The Dragon Speaks


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The thoughts and writing of a teacher who is searching and teaching and learning from the universal code. Dr, Paul Dyer Grandmaster has been learning for four decades . His thoughts are a compilation of heaven and earths lessons. He is the Dragon that speaks.

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The Dragon Speaks

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  2. 2. Welcome To The Beginning and The Science In my progression of life I have studied and taught the connection of the martial arts/physical sciences with the life science of our human development. Most people are unaware of their true nature, the energy flow within their bodies and the connection to the rest of the univese. It my practice and teachings that there is the understanding of the sacred geometry which is the blueprint of creation and the genesis of all form. It is an ancient science of all the universe that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes. As you begin to recognize the sciences you begin to see as never before the wonderfully patterned beauty of creation. The universal energy we live within, the air we breathe, and all life forms as we know them emerge out of timeless geometric codes. Viewing and contemplating these codes allow us to gaze directly at the lines on the face of deep wisdom and offers up a glimpse into the inner workings of the Universal Mind and the Universe itself. The ancients believed that the experience of universal sciences was essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were meaningful of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness. Faith is the Key to finding this perfection in all, for when one learns to see that all Beings and events exist for the Divine Purpose of encouraging us to seek and find that eternal Peace INSIDE, then we may learn to see that all is, in fact, serving the divine, and therefore All IS divine. And by thus establishing Faith that every event that happens in one’s life occurs to assist their soul’s evolution, one may come to see that Salvation is not a person, place or prize… it is a state of mind. For in this faithful state, and the love that accompanies it, one is able to face and flow through all of life’s challenges in grace and gratitude. This is this ability to see all things as one, and all as great that marks the individual’s Inner growth and return to the beginning. For it is commonly understood both in the realms of science and spirituality, that everything has come from one, and that to one we shall return. However today, our thoughts and awareness have moved about as far from one as it is possible to get; as humanity’s dualistic perspective, and “survival of the fittest” mentalities, have served to divide the world into a hatred of beings and into dueling pairs of opposites where many believe that they are good or evil and right and wrong. As a result, this divided perspective of existence has every human living for themselves, operating by his own personal compass that is leading them into a confused state of living. However what so many people are starting to realizing today is that the peace we seek cannot be found by creating Page 2 of 35
  3. 3. change in the world material world of oneself, or the world that lies outside of us but for true peace can only be found within. Those who learn Martial Arts and the Sciences of life shall always improve Oneself to make a lot for the development of all parts of the body, sight, and the technique of movement. A breakthrough toward an integrative medicine and martial arts sciences which combines allopathic and alternative medicine under one umbrella has been made with the application of quantum physics. In quantum physics, objects are waves of possibilities for consciousness to choose from. Conscious choice converts or collapses the possibility waves into unique manifest of the mind into a reality. I have recognize that there are four diffrent compartments of quantum possibilities, material or physical, vital, mental, and supramental. The physical is the largerone and the other three are called subtle of the lesser. Consciousness nonlocally collapses the physical along with one or more of the subtle compartments of possibilities this mediating between the material and the non material without any signals and without dualism. The role of consciousness in biological programming can now be elucidated. Indeed, the organs are physical representations of the morphogenetic fields that consciousness uses as path of biological functions to represent the latter in the physical. Similarly, consciousness makes representations of mental meaning in the brain. these understanding is what prompted me to develop the system of Mukan Da. connecting of all things into one development of science to form a whole life source. A a life source to defeat all enemies that is outside our bodies and inside. Mukan–Da = Founder Master Paul W Dyer Mukan-da is written to be more than a system of application of a physical force but a personal journey of energy development of oneself. Happiness has for ever been the prime aim of every human being. All activities of man are directed towards acquiring the maximum happiness in life. But, through the wrong deluded notion that objects will give happiness, man searches for it outside. The result is that in spite of all his lifelong efforts, he gets disappointment. Vexation and misery alone are to be seen everywhere. The real lasting happiness lies within man. Such happiness lies within the inner self. The very nature of martial arts is pure joy. This is never perceived because the mind is completely externalized in other systems or applications. As long as the mind is restlessly wandering about amidst objects and only physical action and fluctuating, excited, agitated and uncontrolled, this true joy cannot be realized and enjoyed. To control the restless mind and perfectly still all thoughts and cravings is the greatest problem of man. If he has subjugated the mind in the practice of Mukan-Da, he will be on the journey of wholeness. Self -defense is one of many reasons to train in martial arts. There are other practical thoughts and reasons regardless of one’s training style or emphasis. However, fitness and character development are things we will all use every single day of our lives to be the best we can be in life, work, and family. Therefore, the emphasis and rationale for training should lie in these two items that we use every day rather than self- defense, which according to statistics, we will probably never use, but the rate is growing rapidly. Such considerations should provide a compass for students to consider their curriculum and outcomes. It also raises a question of great debate which often manifests among styles arguing they may have a better or more practical style of martial arts than the other. Obviously if something has practical application (even if the probability of ever needing it is remote), that is great. However, the question to ask is how to create a curriculum which best cultivates the body, mind, and spirit to effect character development and health. By definition, these are the only practical sides to the martial arts in modern times. This is where Mukan-Da separates itself from the other systems – by cultivating the universal energy and transmitting it through our selves. The body, with its organs, is no different than the mind. The physical body is the outward Page 3 of 35
  4. 4. manifestation of the mind. The mind is the subtle form of this physical body. The mind, contemplating upon the body, becomes the body itself and then, enmeshed in it, is afflicted by it. All of the body has its seat in the mind only. Should the mind be paralyzed, then the body will likewise not support our intelligence. Mental actions are the real actions. In martial science, the mind performs all actions very speedily and fluctuates accordingly. But, the gross body knows not anything and is inert. Even should this gross body be dissolved, the mind will assume fresh bodies to its liking very quickly. This physical body is the mold, as it were, made by the mind for its own enjoyment, for its outpouring of its energy and thereby gaining different experiences of this world through the five avenues or channels of knowledge. The actions of the mind alone are indeed actions – not so much those of the body. The body is really our thoughts, moods, convictions and emotions objectified and made visible to the naked eye. It is noteworthy to point out that every cell in the body suffers or grows, receives a life impulse or a death impulse, from every thought that enters the mind, for you tend to grow into the image of that which you think about most. When the mind is turned to a particular thought and dwells on it, a definite vibration of matter is set up and often more of this vibration is caused. This tends to repeat itself to become a habit. The body follows the mind and imitates its changes. If you concentrate your thought, the eyes become fixed. Every change in thought makes a vibration in your mental body, and when transmitted to the physical body, causes activity in the nervous matter of your brain. This activity in the nervous cells causes many electrical and chemical changes in them. It is thought activity which causes these changes. Mukan-Da system of consciousness culminates with the non-dual level, which is described, not so much as a separate level but as the ground and basis of all levels. Non-duality is the Kosmos seen as it actually is, including, but also transcending