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Instrucctions to make comparisons

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  1. 1. FormationWords of one syllable add the ending -er and -est. Words of one syllable Absolute Comparative SuperlativeAdjectives new newer newest old older oldest big bigger biggestAdverbs soon sooner soonest late later latestWords with three or more syllables are preceded by more and most. Words with three or more syllables Absolute Comparative SuperlativeAdjectives interesting more interesting most interesting convenient more convenient most convenient beautiful more beautiful most beautifulAdverbs easily more easily most easily carefully more carefully most carefullyAdjectives with two syllables may be like 1 or 2 above in that they will add the ending -er and -est if they end in -y or -ly, -ow, -le and er. Absolute, Comparative and Superlative (words ending in -y) Absolute Comparative Superlative-y tiny tinier tiniest speedy speedier speediest- ly early earlier earliest friendly friendlier friendliest- ow shallow shallower shallowest narrow narrower narrowest- er clever cleverer cleverest
  2. 2. Most of the remaining two-syllable adjectives take more and most in front of them. Absolute, Comparative and Superlative (two-syllable adjectives with more and most)Absolute Comparative Superlativecareful more careful most carefulcareless more careless most carelessboring more boring most boringawful more awful most awfulcomplex more complex most complexSome common two-syllable adjectives can have either type of information. Absolute, Comparative and Superlative (two-syllable information adjectives)Absolute Comparative Superlativecommon commoner / more common commonest / most commongentle gentler / more gentle gentlest / most gentlequiet quieter / more quiet quietest / most quietTwo-syllable adverbs ending in -ly take more and most. Absolute, Comparative and Superlative (Two-syllable adverbs ending in -ly)Absolute Comparative Superlativequickly more quickly most quicklyslowly more slowly most slowlybadly more badly most badlyA small number of adjectives and adverbs have an irregular comparative and superlativeform. Absolute, Comparative and Superlative (irregular forms) Absolute Comparative SuperlativeAdjectives bad worse worst far further / farther furthest / farthest
  3. 3. good better best many more mostAdverbs badly worse worst far further / farther furthest / farthest little less least much more most well better bestUse in sentencesComparisons may show equivalence, non-equivalence, the highest degree of something,and parallel increase.Equivalence:______________________________________________________________________The following words or constructions are used to show that things or people are similarin some way. as ... as Here, the term processor is equivalent to the central as many ... as processing unit. as much ... as the same ... as Laptops are as powerful as microcomputers. similar to the same Some companies have as many computers as employees. are similar equal to Some companies use both disks and conventional filing is like systems for storing data. similar/ly equal/ly A computer virus is like a virus in the human body. It can compared to/with do a lot of damage. each either Many word-processing programs are similar in that they all share certain common functions. both alikeNon-equivalence:The following words and constructions are used to compare or contrast things or peoplethat are separate from each other.
  4. 4. not as ... as... -er than A mainframe is larger and more expensive than amore ... than microcomputer.fewer ... than Learning to use a computer is not as difficult asless ... than learning to program.greater than A fax board costs less than a fax machine.not as many ... as Unlike factory-sealed software, pirated versions maynot as much ... as contain viruses.not equal to Desktop publishing is the same as electronicunequal(ly) publishing.unlike You can save money with a network because you willnot the same as need fewer printers.not allThe highest degree:The following words and constructions are used to compare one member of a groupwith the whole group (superlative). the ...-est This is the most popular package on the market today. the most ... Basic is probably the least difficult programming language to learn. the least ... The best programs are those adapted specifically to your own needs.Parallel increase:The following words and constructions are used to show parallel increase (twocomparatives). the ...-er, the more ... The more memory your computer has, the more data it the more ..., the ...-er can store. The bigger your computer system, the less time you the ...-er, the less ... spend waiting. The more training you give to your employees, the better they will perform.