (Morris In Dub) Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 3
  4. 4. Dubbing In The Back Yard [Agrovators]: Black Music BMLP 804 Dubbing In The UK: Starlight SDLP 902 Dubbing With The Observer [Observer/King Tubby]: Attack ATLP 1017 Dubbs International [Jah Bunny]: JAHLP 001 Dubwise Kouchie Wise [Mighty Diamonds]: Music Works Dutchman Dub [Revolutionaries]: Burning Vibrations BV 1002 Earth’s Rightful Ruler: Message 1005: Augustus Pablo Earthquake Dub/Event Dub: Joe Gibbs 008: Joe Gibbs/Ossie East Of The River Nile: Message DSR 0670: Augustus Pablo Eastman Dub [Tetrack]: Greensleeves GREL 109: Augustus Pablo Ecstacy Of Mankind - Carl Harvey Meets The Dub Master: Cancer CANLP 003:B Lee Escape From Hell: Stars TZ 007: Tappa Zukie Everlasting Dub: High Note Exodus Dub [Chalawa]: Micron MICCAN 008/Sky Note SKYLP 14 Exploded In Dub [Revolutionaries]: VJD 19 Far And Distant [Wilie Lindo]: Klik KLP 9019 Fatal Dub [Revolutionaries]: Ballistic 12” Fatman Dub Contest [Crucial Bunny/Prince Jammy]: Stars Fatman Riddim Section Featuring Touter: Top Ranking Fatman Riddim Section Meets Downtown Horns At Channel 1: Top Ranking TR 791 Fighting Dub [Skin Flesh & Bones]: Jama Foundation In Dub: Jah Works JW 005L: Rej Forte Freedom Fighters Dub: [Force Of Music]: Ballastic UAG 30190 Gamblers Choice [Sly & Robbie]: Taxi/Sonic Sounds Gangster [Detonators]: Burning Rockers BR 1008 Garvey’s Ghost [Burning Spear]: Island ILPS 9382: Jack Ruby Ghetto-ology Dub [Sugar Minott]: Black Roots BR 2000 Gladdy Unlimited [Gladstone Anderson]: Moodisc HM 109 Glen Brown Plays Music From The East: Fashion FADLP 014: Gussie P Go Deh Wid Riddim [Sly & Revolutionaries]: Crystal 1004: Derrick Harriott God Sent Dub [Royal Rasses]: Pre 1 Gold Connection [Harold Butler]: Charmers Goldmine Dub [Revolutionaries]: Greensleeves GREL 4 Grass Roots [Winston Wright]: Third World TWS 922: Bunny Lee Grass Roots Dub Green Bay Dub [Revolutionaries]: Burning Vibrations BV 1004 Green Mango [Tommy McCook/Bobby]: Attack ATLP 1004 Groovy Joe [Jo Jo Bennett & Mudies All Stars]: Moodisc HM 133: Harry Mudie Guerilla Dub [Agrovators/Revolutionaries]: Burning Sounds BS 1028 Gun Court Dub: Soulbeat SBLP 002: BB Seaton Harder Na Rass [Rasses]: Ballistic LPR 1031: Prince Lincoln Thompson Harvest Uptown - Famine Downtown [Soul Syndicate]: Epiphany EPLP 101 Headache/Bellyache [Revolutionaries]: Island IPR 2024 (12”): Channel One Heart Of The Ark [Lee Perry]: Seven Leaves SLLP 1 Heavy Dub [Revolutionaries] Heavy Dub: Randy’s Heavyweight Dub [Fatman Riddim Section]: Top Ranking Heavyweight Dub Champion [Scientist]: Greensleeves GREL 13 Herb Dub - Collie Dub: Jigsaw JS 004: Harry J/King Tubby Herbs Of Dub: DIP PFDL 1001: Jah Lloyd Hi-Fashion Dub: Studio One Hooligan Dub [Revolutionaries] Hooligan Style Dub: Ja Man Hot Blood [Jackie Mittoo]: Third World TWS 912: Bunny Lee Hot Lava [Tommy McCook]: Third World TWS 920: Bunny Lee I Came I Saw I Conquered: Micron/Channel One/JJ LP 029 I Wah Dub: More Cut RDC 2002: Dennis Bovell In Cold Blood [Jackie Mittoo]: Third World TWS 931: Bunny Lee In Moonlight City [Augustus Pablo]: Sufferers Heights SUFF 004 In The Kingdom Of Dub [Scientist]: Kingdom KVL 9004 Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 4