all of the previously described levels, which revealed the Kosmos from increasingly full, but nonetheless partial perspectives. This is the ground basis of the system of Mukan-Da. The practice of Mukan-Da shall bring these systems and levels into motion. I believe that the subtle level of consciousness involves an awareness of the dimension of reality that transcends form of any type of system. In that awareness with the practice of Mukan-Da is the confirmation of the body and the mind working together as one complete energy. I shall also state that the sense of unity with the natural world is not lost or denied, but rather supplemented by a sense of connectedness to the invisible, spiritual, and formless aspect of the Kosmos. I understand that as stress levels continue to rise all over the world, people are becoming more conscious, not only of the long-term effects of stress, but also of how unmanaged emotions compromise the quality of one’s day-to-day life, limiting mental clarity, productivity, adaptability to life’s challenges, and enjoyment of its gifts. At the same time, most of us have experienced how positive emotional states, such as appreciation and care, add a quality of buoyancy and coherent flow to life, significantly increasing our efficiency and effectiveness. Mukan-Da is a system that helps enhance human performance and helps people achieve more coherent inner states with greater continuity, even in the face of external stresses. As our bodies begins to release density and accumulated negative energies from the past, the nervous system and energy field begin to develop greater light and clarity of energy. Assetments becomes clearer and sharper, and new levels of awareness begin to open. Your martial development becomes stronger and powerful. Your spiritual truth will remind you that we are one, that all of creation exists united in the all that is of one reality. As more energy/ light opens our bodies and consciousness, we begin to have new experiences that demonstrate our oneness with all. Some of these experiences may be quite unfamiliar as we are sensing parts of ourselves and of the world that previously were not aware of. A genuine paradigm shift. While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness. As I continue to learn from pioneers of this revolutionary new perspective within science. I will pass it on Page 4 of 35
  5. 5. to you. I will continue to share with you the vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness as the ground of all being, and how this revelation can actually help us to live better. As founder of Mukan- Da it is a blessing to light up and share with all sentient beings to be as one force of peace and harmony. To learn this involved evolution of martial science is not hard but it is a dedication to the transformation. Mukan Da is more than just a simple practice of a conjunction of Breath and movement techniques and/or Mudras as is discussed in some modern teachings. It is clear that Mukan-DA can be activated by the regulated and disciplined use of energy, but the truth resides in the fact that there are more active elements that are necessary and participants in the true activation of your inner light. By the simple emulation of the breath techniques and movements, the Seeker may be able to artificially activate their truth that is within, but just as an empty shell: it will not experience subsistence for long. It is only though the correct movements and breath techniques, the right designation of the Intentional action, along with the clear communication with your higher self, that one can actually get their higher self. This book about the speaking of a dragon's mind. it is to provoke you into a world of understanding and helpfulness of your training to the nest level. the level of true self and the ideas of a dragon. you shall have your voice and your voice shall be heard. only through the constent thought and training can your voice form the formless of the universe. I do wish you well and enjoyment of the my writings. Sincerly Master Paul W Dyer Page 5 of 35
  6. 6. The Hero Inside The recent movie block buster The Avengers has brought people together to cheer and to talk about the comic revolution that was once so popular. The idea was to never give up on an idea. A hero lies within us all and although it may be a curse, it may also be a blessing. It’s all about understanding what is inside you and how to share your gift with the world to save lives. Code Red Combat Training was created to bring out the hero inside us all. We, as people can pull together to take the fear out of lives and start living, not just surviving. We needed heroes to complete a task to save us from the enemies and also from ourselves. Heroes were needed when we went to war against an enemy we did not understand nor did we comprehend. War was started out of fear of ourselves. Comprehensive and understanding of the inner most fear is not the subject or the object at hand, but what is created by others to divide you from yourself. A young school child learns that there are difficulties but that we must prevail through our fears. We all have a hero inside us to make a difference and make a change. The fear not to do lies inside of you. The power struggle to be free has to be on the forefront of your mind. Freedom does not come without struggle, but it can come without fear. The Avengers call upon us to unite so that we must define ourselves as humans. We have been separated our whole lives by constructed barriers such as color, religious, economic, and geographic regions but these are just barriers created by the mistrusted and the crooked to control your soul and your heart. These things were blocked so you can defeat yourself. Call upon The Avenger, the hero that is inside to destroy the enemy. We don’t need heroes anymore. We need a community to stand together to defeat the kingdom that is trying to control our lives. Maranne Williamson once said, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we're liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Code Red Combat Training is asking you liberate yourself and free the hero that lies inside of you to make a change, stand, and say, “No more victims on my watch”. Page 6 of 35
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  8. 8. The Warrior Shall Not Sleep The Warrior Peaceful Shall Not Sleep Don’t Remain Asleep!! Wake up!! The Alarm has gone off!! Wake Up!! Today, involuntary governance is all that exists. When you step back to look at what government really is, it basically comes down to a group of people who are granted more power than the rest of us. They are able to make laws that we have to obey, they are able to charge us money in the form of taxes without our consent, they are able to put us in jail if we don’t go along with their self- proclaimed power, and they are able to go to war –with our money – without our approval. I have been analyzing and studying people and our economy and the global investment climate, along with our government and central bank, for many years. And the hard truth is that I simply have never been more concerned about the state of our national affairs or our economy and the souls that are suffering from the fear and just being asleep. Americans are being duped and defrauded. The currency is being debased. I am not sure how voters continue to stand for all the duplicity and politically self serving officials that domes us. Develop your Peaceful Warrior Ways The universal truth is that everything is experience for our own growth. Our living souls must be freed to create and enjoy the glory. To continue our evolution our souls must be freed. To do so we must begin to wake your spirit and mind and the body. This is the trinity that we are looking for. Love shapes you as a peaceful warrior. I know, the word warrior usually refers to those engaged in warfare and willing to fight for what they believe in. It brings images of courageous or wrathful men ready to kill and to be killed to protect or defend what they most cherish and value. So how can a warrior be peaceful if the word itself conveys the idea of war? Indeed, to become a peaceful warrior you fight only your own negative tendencies and wrong beliefs. Your toughest battles are internal and your victories translate as increasing clarity, wisdom, peace, faith, and compassion. Your main weapon is love, and your worst enemy fear. This why I have dedicate my life to the practice of the martial sciences, and the art of health. Like the samurai of old times, you have to be fully committed to the mental self-discipline of being a witness to yourself and discriminating between what truly serves your highest purpose and what doesn’t; between what is true to your nature and what simply feeds the ego mind out of conditioning or habit; and then you also go through the pain of letting go what needs to go yourself images and toxic relationships and environment. A peaceful warrior is an inspiring leader, and when I use the word leader here I am certainly not referring to the type of person who can rally up the masses to do what he or she wants; that’s just politics. A person that is giving light that many shall follow as we connect ourselves back to the planet connect ourselves back to being a race of one. The soul that is fully awake and teaching others that love and peace is on the other side of fear. A leader is a service to host and care for others. To live in your right now moment. That’s all you have in which to accomplish the most. I would love you to consider dropping by the wayside the things you add to your right now moment that keep you from the best accomplishment. If you find yourself angry over something you have to do, wishing you didn’t have to do it, wanting everyone to get out of your way, just stop for a moment and take a deep Page 8 of 35
