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A description of the subscription consulting program. We've limited the outline to mobile consulting to serve as an example.

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Subscription enrollment

  1. 1. Profluent Consulting
  2. 2. What We Hear from Clients• Electronic Billing and PaymentMobile are complex• Pressing need to remain relevant tochanging demographic• Difficult to make decisions withoutunderstanding Industry trends andbest practices• Concerns around security• Where do I start? How do Iexecute this?
  4. 4. Multiple Variables = Increased RiskVariables20,000FI’s5RegulatoryBodiesHundredsofServiceProvidersMultipleCarriersShiftingRules,ParticipantsandTrendsLImitedVisibilityEmergingTechAlone these variables arenot challenging, buttogether the risk increasesincrementally.Mobile brings all of theseinto play
  5. 5. What Complexity?Multiple Mobile Platforms- (IOS , HTML5,Windows,Android, Symbian, Bada)Multiple EPayment ProvidersMultiple Payment options (Mobile Carrier, Bank,Credit Card, web originated) MultiplePayment ConfigurationsApp vs Mobile Optimized SiteContinually shifting rules, participants, paymentindustry trendsUnderstand best practices. Confusing Regulationsfrom 5 different entities.Multiple Configurations Security (QR,Text, Scan,Picture pay)differentiating between a trend and an event isdifficult-Developing the right configuration isimportantWhich payment option do I offer? How do Ideal with Multiple File Formats, remittancedata.Which of the two is the better choice andwhy?Durbin, CFPB, NACHA, PCI all of theregulation still applies-expertise is criticalLevel the playing fieldHow do we determine content andposition it for success and Security?
  6. 6. Challenges:• Technical Resource Limitations.• Multiple Mobile Platforms tochoose from.• Multiple Code Bases.• m-payments/commerce hasmultiple payment models.• Customer or Agent Centric?• The technology is ever evolving.• What has and has notworked
  7. 7. Let’s just look one aspect of e-payments to make a point.What’s Under the MobileUmbrella?
  8. 8. What’s Under the Mobile UmbrellaField/internalFacingCustomerFacingCustomer Self Service AndEfficiencyRelevance, self service and customer orientedapproachEfficiency and Customer Self serviceMobile App Full Website MobileOptimizedMobile App Full Website(Portal)MobileOptimizedCall CenterReduction ToolStart/stopserviceBill Pay Meter Read
  9. 9. The Need to RemainRELEVANT
  10. 10. Why is Mobile Payments Important to ImplementNow ?Three Reasons:>>> Momentum>>> Changing Demographics>>> Mobile has emerged as a critical user touch point(Internal and Customers)
  11. 11. Let’s start with the Phones:MomentumThis year was the first year that there were more smartphones in the market(50.4%) than basic devices.. (according to Nielsen’s)
  12. 12. ...And there’s more:MomentumIt took McDonald’s 46 Years to sell 100 Billion burgersIt took Apple 5 years and Android 3 to sell 100 Billion each (Based on MobileSquared Magazine’s research)
  13. 13. ...And little more:MomentumIt’s not just the Novelty of having the App... They’re Using the apps
  14. 14. The Changing DemographicTHE US POPULATION IS SHIFTING TO AYOUNGER DEMOGRAPHICCohort Dates ofBirthAge in 2015 Population(000s)% ofPopulationin 2015Matures Prior to 1946 70+ 31,169,269 9.7%Baby Boom 1946 to 1964 51 to 69 73,970,380 22.9%Generation X 1965 to 1980 35 to 50 66,155,427 20.5%GenerationY1981 to200015 to 34 86,105,837 26.7%GENERATION AS A PERCENT OF THE US POPULATION 2015F
  15. 15. The Shift in Demographics and 2015These are the people that are driving this change based on their preference of thismediumWhy does it matter?...... they are your next customers. Communicating to them ina way that is relevant to them.. helps make you relevant .. e.g.. Paypal ,,PageOnce are good examplesThe age group 25-44 are the largest users of Mobile Devices.48.7% based on aComscore study. And this demographic uses their Apps the most.
  16. 16. What Does theSubscription Provide?