  5. 5. In The Light Dub [Horace Andy]: Hungry Town HT 1179: Everton daSilva Instrumental [Tommy McCook]: Justice JUSLP 07/Third World Instrumental Explosion: Diamond DMLP 401 International Rocker [Ethnic Fight Band] Introducing - The Best Dub Album In the World [Scientist]: JB Music JBLP 004 Israel Tafari [Fatman Riddim Section/Israel Vibration]: Top Ranking TRS 4 It May Sound Silly [Gladstone Anderson]: Ashanti SHAN 103: Harry Mudie It’s Not Too Late [Willie Lindo]: Village VR 001 Ital Dub [Augustus Pablo]: Trojan TRLS 115: Tommy Cowan/Warrick Lyn Ital Dub: Studio One Ital Talk - Liquid Talk [Mabrak]: Jigsaw JS 005/Different GETA 101 Ja Man Dub [Revolutionaries] Jackie Mittoo Presents Romantic Reggae: Total Sounds Ja-Gan [Harold Butler]: Trojan TRLS 112: Harry Johnson Jah Jah Dub [Joe White]: Roosevelt/Harry J Jam Love Dub: Wackies Jammies In Lion Dub Style [Agrovators]: Live & Love LAP 004: Bunny Lee Java Java Dub: Impact REBEL 1: Clive Chin Johnny In The Echo Chamber [Johnny Clarke]: Attack ATLP 006: Bunny Lee Jonkanoo Dub [Revolutionaries]: ChaCha CHALP 005: Channel One Juks Dub Volume 1: Studio One Juks Dub Volume 2: Studio One Jump The Fence [Winston Wright]: Third World TWS 923: Bunny Lee Kamakazi Dub [Prince Jammy]: Trojan TRLS 174: Prince Jammy Kaya Dub [Agrovators]: Third World TWS 939 Kick A Dub Killer Dub [Inner Circle]: Top Ranking Sounds DSR 5620: Inner Circle King At The Controls [King Tubby] King David’s Melody: Alligator AL 8307: Augustus Pablo King Of Dub: Clocktower CTLP 0101 King Of The Dub Rock Part 2 [Lloydie Coxsone]: Regal RLP 001 King Of The Dub Rock Part 3 [Lloydie Coxsone] King Of The Dub Rock: Safari SFA 100: Lloydie Coxsone King Tubby - The Dubmaster: Clocktower LPCT 0091 King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown: Clocktower CT 085: Augustus Pablo King Tubby Meets The Agrovators At Dub Station: Live & Love LALP 02: Bunny Lee King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub: Fay Music FMLP 304 King Tubby Presents The Roots Of Dub: Clocktower CT 084 King Tubby Surrounded By The Dreads At The National Arena: Studio 16 WE 102 King Tubby Versus Channel One: Bumb BUMLP 101: Bunny Lee King Tubby’s Controls [Agrovators]: Blue Moon BM 135: Clocktower King Tubby’s Prophesy Of Dub: Prophets IJ 8125: N Smith King Tubby’s Special 1973-1976: Trojan TRLD 409: Niney/Bunny Lee King’s Dub [Sly & Robbie]: Manzie LP 002 Kings & Queens Of Dub: Tamoki Wambesi TWLP 1017: Roy Cousins Kool Roots Dub [Earth & Stone]: ChaCha CHADLP 007 [2nd of 2LP set] Kung Fu Meets The Upsetter: DIP DLPD 6002: Upsetter Leggo Ah Fe We Dis [4th Street Orchestra]: Rama RM 002: Dennis Bovell Leggo Dub: Cash & Carry Liberated Dub [Force Of Music]: Ballistic UAS 30229 Linton Kwesi Johnson In Dub: Island ILPS 9650: Linton Kwesi Johnson Living Dub [Burning Spear]: Pre PRELP 3 Lovers Rock [Tommy McCook]: Rootsman Lovers Rock Dub [Eargasm] Lovers Time [Tommy McCook]: Carl’s CR 1004 Magic Mirror Master Mix: Anachron AAS 9003: Lee Perry Majestic Dub: Laser LASL 3: Joe Gibbs Majestic Dub: Star PTPLP 1029: Bunny Lee Marcus Garvey Dub [Bag O Wire]: Roots Music International RMILP 03 Master Of Ceremony [Sly & Robbie]: Imperial IC 8018 Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 5