  9. 9. breath. Imagine after that fresh air goes into your lungs that you could stop struggling for just one moment and KNOW there is an effortless solution to getting the task done without any impediments. together, evolution is a place of creativity always finding new ways to dissolve its disparate parts into a greater whole. find more harmony with your friends, neighbors, co-workers, home environment, or within yourself? How can you use this time to get more organized for the year ahead? Step outside, into the light, and see the bigger picture taking shape, one photon at a time, all around you. Evolution is the universe way of making more enlightens beings. We have the power of the universe within, but are still lacking in vision. We can influence the climate, alter the gene pool, render species extinct or exterminate life on Earth. We can also fly to the moon, transplant limbs and hearts, and connect billions of people into an awakening group mind. In our movies and media, we can create any reality we can imagine from political spin to fantasy films. We are the architects of the next age. What do we want to create? To be a peaceful warrior, you need to perceive yourself as a vehicle of light and allow the understanding and wisdom acquired through your own self exploration to shine through, without any appropriation of it. In other words, your sense of purpose and service becomes stronger than any idea about yourself or your roles in the world, and you develop the humility to lead through example, with no personal agenda or self interest. This can only be accomplished when you train enough and give enough self knowledge and self love to stop being attached to your false self images and worrying about the opinions of others. When you are ready to shed your ego and focus on truly serving others, while continuously working on yourself growth. A peaceful warrior is absolutely committed to the inner work and never loses sight of it. I am A Peaceful Warrior Dedicated to the Practice. I Pledge My Service. Master Paul W Dyer Page 9 of 35
  10. 10. What we Create We Can Fix Most people are driven by their willpower. Generally we do things in our lives because our will, our ego, creates the logic of: “I want this,” “I want that,” “When I have this... I will be happy; I will not suffer any more.” But the will shows us the world in a way separate from how it really is. The “I want” syndrome creates patterns which can form a vicious circle of jealousy, anger and darkness, creating a world of fear, doubt and discomfort, moving us away from the true Self which is connected to Joy, Love and Light. In this world we see things from a very individual perspective that places a continual state of stress on our body, our breathing and our mind. We do not realize what motivates these “I wants.” By having thoughts like “If I do not work I will not be able to pay my rent,” or “if I do not do enough I will not be rewarded,” we forget that the “I” is only an illusion and that this vicious circle will simply never satisfy us. The most vulnerable are the likeliest victims. Adolescent girls in the US and abroad are sold into brothels after they are lied to about legitimate job opportunities. People seeking and being lied to by others who only want to control. Where do you fit into all this are not as human are not a servant to humanity and it liberty. Then this is a duty not just a cause to understand the full life of your service on this earth we call home. We must learn to let go of the fear and begin to save lives and live. Without an intellectual awakening, the turning point will be driven by economic law. A dollar crisis will bring the current out of control system to its knees. That will only leave the well trained to be on the front lines to protect. If it’s not accepted that big government, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis. Everyone claims support for freedom. But too often it’s for one’s own freedom and not for others. Too many believe that there must be limits on freedom. They argue that freedom must be directed and managed to achieve fairness and equality thus making it acceptable to curtail, through force, certain liberties. Some decide what and whose freedoms are to be limited. These are the politicians whose goal in life is power. The experience that consists of finding Totality or Unity in our lives is the true significance of Love. We can be dissatisfied when this Joy and Love do not animate us and do not surround us, when we feel that reality is made up of violence, poverty, disease and wounded souls. In training, these things are not reality but rather thoughts that create our experience. Life has decided these things for us but we always have the choice to avoid being internally disturbed by the external circumstances. We can, for example, decide not to be moved by praises or criticisms. We can assume responsibility for our actions and refuse to consider ourselves as a victim. A choice of this nature changes everything. We are the creators of what we shall become. Let not what is to trying to rule you control you. The secret of intention is also in our ability to communicate with Nature with a deeply relaxed body, with the breath full and total. Then we are able to sing that come naturally from the deepest part of ourselves and, through them, we can connect with subtle vibrations present in the Universe. This naturally opens our heart to express itself through sacred sounds. Page 10 of 35
  11. 11. The aim of practicing earth breathing is to achieve an fully relief health with frequency Resonance through the learned induction of the entrained alpha/theta brain waves state Which acts as window into healing and learning of our souls way. If we practice synchronization of our brainwaves with the natural pulse of the earth we can enter a new age of consciences. Personal transformation consists in giving up the easy ways, in letting go of the world we have created, to reach a state of detachment or “non responsibility.” Responsibility is a form of control. To develop a state of “non responsibility” is to remove the need to stick to things as they are or to control them, which implies a major transformation within us. This transformation means to take life seriously and realize its preciousness. Instead of simply playing the game of life, with the implicit suffering related to this play, one can put oneself aside and deeply look at why things are as they are. This however usually does not occur as long as a situation giving meaning to life does not touch us. It can be a painful crisis that shatters our existence but it can also help us to realize that there is much more to Life than the small worlds in which we live and perhaps in which we take pleasure. I believe we can make a difference when we stand and learn and train together. Page 11 of 35
  12. 12. Stop Hiding from your Discovery We are building a life together and never apart. what we see and what we do is our life and it is our soul. to deny what we do or will do can only cause a destruction of your self. We can no longer hide from our feelings!! Recently I heard a person say “I don’t think my problems can be solved.” Now, this is never true, As long as i have been teaching and on this earth problems may be “but what are we” I say but at times the problems we face in our reality can seem to be insurmountable. What is the truth? Any problem you have cannot be solved with the same mind that created it. I will say it a different way you cause your own crap!! thinking processes that caused the problem to begin with. This simply will not work. Take responsibility that your thinking influences what happens in your reality. Once this is done, calm the mind and solutions will begin to present themselves. The worst thing you can do is run around trying to put out fires. Panic never solves anything. But a calm mind can solve any problem. All these ideas are not just random but a science we have been practicing for thousands of years. I am going to give you just a taste of the what and science. This fundamental “graininess”of all physical reality has profound implications for the development of microphysics, cosmology, epistemology, and metaphysical ontology. and non objectivist Quantum Field Theory. that all things are things and we are connected to thoughts and actions. My life is the study of all actions and the relations. In our practice we put these relations and actions into motion and form and that is the Martial Science of the universal code. Understanding who we are , where we are, when we are . For true transformation to occur we need to get out of our heads. What I mean by this is we need to give our mind a break and ground ourselves in our body. Since I been teaching I have seen many people on a Friday night going to a pub and drinking lots of beer and wine. I hear people say that they are getting out of their heads. In many place they don’t have this escape with substance culture, so I couldn’t understand why people stand up all evening in a crowded room and drink a lot and think there are moving their lives forward. I understand rejoicing with friends and family and celebrating life. I don’t get the sorrow that it causes people because they have left there spirit drowned in sickness. I understand. These people feel stress and this is the only way they know to get away from their stress. But their way is mindless rather than mindful and it will only give them temporary relief and a headache in the morning. A Qigong or Martial Arts Workout is a mindful and positive way to deal with stress. Our body is a window to our miniature universe and our energy life force is the inexhaustible energy of the universe which underpins our existence. Going through a Qigong or Martial Arts form helps us Page 12 of 35