  17. 17. DiscoveryDiscoveryDiscoveryDiscovery AnalysisAnalysisAnalysisAnalysis EducationEducationEducationEducationAvoiding PitfallsAvoiding PitfallsAvoiding PitfallsAvoiding Pitfalls Mobile DeploymentMobile DeploymentMobile DeploymentMobile DeploymentMaintenanceMaintenanceDevelopment Road-Development Road-mapping- Upgradesmapping- UpgradesMaintenanceMaintenanceDevelopment Road-Development Road-mapping- Upgradesmapping- UpgradesImplementationImplementationImplementationImplementation User Acceptance TestingUser Acceptance TestingUser Acceptance TestingUser Acceptance TestingProvisioning the Solution.Provisioning the Solution.Provisioning the Solution.Provisioning the Solution. Ongoing email SupportOngoing email SupportOngoing email SupportOngoing email SupportFinal Strategy [Formulation]Final Strategy [Formulation]Final Strategy [Formulation]Final Strategy [Formulation]Subscription Consulting OverviewMinimum of 5 Proprietary Tools [ROI,SLIM,Benchmark,Compliance, Ranking]Minimum of 5 Proprietary Tools [ROI,SLIM,Benchmark,Compliance, Ranking]Minimum of 5 Proprietary Tools [ROI,SLIM,Benchmark,Compliance, Ranking]Minimum of 5 Proprietary Tools [ROI,SLIM,Benchmark,Compliance, Ranking]
  18. 18. The first three will occur immediately following enrollment in the seminar.The final 7 will commence once your have enrolled. We will work with you to acquire this information through brief calls and email sessions that we schedule.Discovery - Creating the map, capturing objectives and setting goalsAnalysis -Understanding your environment.Education examples:Learn about the the mobile space eco-system, participants, regulations, security and trends.FormulationStrategic Development (Writing the strategy) Prioritizing functionality, managing costs. (Identifying hidden costs)Capturing the your business rulesProvisioning the solution examples:Identifying resources requirements and workloadsVendor selection,Ranking and benchmarking)Short List in Minutes tool (SLIM) evaluation tactics, demo approach Analysis, implementation.Avoiding pitfalls.Identifying typical challenges,Tools to Identify mobile related contract risks and finding ways to address themWhat to look for in a service agreementMobile Deployment- Publishing and Popularizing best practices.Maintenance, upgrades and development roadmap.Implementation approaches and tactics for success.User acceptance testing. A guide to writing the test planOngoing email support for 6 months (Additional live support can purchased for a nominal amount.)The Process has 10 Stages
  19. 19. Discovery:The purpose of the discovery stage is to learn and understand the existing environment within key areas. These areas are: Customer Service, Marketing and Sales, Technical, and Finance. The goal is to understand your:• Financial goals as they relate to the project,• Technical range• Vendor relationships,• Vendor technical limitations and capabilities,• Departmental challenges, and goals (within the context of our eMobile Strategy Objectives).We also intend to identify your cost, technical and security objectives and goals as they relate to the Mobile initiative.We take into account your input on timelines and release stages; in effect we intend to identify your Critical to Quality Elements (CTQ).1.) Create a map of the existing environment to understand where we are today.2.) Identify a solution outline based on your CTQ elements.3.) Identify the categories that we will use to define what a successful application and end tale is.Discovery...Detail
  20. 20. AnalysisCurrent Environment/ChallengesDevelop an understanding of and create written [Conceptual Design.]Identify pivotal components that will drive the strategyIdentify potential challenges and opportunities etc.Formulation- 2 days online and TeleconferenceWe will take you through the process of integrating all of the information from the earlier three sessions (Discovery analysis, Educationin order to write a strategy. We will provide a set agenda including specific steps that we will complete over the course of 2 days via the weband teleconference. Here is what we will cover:Strategic Development (Writing the strategy) Prioritizing functionality, managing costs. (Identifying hidden costs)Capturing the your business rulesProvisioning the solution examples:Avoiding pitfalls.Mobile Deployment- Publishing and Popularizing best practices.Maintenance, upgrades and development roadmap.Implementation approaches and tactics for success.User acceptance testing. A guide to writing the test planMobile EducationA comprehensive review of the mobile space, trends participants, challenges and opportunities.This will inform the development of your strategyFurther Detail
  21. 21. Formulation Continued...more detail:Recommended approach/order of integration: (stages)- and whyConceptual Design/operation.Positioning for future enhancements:Conceptual Configuration:How and why does: this recommendation position you for success:Anticipated Operational efficiencies:Outline a temporal strategy: short term, intermediate and long termMobile strategy your current and anticipatedtechnical environment and infrastructure, market conditions, customerexpectations, cost, process efficiency, best practices and industry trends.Competitive advantages of this configuration and approachHow is this approach meaningful and effective given thecurrent competitive and market conditions and the evolutionof Mobile space.PitfallsWhat are the weaknesses here and why? how can you positionthe organization and customers for success without generating a material adverse impact onthe solution, customer experience and its existing business requirementsand rules.ROI CalculatorWe can provide a spreadsheet based calculator to identify cost savings And ROI.....More Detail
  22. 22. Provisioning the solution...more detail:Identifying the vendors that can meet therequirements- who are they, what is their experience, what is their implementation timeline, what resources are needed, what is theirexperience, and successful have they been.Vendor Benchmarking:Benchmark vendors against the industry, your Organization’s expectations, and standards for what an mobile solution provider isAnticipated costs and:Recommendations to minimize costs and timelines:Typical vendor challenges:Final vendor recommendations:.......A little More
  23. 23. Thank YouWould you like toenroll?