  6. 6. Mawamba Dub Volume 2: D-Roy DRLP 1008 Mawamba Dub: D-Roy DRLP 1001 Meditation Heights [Harold Butler]: Total Sounds Medley Dub: High Note SP 1100 Meet The People In A Lovers Dubbers Style: Black Roots BRLP 001: Sugar Minott Mellow Dub: Studio One Michael Prophet In Dub: Yabby U Michael Prophet Meet Scientist At Dub Station: Yabby U Mighty Three In Dub: April 8263 Mikey Dread At The Control Dubwise: Hawkeye HALP 002 Mixed Up Moods Dub [Fatman Riddim Section]: Top Ranking More Bones [Lee Perry] More Dub: Joe Gibbs More Scrubbing The Dub: Crystal A 1001: Derrick Harriott Music Explosion [Ethnic Fight Band]: Ethnic Fight EF 4444LP: Larry Lawrence Musical Bones [Lee Perry/Rico]: DIP DLP 6000 Musical Dub Attack [Revolutionaries] Musical Shark Attack Dub [Revolutionaries] Natty Locks Dub [King Tubby]: Fay Music FLP 2004 Nature’s Dub: Wackie’s LP 306 Negrea Love Dub: Trojan TRLS 153: Linval Thompson Never Get To Zion [Revolutionaries]: Trojan TRLS 165 Nuh Skin Up Dub [Keith Hudson]: Joint International Observation Of Life Dub [Observer/Page One]: Carib Gems CGLP 106 Ogima: TCD TCDLP 2: Black Slate One Step Dub [Junior Delgado]: Rockers: Augustus Pablo Original Rockers Volume 2: Rockers: Augustus Pablo Original Rockers: Greensleeves GREL 8: Augustus Pablo Orthodox Dub [D-Roy Band]: D-Roy MFLP 1001 Out Of One Man Come Many Dubs: Ethnic Fight EF 4416: Larry Lawrence Outernational Riddim [Revolutionaries/Roots Radics]: Burning Music FORM 1004 Outlaw Dub [Revolutionaries]: Trojan TRLS 169: Linval Thompson Phase One Dubwise: Phase One P 78 Pick A Dub: Mamba MAM 003: Keith Hudson Planet Mars Dub [Mighty Diamonds]: Front Line FL 1010: Karl Pitterson Pleasure Dub: Treasure Isle Present Arms In Dub [UB40]: DEP International LPSDEP 2 Presenting The Coxsone Affair: Tribes Man TM 005: Lloydie Coxsone Prince Jammy Destroys The Invaders: Greensleeves GREL 29 Prince Jammy Presents Strictly Dub: Jammy JD 1003 Psalms Of Dub [Jah Woosh] Pure Horn [Dean Fraser]: ChaCha CHALP 006 Radification [Roots Radics]: ChaCha CHADLP 12 Raggamuffin Dub [Junior Delgado]: Rockers: Augustus Pablo Raiders Of The Lost Dub: Mango MLPS 9705: various Randy’s Dub: Impact Ranglin Roots [Ernest Ranglin]: Water Lily/Aquarius ARCOLP 004 Rass Claat Dub: Grounation GROL 509: various Rasta Dub ‘76: Grounation GROL 507: Bunny Lee Rasta Dub ‘77 [Soul Syndicate]: Micron Rasta Dub 2000 [Revolutionaries] Rastafari In Dub [Ras Michael]: Top Ranking Raw Rub A Dub Inna Fashion: Top Notch TOPLP 001: Gussie P Reaction In Dub [Revolutionaries]: ChaCha CHALP 002: Joseph Hookim Rebel Dub: Third World TWLP 106: Count Shelley (A)/Keith Hudson (B) Rebel Rock: Third World TWLP 103: Count Shelley Rebel Vibrations [Creation Rebel]: Hit Run APLP 9004 Red Hot Dub [Elroy Bailey]: Burning Vibrations BV 1006 Reggae Bones [Lee Perry]: Upsetter Reggae Gi Dem Dub [Big Youth]: Negusa Nagast Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 6