  13. 13. to be mindful. It shifts our energy and focus from our small mind with its endless circle of thoughts, plans and worries to our universal mind. It stimulate brain chemicals in our mind that are linked to happiness. If our mind and body are in harmony then peace naturally occurs without us having to work at it. Tapping into the universal mind gives us a happiness that no one can take away from us. Happiness is our most natural state of being. We deserve it. This life is ours to create and to be with glory. It shall happen when you make it. Page 13 of 35
  14. 14. I and I Evolution Revolution Upon entering this move of cosmic evolving into the new stage of human developing, and given unto them constant and everlasting laws, which we call nature; which is nothing but the laws of the creation; which laws nevertheless have had three changes or times, and are to have a fourth or continuation. The first, when the matter of heaven and earth was created without forms: the second, the interim of perfection of every day’s movement and the third, by the curse, which notwithstanding was no new creation: and the last, at the end of the world, the manner where is not yet fully revealed to us at all so as the laws of nature, which now remain and govern inviolably till the end consciences thought created by false imprisonment of yourself. Working towards an end to suffering we need to discover our limitless mind. To see our mind as a small microcosm, we need only to reach out into our local environment through the subtle currents and fields of energy, to allow one vibrational dimension to interface and communicate with the whole. This implies that, through a greater consciousness network, we can gain access to information around the world, even to different consciousness universes. When we begin to understand how to start the process, we discover that our minds are omnidirectional. Understanding our interconnectedness releases us from our limitations and makes us part of the greater totality. We have not come to full growth of possibilities or even of thought. To accomplish and fulfill the divine will in all things, great and small, singular and general, as fully and exactly by providence in the promise. In the miracle and new creation, though the working be not immediate and direct, but by compass; not violating nature, which is heavens own law, upon the creature. That at the first, the soul of man was not produced by heaven or earth, but was breathed immediately from the stars so that the ways and proceedings of Glory with spirits are not included in nature; that is, in the laws of heaven and earth; but are reserved to the law of the secret will and grace that we have tap into by our practice in the science of cosmic law and the formless practice of the arts. We were created with marvel purpose of connection and action, in a reasonable soul, in innocence, in free-will, and in sovereignty: that the heavens gave a law and commandment, which was in the power to keep, but be kept it not: that man made a total defection from Glory presuming to imagine that the commandments and prohibitions of almighty were not the rules of good and evil, but that good and evil had their own principles and beginnings, and lusted after the knowledge of those imagined beginnings; to the end, to depend no more upon the I and I will revealed, but upon yourself, and the personal developed light, as a guided human to protect to teach to continue the effort of the promise; than the which there could not be a sin more opposite to the whole law of universe: that yet, nevertheless, this great sin was not originally moved by the malice of man, but was insinuated by the suggestion and instigation of the ignorance and the sheep of cowards, who was the first defected creature, and fell of malice, and not by temptation. That upon the fall of man, death and vanity entered by the justice of the laws of the universal code of the stars; and the image of man was defaced; and heaven and earth, which were made for man’s use, were subdued to corruption by the fall of consciences of the mind. In this fall we were and have been in the darkness of times for many many years. Now that we are on the turn toward the light of truth and the end of Page 14 of 35
  15. 15. corruption of the soul, mind, and spirit one must push the chains of self deception away with ease and the flow of water to rock. In the practice of self protection and the creation of life within life we can help everyone if possible; Jew, Gentile, black men, white all beings of light and life. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each others’ happiness, not by each other’s misery. We are the connective tissue of the universe and the law binds us. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone. The scared geometry of the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone. It has given us clues and the answers are there for us to hold but not control. The way of life can be free and beautiful. there have been calls to glory before and there will always be call to salvation even after you read or hear this but I must continue to beg of you warriors of peace and all brothers and sisters of the universal light teachers and the way don’t fight for slavery or injustice fight for liberty. Fight for the liberation of the mind, and the soul. It was written “the kingdom of God is within man”, not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you! You, the people, have the power, the power to create, the power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of Glory, let us use that power that was promise and guided to us by our past teachers. Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding, She is a tree of life to those who embrace her; those who lay hold of her will be blessed. By wisdom the LORD laid the earth’s foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place; by his knowledge the deeps were divided, and the clouds let drop the dew. The Bible, Proverbs 3: 13-20 Let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, corruption has risen to power over the decades to control not just the wealth but your will to be free. But they lie! They do not fulfill their promise. They never will! Government and the few families of world power free themselves but they enslave the people! Now let us fight to fulfill that promise! Let us fight to free the world! To do away with national barriers! To do away with greed, with hate and intolerance! Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. I shall want you to panic but to seek the forgiveness of yourself and begin your journey of liberation. To begin your journey of freedom from your imprisoned conciseness. The spirituality, or the practice and search for one’s spiritual essence (my definition), pretty much has to be a solitary pursuit in the beginning. This doesn’t mean you can’t share beliefs, rituals, chalices or bodily fluids in the name of a deity or spiritual path. It just means that at the most basic level you are dealing with your spirit your journey. The only way to do that is to go within and start getting to know your Self. The way to do that is through a dedicated practice and challenge. This I hope you find in your teachers and instructors. I know I have gained such joy out of the teachers I have had and still have in my life. Just recently a man of greatness who was in my physical life, who is now in my spiritual life Grandmaster Dr. Lawerence Day has taught me that energy does not happen in an exercise it is in the intent of a mind action connected to the physical. This action can be anextremely long, complicated and even dangerous journey. It’s pretty much guaranteed to cause you to suffer. We have a lot of great tools in our modern world. Martial Art internal, external, Meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, art, dance and pretty much any other form of personal expression can be a spiritual tool if used properly. Building one’s Self-Awareness and learning to use Intention and the Universal Laws also become major stepping stones. As you begin to open up your spiritual toolbox you’ll begin to see that everything you need is already inside you. As you begin developing your awareness it becomes easier to see where your culture ends and where you begin. Page 15 of 35
  16. 16. To the millions of despairing men, women, and little children, victims of a system that makes human torture and imprisonment of innocent people legal. To those who can hear me and read this, I say “Do not despair or be afraid.” The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, selfishness, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and rulers will die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as I as a teacher a guide and family of peaceful warriors of the light we shall be there to deflect, to protect, you in that time. I Shall Be !! Not On My Watch!!! Page 16 of 35
