The Science of Practice to whole life


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Dr.Dyer explains some of the content of his new book coming soon. It attacks the practice of health.

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The Science of Practice to whole life

  1. 1. The Science of Practice to whole life By Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster In attempting to explain consciousness I recommend that we shouldattempt to construct models of functioning brains rather than models of minds. Ibelieve that brains through interactions with their surroundings can develop minds.I have accepted the existence of qualia and incorporate them into my practice ofthe brain based theory of energy development.I believe that a biological theory of consciousness, which he explicitly considers tobe an integral part of certain theories and theories of population dynamics. We canalso say that the development of human consciousness and intelligence can besatisfactorily explained.The connectivity of the brain is incredibly complex. Just the cortex of the brain, ifunfolded, would be about the size of a table napkin. It would have 30 billion nervecells or neurons, and one million billion connections. If you calculate the numberof possible neural pathways, it amounts to approximately 10 to the 83rd power!This level of complexity gives you considerable respect for what evolution can do.The theory of Neural Darwinism explains how diversity functions in yourrecognition or perception of the world. It does it by having a huge number ofrepertoires of variance. Those that match are reinforced in their synapticconnections, and those that don’t match are diminished. This means thateverybody’s brain is quite unique. No two brains are alike, even identical twins.The one thing we can do that is the same is to train ourselves to be an in creditableenergy source of the universe.We are also going to introduce the complex process called reentry in which thereare massively parallel reciprocal connections amongst brain areas. A process ofelectrical stimulation across these various areas couples the maps of the braintogether. This happens to self action toward complete health. This process ofreentry according to the science is the origin of consciousness in that part of your
  2. 2. brain that connects to the cortex called the thalamus. The thalamus is the waystation that connects all of the sensory elements except for smell, directly to thecortex. This thalamocortical system has a huge connectivity and is considered tobe essential and required for consciousness through this process of reentry and theconnection with the body. This approach identifies the role of exchanges between anterior brainsystems concerned with memory and the evaluation of experience, and posteriorregions concerned with perceptual categorization. In our daily practice of wholelife during the training in Mukan-Da we attack this brain through differenttechniques that are thousands of years old. The ultimate work of the dynamic coreis to enable the infinity of discriminations summarized in our perceptualexperience which constitute primary consciousness. I believe that selfhood andsubjectivity two of the defining features of consciousness result naturally. Theselfhood is a consequence of the grounding of all our later experiences in earlyperceptions of the internal environment and subjectivity results from the uniquedevelopmental of each and every human mind. The higher order ofconsciousness builds upon the theory of primary consciousness to provide for whatis called higher order consciousness. This type of consciousness comprises anawareness of the past the future and the self that is aware of them. This type ofconsciousness closely and though not exclusively to our command of language andour associated semantic and or symbolic capabilities and, the neuronal complexitycan best be understood in terms of the simultaneous compartmentalization andintegration of brain function. The movement in the practice we shall later learn in
  3. 3. the book I am currently working on. You will learn from simple to sophisticatedforms and techniques.The human brain has approximately 100,000,000,000 neurons And depending onwhich runs get stimulated Certain connections become stronger and more efficientwell others me become weaker this is called neuroplasticity. Specific neurons andneurotransmitter such as norepibephrine trigger a defensive state when we feel thatour thoughts have to be protected from the influence of others In this defense ofstate the more primitive part of the brain interferes with rational thinking limbicsystem can knock out most of our working memory physically causing narrowmind. When we express ourselves in our views are appreciated these defense chemicalsdecrease in the brain and dopamine neurotransmission activate rewards neuronsself-esteem and south believe is closely linked to the neurotransmitter serotoninwhen we grow up a moral and ethical compass is almost entirely develop by ourenvironment but new developments in our sciences are giving us a betterunderstanding of our identity the recent study of the sciences has confirmedexistence of empathetic mirror neurons when we experienced in an emotion orperform in action specific neurons fired the when we observe someone elseperforming this action or when we imagine it many of the same.Neurons will fire again with these mirror neurons we are in a constant dualitybetween how we see ourselves and how others see us this resolved in confusion ofidentity and self esteem, but when we are self aware we can alter misplacedemotions. We control the thoughts that cause this is the result of the practice weshould study and talk about more in this book. A memory can be restored toprotein synthesis so observing profoundly changes the way our brain works.The brain activates the self regulating neo cortical region which give us anincredible amount of control over our feelings when we are not in control brainresolve this by creating an explanation for our behavior with the physically actionwe do. You rewrite it into memories through reconstruction making us believe thatyou were in control all along. This is also call backwards rationalization this willleave most of our negative emotions un resolved in ready to be triggered it anytimeeach neuron has a voltage which can change. When Ions flow in and out of the cellonce a neurons has reached its voltage it will fire out electrical signal to other cells
  4. 4. which will repeat the process. This is the beginning of how we change ourenvironment. Throughout all of our body, This process produces a wave that goesthroughout our body and a frequency is produced bees frequencies get classified inthen such as alpha theta and gamma each of these wings are associated withdifferent task greenways allows brain cells to tune into the frequency the transferof information between neurons becomes optimum when their activity issynchronized in the process of awakening our bodies we will activate all circuits inthe brain. These are the begging action to the energy we create through ourpractice.This is the science that most of the world will not explain to you. It is my intentionfor you to understand that complete health is achieved through the activation ofwhat you create. Through the proper training and education you can have the lifeyou want. By: Dr. Paul W Dyer Grandmaster