  7. 7. Reggae In Jazz [Tommy McCook]: Eve EVLP 5004: B. Riley Reggae Sax Volume 1: Roots SRL 1009 Reggae Workshop: B&M Return Of Bones [Lee Perry] Return Of Pipecock Jackson [Lee Perry]: Black Star Liner BSLP 9002 Return Of The Super Ape [Lee Perry]: Upsetter/Lion Of Judah Return Of Wax [Lee Perry]: DIP DLP 6001 Revival [Revolutionaries]: ChaCha CHALP 14 Revival Dub - Roots Now [Revolutionaries]: Well Charge 354: Channel One Revolution Dub [Lee Perry]: Cactus CTLP 112 Revolution Dub [Revolutionaries]: High Note Revolutionaries Revolutionaries Meets Agrovators At Channel One: Third World TWS 900 Revolutionaries Sounds Volume 2: Ballistic UAK 30237 Revolutionaries Sounds: Well Charge 808: Joseph Hookim Revolutionary Dub: Trench Town TRELP 001 Revolutionary Sounds [Dean Fraser]: Revolutionary Sounds Rising Sun: Greensleeves GREL 90: Augustus Pablo Rock A Dub: Jamaica Sound JSLP 006: Bunny Lee Rockers Almighty Dub: Clocktower LPCT 0102: Brad Osbourne Rockers Carnival: Joe Gibbs JGML 8086: Joe Gibbs Rockers Comes East: Greensleeves GREL 106: Augustus Pablo Rockers Meets King Tubbys Ina Fire House: Shanachie 43001: Augustus Pablo Roots Dub Style [Roots Radics] Roots Dub: Studio 1: Coxsone Dodd Roots Dub: Winro Roots Man Dub: GG 032 Roots Radics Live At Channel One: Live & Love LAP 100: Jah Thomas Sample Dub: Studio One Satisfaction In Dub: Live & Love LAP 005 Satta Dub - Strictly Roots [Revolutionaries]: Well Charge CO 8044: Channel One Schizophrenic Dub: Ariwa ARILP 030: Mad Professor Scientific Dub [Scientist]: Clocktower LPCT 0119 Scientific Higher Ranking Dub [4th Street Orchestra]: Rama RMLP 006 Scientist - Crucial Cuts: Kingdom KVC 6004: Roy Cousins Scientist Dub Landing: Starlight SLD 901: Linval Thompson Scientist In Dub: Jah Guidance Scientist Meets The Roots Radics: Selena SLP 001 Scientist Meets The Space Invaders: Greensleeves GREL 19: Linval Thompson Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires: Greensleeves GREL 25 Scientist Wins The World Cup: Greensleeves GREL 37 Scientist Wins The World Cup: Greensleeves GREL 37: Junjo Lawes Scratch & Company Chapter 1 [Upsetters]: Clocktower LPCT 0114 Scrub A Dub [Derrick Harriott]: Crystal Scrub A Dub: Crystal Sensi Dub Volume 5 [Jah Shaka/Revolutionaries]: Original Music OMLP 021 Sensimilla Dub: Crystal 1009 Sentimental Dub [Revolutionaries]: Germain KR 016 Serious Dub: Island ILPS 9878: various Shalom Dub [Agrovators]: Klik KLP 9002 Showcase [Jackie Mittoo]: Jackpot Simple Sly Man [Sly Dunbar]: Front Line FL 1008: Sly Dunbar Sledgehammer Dub: Observer/Morpheus Slum In Dub: Burning Sounds BS 1051: Gregory Issacs Sly & Robbie Presents Tommy McCook: Carl’s CR 1006 Sly Wicked And Slick [Sly Dunbar]: Front Line FL 1042: Sly Dunbar/G. Chung Sly-Go-Ville [Sly Dunbar]: Island ILPS 9673: Sly & Robbie Soferno B In Dub 1980 Style: Soferno B SOFLP 001 Soul Man Dub [Junior Soul]: Burning Vibrations BV 1003 Star Wars Dub: Burning Sounds BS 1019 Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 7