  17. 17. The Pattern of Life is why we Teach There are times when we try to sit and meditate but our minds and our emotions take over instead. Or we may wake in the middle of the night with our thoughts and emotions running rampant. At these times we need to engage a specific will to counter these internal forces, and we need to become stabilized in relation to external forces. The quality of energy has to do with the strength of will to be positively in the world, with all its challenges, it helps you to stay grounded while you embrace the new directions that naturally emerge from the chaos associated with the constant changes in our lives. It can help you to quiet that demon mind that wants to leap from one crazy thought to the next. Everything that we experience as a problem is also within ourselves. Consequently the solution to the problem is within ourselves. We can heal. We can forgive. All of this is possible through the positive action of polishing, purifying, clearing, cleaning what is within us. We continue to polish the mirror of the heart to clear away the grime that distorts the lens in order that the heart might reflect the guidance, inspiration and intelligence of the Divine. So we begin to look at the universe we live in. There is a science that Martial artists that have been practicing since man began. It is the balance of the forces we know as yin and yang. Lets move into the world of beginning your journey of peace. Everything The complete Set of Digital Root Numbers connecting the 24 Letters (22 plus Final Letters for the Doubles Pei and Kaf) represented by their corresponding Positio n in the Fibonacci Spiral (or Fibonacci Wheel). Simple Numbers represent Discharge, Negative, Feminine Principle or Centrifugal Motion Doublets represent Charge, Positive, Male Principle or Centripetal Motion. It gives me room to explain . … In fact it is easy to see where the numbers come from if you concentrate in the numbers on the rim of the wheel. There is a Number Sequence based on Fibonacci but reduced to the digital root of each value. So instead of 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144… we have here the following: 1-1-2-3- 5-8-4-3-7-1-8-9… etcetera … This constellation of numbers forms a circle that repeats itself after any 24 numbers. This is what I call the Fibonacci Wheel. … the Numbers directly on the next level just inside the rim of the E8 wheel are the same values as above but multiplied by two (doubles). All the blue, black and read numbers in the centers of the wheels are the digital sums of all possible connections between either the simple Fibonacci numbers (in the graph on the left) or the Fibonacci doublets (on the right hand side). The vertical black number line for instance represents all horizontal connections in the sequence: (from up to down) 1+1=2, 8+1=9, 2+2=4, 6+3=9, 5+5=10=1, 1+8=9, 4+4=8, 6+3=9, 7+7=14=5, 8+1=9, 8+8=16=7 … This is how you get the sequence of 29491989597. There are sequences to the life code and the understanding is in every moment we make with everything we do is a harmony. Don’t let the numbers deter you from what you have been doing or Page 17 of 35
  18. 18. wanting to know and understanding there is a balance in our lives and what we practice and what us martial artist teaches The golden section exists between measurable quantities of any kind where the ratio between the smallest and the next size up is equal to the ratio of the sum of the first two to the third. Mathematically, the same proportion is generated with the following formula: √5+1 / 2 In numerical terms, the ‘Golden ratio’ was first popularized by Leonardo Bigollo Fibonacci, the founder of the ‘Fibonacci sequence’, a numerical series which simply follows the rule that the next number is the sum of the previous two numbers.. as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 etc… start to live in your golden age of your personal existence. we seek to be part and understand ourselves. this is just a part. Page 18 of 35
  19. 19. You have A Choice We are going through the time of the shift how are you going to be a part of it? How Are You preparing yourself ? Let,s Co-Create As I teach throughout the week with my students and share some thoughts with people as we connect with each other’s lives. I am finding more people are getting jumpy. I am always concern with the happiness of the globe. I really do want the community of peace and unity. I have notice people are talking with clenched jaws and pierced lips and wrinkled foreheads. I ask myself why? Researchers are finding out that mindfulness has been shown to increase happiness. Originally a Buddhist term, the word mindfulness is now becoming as ubiquitous as the word Zen. But what exactly is it? Is it watching TV? I don’t think watching TV is not being mindful. Going through a Qigong or Martial Arts, form while concentrating on the breath and the movement is. I’m not judging the person who watches TV cause I am a sports fan and there are times I do so also. It’s okay to be mindless every now and again, but if our goal is to be happy then factoring in more sessions of mindfulness and less sessions of mindlessness will help us to achieve this. If I were to sum up what is going on in one word, the word would be stress or stressful. Stress is one of those generic words used to describe situations in our lives which are unsettling in nature. In order to reduce or eliminate the stress in our lives, we need to know what the object of our stress is. What is worrying you? What is keeping you up at night? What thoughts feeling or emotions are chronically invading your space? This is often an indicator of what is creating the stress in the first place. When we are whole in body, mind and spirit, we do not experience stress. We experience stress when we choose to hold onto energies and emotions as opposed to accepting them and allowing them to flow through us, or. Many times, fear is the underlying emotion that traps us. While we may not think it is on a conscious level, there is always some part of us that is afraid. We are afraid to let go or afraid to make changes in our lives, even if these changes will bring us a sense of peace and harmony. My question to you is this: is this your truth? Your reality? If it is not, stop buying into the energy of fear, scarcity and lack on the planet. Wishing, hoping and dreaming of better things to come only leaves us sad, frustrated and blaming our lot in life because we don’t have more. Instead, recognize the abundance in your life. Many times we become complacent in our thinking and don’t recognize all we do have. Take a look around, acknowledge your blessings and say thank you, thank you, thank you Stress reduction is an integral part of bringing balance back into your life. Stress has been identified with burnout and fatigue, a lowered immune system and an increase in free radical damage. There are a number of simple things you can do to help reduce or eliminate the stress you are experiencing in your life. Page 19 of 35
  20. 20. Let’s face it; our planet is in the midst of stress filled times. We can choose to add our feelings of lack, fear and survival to the already intense emotions prevalent in the world today, thus making them stronger. On the other hand, we can choose to raise our hearts and our heads above it and fill ourselves and our lives with feelings of love, gratitude and abundance. As more and more individuals make this choice, collectively we can shift the prevailing energies on the planet and move us collectively out of fear and into grace. Then, what a wonderful world it would be. There is only one way of exercising the internal organs and that is through the practice of Qigong and Qigong self-massage. Qigong is quite literally exercise for the internal organs. Not only does it protect the internal organs, it stimulates them and gets rid of energy blockages which could lead to illness. The immediate effect is an increase in energy. The long term effect is a slowing down of the ageing process of the body together with prevention of injury and disease. Despite our current discussion on evidence and uses of energy training supported by research data, I would like to emphasize that training is a model for promoted health. The current research with classic “Randomized Clinical Trials” is based on current western philosophy of health care. We need to change directions in our research protocols to focus on the aspects of better physical, mental and emotional health in order to promote happiness, productivity and a more harmonious view of the world. And then, as a result of this changed emphasis, disease and illness will be less frequent and more easily addressed when it does occur. My vision is to have energy training and the science of Martial Arts incorporated into every walk of life, all schools and organizations, so that all children and families may have that benefit of good health thus a better life. Our children are the hope and future of our tomorrow. Therefore to allow their body, mind, and spirit to take flight, their health is of the utmost importance and Training could be the most important and powerful catalyst of all times! The science of Qigong and energy training I practice and teach are the original of Zen. These are Zen forms and they are practiced with this in mind. There is no need to understand any complicated Qi( energy) theory or to concentrate on one particular part of the body. The only instruction is to concentrate on the movement and the breath. That is all. The wisdom of the body knows what to do. If the mind is too full up with ideas and theory then the wisdom of the body can never manifest. Welcome to the new birth of you and the globe!!! Page 20 of 35
