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Olds mooc kickoff meeting gcc


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Olds mooc kickoff meeting gcc

  1. 1. OLDS MOOC Kickoff Meeting Partner Introduction
  2. 2. Please tell us..• Who are you?• Why are you interested in the OLDS- MOOC?• What can you offer the project?• What will you do?• What are you hoping to take with you/learn from this project?
  3. 3. Who are you?• Grainne Conole• Professor of learning innovation• Beyond Distance Research Alliance• Been involved with learning design ca. 10 years – led OULDI• 7Cs of learning design• Also interest in OER
  4. 4. Your people• Members of BDRA and CDDU• Academics across UoL• Wider L & T community particularly through social and participatory media
  5. 5. Target Audience• Who do you think is the target audience for the OLDS-MOOC? • Practitioners interested in using technologies in their teaching• How can we engage with this/these audience(s)? • Through social and participatory media generally and cloudworks specifically• What do you think the target audience will get out of the MOOC? • New approaches to design
  6. 6. Concerns• What do you think of the MOOC concept? •Exciting novel way of teaching •Harnesses the distributed community• Are there any issues/concerns with the idea of a MOOC, and/or the OLDS-MOOC? •Dropout and/or low engagement• Possible solutions to these problems/concerns? • Provide a clear learning pathway
  7. 7. Outcomes• What do you anticipate as outcomes of the OLDS-MOOC project process? • An aggregation of LD resources into a coherent structure• What do you anticipate as the "next steps" post-project? • Link to formal institutional courses • Ongoing development of resources