A osborne cross-cultural oral presentation


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A osborne cross-cultural oral presentation

  1. 1. The American & Chinese Protestant Church How do they function and the roles they play in their respective societies. By: Amilia Osborne
  2. 2. Facts about the Protestant Church Protestant Christianity began in the 1500's Protestants separated themselves from the Catholic Church in an effort to form a church with the truth from the Bible. • Notice the base word being “protest” Most Protestant churches recognize only two atonements directly commanded by the Lord - baptism and communion. † “Protestantism” can best be described as the broad division of Christian Churches globally † Protestants make up may many denominations such as: Methodist, Baptist, non-denominational, Pentecostal, COGIC, AME, etc. † There are 500 million Protestants in the world
  3. 3. Chinese Christian Church The emerging Church and it’s role in Society
  4. 4. Treatment of Spiritual Leaders
  5. 5. Samuel Lamb Died in August 2013 at the age of 88.
  6. 6. American Christian Church
  7. 7. Treatment of Spiritual Leaders
  8. 8. Underground Churches/ House- Churches
  9. 9. • Tends to be Pentecostal • Minority religion in a hostile society • Churches are held underground/ housechurches • Christianity is not a part of the culture • Not a religion respected amongst rulers • Communist government runs the church • Do not have freedom to worship • Evangelism is not allowed • Christianity is the dominant religion • Church is respected often amongst the culture • Laws of separation between Church and state • Freedom to worship
  10. 10. THE END !