  21. 21. ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE AND MODERN SCIENCE Of The Teachings Martial Sciences is a relatively modern term for the study of the archetypal patterns that create everything in the material world. The name tends to carry undertones of a secret spiritual knowledge held and used by different traditions around the world, and there is good reason for this association. Throughout human history, great spiritual traditions have gathered and cultivated private knowledge of the core patterns of creation. Martial Sciences is often associated with sacred architecture, the classical work of master architects and temple builders; however, this is only the most visible aspect of this knowledge. In reality, the deeper, often hidden, teachings apply this knowledge to areas ranging from healing sciences to spiritual initiation. The essential concept behind all of these applications is simple: Everything has a pattern, and that pattern is the key to creating a specific effect in this effect there is a code to understand. From a holistic perspective, what we can call Martial Sciences( the Arts ) is in fact humanity's legacy of pattern knowledge from all our forebears. At every scale of existence, from the subatomic to the galactic, the same key patterns bring all things into existence. It is a remarkable historical fact that many of these same patterns (including shapes, forms, proportions, and rhythms) have been well known for centuries, but within a much more holistic context than today. They are part of nature's toolbox for effecting change and expressing itself. To give several simple examples. Nature uses the circle and the sphere as the primal container for energy and consciousness; we use it as patterns of understanding an attack of the mind and body. Also it use the vortex form to circulate and transmit energy and consciousness from one location to another; it uses the five perfect divisions of the sphere (popularly called the Platonic Solids) as the basis for diverse forms of matter. All things have meaning and understanding. To live without vision is to be blind to the power of the universe. Here at Dakota Dragon Defense along with the training of the physical presence but you will learn to see the shapes that produces the energy of life. Tragically, the importance and potential of this pattern knowledge is only dimly perceived by science today. This is partly due to specialization, where scientists only learn their one subject area such as chemistry and know very little about similar patterns found by other disciplines such as physics. It is also partly due to modern science's institutionalized dismissal of any |"meta-physical'' holistic connections among phenomena, which become visible at higher levels of analysis. Central to the development of a new context-rich holistic science is the knowledge of interconnected natural patterns. Only by understanding the complete pattern, or structure, of a natural process can we responsibly seek to use or modify that process. This only and will only occur when you practice daily from form to breath to motion of the mind. From this perspective, Martial Sciences becomes an essential foundation for creating a more balanced future, in the same way that the new biology and new cosmology are evolving the paradigm in their respective fields. In Martial Sciences, a new holistic science of patterns and their interconnections unifies the knowledge of structures and processes discovered in modern scientific fields with the knowledge millennia by great world traditions and studies gathered over by the patterns common to them all. In Martial Sciences, the Page 21 of 35
  22. 22. artificial split between physics and metaphysics can be healed, and the foundations for a new healing science of the future can be established. Most classical traditions See the forces of nature as being conscious, which means we have the potential to directly communicate with them. In fact, one possible root of our modern term "nature'' is the old Egyptian term deter, which signifies a conscious power of nature that interacts with human beings. Nature is usually translated as God or goddess or the spiritual wholeness. but those terms obscure its original meaning. Some modern physicists believe that consciousness is the foundation of our world, as convincingly described in teaching I have studied like in Amit Goswami’s excellent book the Self -Aware Universe Tarcher, 1995. There are many many more teaching and thoughts. These patterns of consciousness would thus embrace patterns observed in both ancient teachings and modern science. The Laws of Nature then become the expression of a consciousness inherent in our world, rather than the blind clockwork processes posited by reductionist science. The anomalous abilities of shamans of native traditions to control and affect natural forces such as mental development , observed and recorded for decades by anthropologists and other observers, become understandable when seen from this perspective. Patterns of consciousness are also fundamental to human evolution and self development. For example, all human beings go through stages of increasing self awareness of their own psychological and emotional patterns. In many cases, we are victims of these patterns until we recognize them and act to change them. To live as a complete soul we must go through training and create the world we want or choose to live in. nothing I mean nothing shall come easy or without forgiveness of oneself. Begin to believe in yourself and start your journey to understanding. Page 22 of 35
  23. 23. Train In No Mind When I was young student I would hear the elders say soon you will learn the art of fighting without fighting. As I grew and I read I also in a book that Bruce lee wrote” to learn true martial arts is to fight without fighting”. As I am now a little older then the child that first walk into the dojo I will like to share my thoughts on the art of fighting without fighting. There are three aspects to life I have been working on and teaching and that is physical, mentally and spiritually. To train in the martial science arts is to unite the mind and the body so that there is no distinction between thought and action. When you are in this state of mind you do not have to think but be the person who you have trained to be. As a most important note I have been training for over 35 years and the road is getting longer and understanding is getting larger. I pray and bless you on your journey and to keep training slowly in mind, body, spiritually,Because only then you will come to apex of understanding the fighting without fighting. When the human attains the high level of no mind actions it is reflexes and natural intelligence of the cultivated person that takes over. A short story one of my students ask me what would I do if I got pick up and slammed to the ground I then said “well lets test it out”. So he grabs me and slammed me to the ground and so after he was saying oh my god stop Master Dyer stop!!. After the release he said how, why, what happen? I just replied time my friend time. To fully understand oneself one must confront the inner working of their training and the reasons of why. To train in the science of martial arts means a wide and deep of meaning. In that meaning is the secret of the sacred geometry of life. In the time I have been on this earth I may never attain no mind, but in ever progress I make there is a benefits I gain to the level of glory and the promise. Aside from continuous training and repetition so that your technique and breath and movements become as one and second nature and can be used without even needing to think about it there are a few methods of attaining no fighting method of fighting is to produce each and every movement with a breath of life (energy). In your training you will develop a mental action of mind set. The word mindset is often bandied about in combative training, though it doesn’t seem to be easily defined nor well applied in practice. We prefer the term combative intent. While most people who use the term mindset seem to be referring to a “correct” mindset, inherently the word itself is basically neutral: one can either a positive mindset or a negative mindset. Combative intent, however, implies the will or volition to carry out a combative action. Nevertheless, whether using the word mindset or intent, a rose by another name is just as sweet… The problem is not in the term itself, but in understanding what it means. And the meaning and learning the appropriate use of mindset can literally be a matter of life or death. In all training for real combat, the ultimate aim is to train the most effective combative intent (or mindset) possible. What that intent should be often is not clear. And a lack of clear combative intent is reflected in and by combative performance (and behavior). As you travel down your path of living not surviving you will then and only then ask the question is I who I am? Where I am? with action and breath. This is just part of my understating of fighting with no mind. Page 23 of 35
  24. 24. To be the practice of peace one must know who they are inside and out and your reactions will benefit life and not death. This is an important fact to understand and practice when Page 24 of 35
