How to photograph your baby


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Baby's here — now capture all the details of the day before you forget them!

Record your milestones with the nappytimes online baby book. To register follow the link:

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How to photograph your baby

  1. 1. Babys here — now capture all the details of the day before you forget them!
  2. 2. Dont Miss the First GlanceCapture the moment mama lays eyes on the tot that she bore for nine months.You have waited 9 months to meet him. The anticipation, the struggle, theexcitement has all led to this moment: your first glance. The road to thisglance is different for each woman. Some ladies experience natural birthwhile others have a Cesarean, but no matter the path, the moment is life-changing, happy, amazing, and heart-warming. Capturing the shot will foreverremind you of this happy moment.
  3. 3. The First Touch Is Equally as ImportantSome embrace the new bodyimmediately, and others waitmomentarily. No matter thetime, the moment is one that iswarm, sweet, and tender. The[first] mother and baby touch isfilled with skin-to-skin touching,love, kisses, and joy: purehappiness.Capture the moment and preserve it forever. Check with your hospitaland doctor to see what the photography policy is [there]. If you are able tohire a professional, do so because the two of you will be able to focus onyour new arrival.
  4. 4. Photograph All That Is Brand-NewIts babys first day of firsts.First breaths, first touches, and first cries only happen once. Snap awayas the nurses measure, weigh, and care for your bundle of joy. In thesemoments, your baby is so vulnerable, depending on everyone in the roomto take special care of her. This is the beginning of her life, and her veryfirst life experience. Capture it.
  5. 5. Dont Miss Babys First BathThere will be plenty more baths in babys lifetime, but this first one isspecial.A bittersweet experience for baby and mom because usually the baby is not afan of the first bath, but everything happens very quickly to ensure that baby isin mommy’s hands in no time.
  6. 6. Dont Be ShyCapture your tot in all her glory!She’s in her birthday suit, clean and free and ready to be held, nursed,and loved. Depending on your delivery time line this could be momentsbefore she’s in her mother’s arms. She is dependent yet safe. This is agood time to step back and get a room shot too, so you remember theenergy in the room. Everyone has a job, and it’s getting done quickly.Grab a shot to tell the story.
  7. 7. Ten Toes, Two FeetBabys toes are so cute you can eat them up.They will never be smaller than today. Immediately after birth, the nursesplace a band on the baby’s ankle identifying him with a code thatmatches the mothers. The tag will stay on while he’s in the hospital. It’stiny. It’s his first badge of honour. He may also get a Vitamin K shot atbirth, complete with his first Band-Aid. We all know how tiny these littleround Band-Aids are, so its a great visual for showing size.
  8. 8. Take Some Detail ShotsBabys bassinet plaque is part of the story.His name card tells everything there is to know about him. It’s like hisrésumé. Most likely you will keep it forever in his baby book. His weight,length, date of birth, doctor, and how he likes his beverages will all bewritten here. It’s another piece to the story of his birth. Capture it andremember it.
  9. 9. Dont Forget DadWith so much focus on mom and tot, do not forget to snap a few images ofthe proud papa.Dad is proud and scared and emotional. He’s been an encourager for 9 months,anticipating what this day will bring. He’s been strong until now. Don’t besurprised if he is emotional when the dust settles. Grab the camera from yourhospital bed and capture these tender moments.
  10. 10. Move Away From the Clutter in the RoomThere are peaceful, quiet moments in the hospital, usually in the afternoonwhen the sun is beaming into the room. Baby is full, happy, and sleeping.Photograph this setting and your view of the room for the next day or so. Thenlie down and take a nap while you can.
  11. 11. Remember, It Is Big Brothers Big Day, TooIf your new arrival is lucky enough to have a big brother or a big sister, make sure tocapture his or her first glance as well. He has heard news of this new sister formonths now, and if he didn’t quite understand it then, he certainly will now. He willsurprise you with his tender glance and touch. A moment will be captured becauseif you thought time went by fast last year, hold on tight. You will look back at thisphoto and be amazed by how small big brother looks.