Grand Canyon Natural History


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Have you started planning your summer vacation yet? Think about rafting, flying, and hiking around the Grand Canyon this year with Grand Canyon Airlines.

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Grand Canyon Natural History

  1. 1. Grand Canyon Natural History
  2. 2. VISIT THE GRAND CANYON The Grand Canyon has long been a popular vacationing spot in the United States. The rich history and breathtaking scenery draws in thousands of people every year. This year, consider a boat or airplane tour to various parts of the canyon for your next family vacation.
  3. 3. EXPLORE THE COLORADO RIVER The Colorado River runs through the canyon and is a popular boating river for Grand Canyon excursions. The Colorado River is just under 1,500 miles long and through 7 U.S. states and into Mexico. By air or water, this river is truly a beautiful site to see, and the Colorado River is not just a popular vacation spot. It also provides electricity and water for those who live nearby.
  4. 4. ANTELOPE CANYON Antelope Canyon is on the most visited and photographed slot canyon in the Southwest part of the United States. Grand Canyon tours with Grand Canyon Airlines features a 4 wheel drive tour of Antelope Canyon in their Canyon River Adventure package. The canyon itself is made out of Navajo Sandstone and was formed by erosion through flash floods and other running water sources.
  5. 5. GLEN CANYON Glen Canyon was carved by the Colorado River and it runs through southeastern and south central Utah as well as northwestern Arizona. While traveling by air on your Grand Canyon tour, you will be able to see parts of the canyon as well as the: • Glen Canyon Dam • Lake Powell • Selections of the Colorado River
  6. 6. GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK EAST RIM Another part of the tour features a drive through the Grand Canyon National Park east rim. In this part of the Canyon, there is scenic route called the Desert View Drive. This area features a: • Watchtower • Gift shop • Visitor center and bookstore • Marketplace • Campground • Restrooms
  7. 7. HUALAPAI INDIAN NATION’S GRAND CANYON WEST On the west rim of the Grand Canyon, you will go through a Navajo Indian reservation. See the local sights around the reservation before starting your rafting journey down the Colorado river.
  8. 8. CONVENIENT DROP-OFF AND PICK-UP Many of the tours from Grand Canyon Airlines feature convenient pick-up and drop-off from your hotel in Las Vegas. Other trips require a short drive to the pick-up and drop-off locations. However, the locations are easily located landmarks around the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon areas.
  9. 9. BOOK YOUR TOUR TODAY Float, fly, and walk through the Grand Canyon any time of the year with Grand Canyon Airlines. Book your vacation today!
  10. 10. ABOUT US Grand Canyon Airlines Inc. Physical address: Reservations local:(928) 638-2-fly (638-2359) Grand Canyon Airlines terminal Grand Canyon Airport Hwy 64 Reservations toll free:(866) 2-fly-gca (235-9422) Reservations Email Mailing address: Reservations open6:00am - 9:00pm Mst Corporate Headquarters 8:00am - 5:00pm mon - fri PO Box 3038 Grand Canyon, Arizona 86023-3038 Corp office: (928) 638-2463 Corp fax: (928) 638-9461