  25. 25. The Frontal Understanding Let us understand what is happening to us when we are not consciousness about our higher selves. In my research about how the brain works and how we react to things. I learned that when we think about the idea of sadness and perception of ourselves and it actually triggers the older part of the brain that is geared for survival. This ancient part of us is our survival brain that can become obsessive and overwhelming all of our thoughts, when something real or imaginary threatens to harm us. When we are in fear or depression, we are in survival mode. The limbic brain is in charge of emotional response to life, for example, the idea of self doubt. The older brain and limbic parts of the brain work in tandem often accessing old patterns of fight or flight. The idea of saving ourselves from danger we may create in our own thoughts. Just recently I was talking with a student and we were talking about letting others and myself down. It becomes what thoughts we are creating to give ourselves because of past emotional feeling. This tried and true pattern will replay until we become consciousness enough to take control of the only thing we can control and how we feel about something. The frontal lobe of the brain contains something called the pre-frontal cortex, which we are discovering is the higher conscious part of the brain. The pre-frontal cortex lies directly between the eyebrows in the very front of the brain, precisely where the third eye is located. The pre-frontal cortex is of significance because this is the part of the brain that created pure Joy and happiness with our inner self. To reach within to the place of unconditional love we must train our vision to see in the mirror that reflects the changes in our acceptance of self. Ask yourself who am I ? where am I ? allow yourself to be reborn with new thoughts through training and education. Give yourself permission to love the love that is yours through the universal promise and the training of energy through form and breath. Page 25 of 35
  26. 26. The way, The Truth, The Thoughts The most powerful human ability, the ability that sets us apart from every other living creature on this planet, is without a doubt the power of our thoughts. In the process of learning and training one must train to be one with one. This meaning is to learn the ways of the still waters. The destiny you are projected to have with your thoughts will change your life. When it’s time to be still let yourself be still and just see all that is not worth your pain to hear the noise. Then don’t react or identify with all that isn’t. Let all that isn’t reveal all that isn’t you meaning all the noise, the pain that is pulling you left and right, and revisiting the past, planning the future, getting caught up with how much you want to be a good spiritual person. This is the noise that will drown you. As I was even reminded from time to time take a moment for self and shine. If you work at this, and are willing to enter into it, slowly and certainly you will begin to realize that the reason you have not been able to be still is because you have not understood that who you are is not the noise. Before you can learn how to change your destiny, you must first realize that secret place within yourself where your own future is created. You must consciously enter that place of power where all of your life-choices are made for you. It’s called the present moment, the now. And this now is the cultivation of all that comes later. If you want to improve your life, your health, your business, you have the power and it has always rested within you. Yes, we can create a more successful life by asking, praying and thinking about it. Yes, we can attract unwanted pain, problems and disasters by thinking about it. Yes, we can improve or destroy our health by the power of thought. The old adage, be careful what you wish for, all of the sudden seems to take on a whole different level of significance It’s only what you do right at this moment, right now, that’s the seed of personal change. And in the endless beauty and mystery of what is the now, this same seed of change is also the seed of your new and higher being. The journey to your heart’s vision is to bring you to the teaching and material of your destiny. The 3 D system teaches on the topics of personal and spiritual growth. The lessons do not speak for or represent one religion, or one thought but rather the common connection of wisdom that run throughout all teachings. Through your training you will begin to understanding that there is a Spirit, God, which is the essence of everything that exists in the universe. To believe that wisdom can be found in the teachings and scriptures of many faiths and that all can be used to bring joy, guidance, prosperity, and happiness into our everyday lives takes opening yourself up to the beginning and not thinking there is an end. In your journey train your focus on the common threads of wisdom that run throughout all teachings and it will bring yourself to the light of a new way of understanding of these truths. You will begin to believe there is no one way to achieve enlightenment but utilize the multiple teachings that are available to us. Master Paul Dyer believes that compassion, acceptance and love are essential ingredients to run our lives. The training helps to reestablish these energetic circuits and efficient communication in an effective way, which then allows the body and the mind to recover and catch up in the process of healing. These healing practices have been achieved by martial science for thousands of years. Master Paul Dyer bases his teaching and training principle that the body is capable of healing itself at all levels – as evidenced by the healing process that is automatically initiated when a person get hurts physically. The healing process is part of the body’s inborn intelligence, or the internal wisdom Page 26 of 35
  27. 27. we process inside of the body. The innate wisdom guides the overall functioning of the body mind complex, synchronizes all the activities as well as maintains balance, or homeostasis, within the body mind complex. To the notion that power is within, and understand the meaning of the next sentence, fully, and you’ll have your first glimpse of just one of the special ways in which the power of the present moment can help you change your destiny. If you choose to change right now, and then you won’t have to worry about how to be different next time! In fact, choose to change now, and that moment will never come for you to worry about how to be better next time. Why? Because your conscious choice for real change in the present moment automatically cancels the need for a better you in a better future. Why? Because all will be better for you now, which is the only time it really matters! It will never be too late for the shift, the change. Because we shall continue to ask ourselves can I or will I am better so begin? Page 27 of 35
  28. 28. Are you Free or Enslaved on this day? To produce love one must reach for it with all purpose. To Give Thanks for what we have and to help those that haven’t. TRANSFORM your situation no matter how bad it is. It can be done, EAT WELL, REST, And MEDITATE. PROTECT yourself. BECOME a PEACEFUL WARRIOR. Don’t Apologies for being a DREAMER -we need you to believe and hold firm to your vision. Don't make up excuses or get caught up in blame. Escaping from the tyranny of their king lives set upon themselves to make a decision to make a difference for them. If you going to set aside one day to give thanks, Ask yourself why? Ask yourself Am I thankful for what I am striving for a better way of humanity. Nearly 400 years ago, a band of pilgrims found themselves cast upon the shores of a New World. They were very human, these hundred or so travelers who boarded the Mayflower. But in the New England wilderness, they trusted their beliefs in their higher consciences. And so, through starvation, sickness, and sorrow, they learned contentment. They learned community. They learned thankfulness. They learned what we have lost and have given away and that is freedom. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind.” This quote was first spoken by the late Marcus Garvey and brought to fame by the beloved Bob Marley in Redemption song. I’ve listened to this song a hundred times over and only recently have the words replayed in my mind verbatim as if I had spoken them myself. To be free one must know that they are being slaved and duped. When most people think about America’s debt problem, they think of the debt of the federal government. But that is only part of the story. The sad truth is that debt slavery has become a way of life for tens of millions of American families. Over the past several decades, most Americans have willingly allowed themselves to become enslaved to debt. to us” In the Declaration of Independence it is stated, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. Do you not know that our government, our representatives and senators, our presidents, governors and state assemblies have sold us into slavery. And they have done so not to serve the common good but in building power bases with special interest groups and unions. Our future and even the future of our children are now committed to working not for our own prosperity but to pay for the greed and selfishness of the very people we trusted to safeguard or country and our future. This is not to warn you but to get you to begin. There is a change in the air and it starts with every thought you have. Unchained your mind and release yourself into freedom. If you going to rejoice in celebration and holiday occasions then make sure you know that what you are celebrating is the opening of your mind. Our past teachers and educators has warned us already they have taught us Page 28 of 35