  8. 8. Starship Africa [Creation Rebel]: 4D 4DLP 1: Adrian State Of Emergency: Joe Gibbs JG 006: Joe Gibbs Stepping Forward In Dub [Conscious Minds]: Forward 1703 Sticky Fingers [Chinner]: Third World TWS 924 Strictly Dub Wise: Tempus TEMLP 001: Dennis Bovell Strike Back [Prince Jammy/Scientist]: Trojan TRLS 210 Strong Like Samson [Linval Thompson]: Thompson Sounds LP 25 Super Ape: Island ILPS 9417: Lee Perry Superstar Disco Rockers [Tommy McCook/Agrovators]: Weed Beat WB 08 Surinam Dub [Easy]: Roots Music International RMI 079 Tapper Zukie In Dub: Stars SR 1000: Tapper Zukie Tell Your Friends About Dub [Tradition]: RCA PL 25169: David Tyrone The Best Dub Album In The World: Student/Ital STULP 1004 The Dub Factor [Black Uhuru]: Island MLPS 9756: Sly & Robbie The Keyboard King [Jackie Mittoo]: Third World TWS 501 The Legend [Augustus Pablo]: Atra ATRALP 1003 The Message Dubwise [Prince Buster]: Fab MS 7 The Roots Of Dub: Grounation GROL 502: Bunny Lee The Same Song Dub [Israel Vibration]: Top Ranking The Workers Speak To Their Slave Masters With Strike: Studio 16 WE 0011 This Is Augustus Pablo: Tropical ST 11214: Clive & Pat Chin Three The Hard Way [Scientist/Maxie/Barnabas]: Silver Camel SC 001 Thriller [Augustus Pablo]: Nationwide NW 003: E McLeod Tired To Lick Fe Weed Dub [Inner Circle] Top Ranking Dub Volume 1 [Revolutionaries]: Rootsman Top Ranking Dub Volume 2 [Revolutionaries]: Rootsman Tough Guys In Dub [Fatman Riddim Section]: Top Ranking Tradition In Dub: BPI BLP 8081: David Tyrone Train To Zion Dub: Tuff Gong Treasure Isle Dub Vol 1: Treasure Isle: Duke Reid Treasure Isle Dub Vol 2: Treasure Isle: Duke Reid Tribulation Dub [Fatman Riddim Section]: Top Ranking TRI 3244 Tuned In Willie Lindo Reggae: Joe Gibbs JGML 6012 Twelve Tribes Of Israel Uhuru In Dub [Black Uhuru]: CSA CSLP 2: Prince Jammy Umoja Dub [DEB Players]: DEB Music DEBLP 03 Unconquered Dub [Israel Vibration]: Daddy Kool Upset The Upsetter [King Tubby]: Live & Love LAP 15 Upsetter Presents Roast Fish Collie Weed & Cornbread: Black Ark/Lion Of Judah Val Bennett & The Upsetters: Carl’s CR 1010 Vital Dub [Revolutionaries]: Virgin V 2055: Joseph Hookim Wagon Of Dub - Scrictly Rockers [Fatman Riddim Section]: Top Ranking TRI 3242 War Is & Always [Soul Syndicate]: Epiphany ELP 3020 Wareika Dub [Rico]: Island/Ghetto Rockers PRELP 1 Weakheart Fade Away [Revolutionaries] Well Charge Dub Volume 2 [Revolutionaries] Word War III [Mikey Dread]: Dread At The Controls TNT 1: Mikey Dread Words In Dub [Jah Marcus/Phillip Fulwood]: WM 007 World At War [Scientist]: Black Ovation BOR 103 World War Dub Part 1 [Prince Hammer]: Hit Run APLP 9007 Yabby U Meets Sly & Robbie Along With Tommy McCook: WLN LP 001: Yabby U Yu Learn [4th Street Orchestra]: Rama RMLP 006: Dennis Bovell Zion Dub: Carl’s CR 1005 Zodiac Sounds: Studio One Grant Goddard is a media analyst / radio specialist / radio consultant with thirty years of experience in the broadcasting industry, having held senior management and consultancy roles within the commercial media sector in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. Details at Dub Albums On Vinyl ©1995 Grant Goddard page 8