  29. 29. the cosmic way. They have given us the way in our training let’s not ignore what has been told to us. These past days I have had some people leave this earth that have given so much to me in guidance and education. I am sad and my heart is singing to you. My heart is saying I shall not leave this earth without making a difference. I am asking for your help to do the same. To do something for someone, To build a community of free will, free souls, freedom. Let us in shaping our own Destiny set before us the qualities of human JUSTICE, LOVE, CHARITY, MERCY AND EQUITY. Upon such foundation let us build a race, and I feel that the God who is Divine, the Almighty Creator of the world, shall forever bless this race of ours, and who to tell that we shall not teach men the way to life, liberty and true human happiness? “Marcus Garvey” Enjoy, Praise and Be blessed Page 29 of 35
  30. 30. Spirit/Peaceful Warrior In a time when there is a global movement away from our origins, disintegration of family and disconnection from the natural elements, Spirit/Peaceful Keepers are the true warriors of today. We are the peaceful warriors of peace that hold the code and shine the light to the earth for the weak and others to hold onto like a rope in stormy waters. In diminishing pockets throughout the world, in many ways disrespected, they still maintain the invisible threads that connect us to our roots. A tree that is uprooted quickly dies. As we passed through this cosmic of Change this month, the intensity of the chaos is mounting. It is important to surrender your energies this month to supporting and being part of birthing and bringing in the new reality. Whether you know it or not, I’m sure you feel the pull of this energy and it is phenomenal. Time feels faster, things are feeling over whelming and makining you tired. It is not the teacher before you that manifests what you perceive as an awakening, but the awakening within you that manifests what you perceive as a teacher. In truth, we are all teacher and student involved in a multifaceted process, perfectly balanced as every one of us being teacher to and student of every other, simultaneously. To consider oneself as more one aspect of the process than the other is an illusion, and limits our collective experience. A recent experience has express that love is there for us all. If we are able to keep our heart open for a connection we shall have glory. Glory may never define you but, effort and training will guide you. Who am I ? who am I going to be? At some point of time in our lives, most of us try to understand and define the meaning of life. Life beginning with birth and ending with death could be different from life as consciousness in continuum before birth and after death. Life as an expression of consciousness is a journey that begins with the union of minds, conceiving one more of itself from the stardust, letting it sail through the vast cosmic ocean in search of perfection through disparting, transmigration and ascension to enable itself worthy of love, and capable of procreation, thus perpetuating life. Any life begins from a primordial form. In this form we have the universial promise that is within us .We develop from the fusion of a sperm and a ovum resulting in a zygote. The zygote then divides into numerous cells and organizes itself into multitude of tissues. Miles long neurons. A brain is a emanating transmitter of consciousness. Miles long blood streams. A heart pumping blood, but does it really ends there? Is there anything beyond us? Above us? Could we be lost elements of another higher organization? Yes we are. A collective of cells working toward the same process and that is living. The living code is within your grasp and you can be a keeper of the code. Take time to meditate, journal and write a letter to God, to your heavens your angels and guides. If your life here is a trip away from home, what do you write about? What would you ask? Are there feelings you would like to express? Questions, acknowledgments, gratitude, forgiveness that need to be included? Then do so stop holding back communication from your soul. When you deny yourself from expression it will corrupt you like any affliction, if encouraged, it can ultimately ruin you. If you gradually cure yourself of it, your life will take a huge turn for the better. Your life will go away from surviving to the living. The about destruction about laboring thoughts is that it can grow on you, by which I mean you can end up spending increasing amounts of time sitting and obsessing. Again, like a classical addiction, it can lead to a point where it prevents you from performing routine daily activities like eating, sleeping or working. If it gets this bad, you are likely to destruct your and move away from a connection of love and opportunity of love. No matter where you are in your journey, there will be times of “dark side of the soul”. This will sometimes sweep over you and resemble a form of depression. Remember, this is the time you need to meditate more fervently, listen more intently and give thanks from the heart and soul. You are not forgotten, cut off or unloved. We are all children of God and like children, often require our alone time. When you are done with your letter you may wish to keep it so you can add to it any message, future questions and answers. You can perform your own ritual of burning the paper as a sign you are Page 30 of 35
  31. 31. sending the letter to the heavens via the smoke. We have been given a gift that is called possibility and truth, whose intent offers to tie all action together, creating strands of a whole life rather than a separation one another. The gift we have been granted before the world was cooled is what throws light into dark places. The gift held out to us has always been present. But accepting the gift has a price, It a price to train to teach to give to have the courage. It is an undying ability that allows any of us to ride the cosmic heaven dream and start awakening the soul within. We can create a momentum. The word momentum is a commonly used term in martial science. A person who is striking and object creates action that has the momentum is on the move and is going to take some effort to stop. A idea of the Spirit/Peaceful Warrior has a lot of momentum is really on the move and is going to be hard to stop. Momentum is a physics term; it refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. Join yourself from within and join the momentum you have to make a difference. The warrior is only possible through humility and presupposes that one seeks union with its higher power. As I finished this thought, I want to share a part of a song by Rush To want to get away Take each breath as a chance to make a difference in your daily chapter of life. Written and taught by: Master Paul W Dyer I declare that I am a Spirit/Peaceful Warrior. Can you ? p.s In most cases, the realization of inner peace requires a teacher to answer questions over an extended period of time. It is no different from being taught classical music or a second language: there are methods to learn and it is necessary for you to practice what you have learned. Email Coaching If I can offer any help to those please email me. Page 31 of 35
  32. 32. As a Dragon I shall never stop teaching, protecting, guiding into the new light away from darkness. Those of you who have invested the time and effort to obtain and read these spoken words of the Dragon Master Paul W Dyer will undoubtedly have many questions. Questions are the beginning of wisdom, and of learning. I invite you to continue to question, respectfully of course, but ask, seek and inquire for a richer more complete understanding. If the things I have introduced within this book are strange, new, or confusing to you, then I ask that you keep your mind open to the possibilities of energy use. Most of all ask me and I shall answer the call. Those of you who have been previously initiated into the skillful use of martial arts sciences, I encourage you to continue to grow in your skills. My hope is that this book has added to your knowledge and invited further experience and progress. The training of any system is a very demanding. Its physical motions are effective and practical. Hopeful you now see that martial arts sciences also possess very practical and effective skills. To begin to experience these deeply rich skills, all you need to do is start along the path. Life is learned through experience, a competent guide is helpful, and in the more advanced levels even essential, but anyone can begin by taking the first few steps into the realms of martial arts skills. Yes there are many charlatans out there who make claims that are both incredible and unverifiable. In my experience, such individuals are never able to demonstrate these skills. What I have suggested and outlined in this book are real question of thought and ideas of a way My desire is to bring the science of martial arts and people together in harmony, to share our collective understanding of this great universal system. This work is an effort to begin such sharing, and to invite others to likewise share what they have learned and given. Page 32 of 35
  33. 33. Sincerely: The Dragon Speaks Master Paul W Dyer Page 33 of 35
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  35. 35. Dragon Speak BY Grandmaster Paul W Dyer, PhD. M.A., Its one absolute attribute, which is itself, eternal, ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance the “Great Breath,” which is the perpetual motion of the Universe, in the sense of limitless, everpresent Space. —H. P. Blavatsky: The Secret Doctrine Grandmaster Paul W Dyer Contact information 1017 4th ave n Fargo, ND 58102 A dragons service is to serve. Page 35 of 35
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