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Mapping 7 cs_to activities_and_tools


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Mapping the 7Cs of Learning Design framework to activities and tools

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Mapping 7 cs_to activities_and_tools

  1. 1. Table 1Summary of how tools can be used to supportdifferent types of activities Type of activity Tools Presentation PowerPoint Facebook live Prezi Google drive and classroom Google slides YouTube TedEd Communication Skype Twitter WhatsApp Flipgrid Google sheets Collaboration Kanban Trello Google wiki Brainstorming and concept mapping Linoit Padlet Mindomo coogle Reflection Wordpress EduBlogger Feedback Annotated word files Audio feedback Assessment E-portfolios: word, google drive, dropbox, pathbrite Recording iPhone Audacity Voicethread Screen-o-matic Voting Facebook poll Easypolls Polleverywhere Survey monkey Kahoot Annotation Diigo A.nnotate Curation Pinterist File sharing Drop box Slideshare Google drive
  2. 2. Table 2: Mapping the 7Cs to activities and tools 7Cs Activity Tools Conceptualise How to ruin a course Linoit Padlet Mindomo coggle Personas Word Google drive Create Find and collate resources Pinterist Diigo Create resources Powerpoint Prezi Google slides YouTube TedEd iPhone audio or video Audacity Voicethread Screen-o-matic File sharing Google drive or classroom Dropbox Slideshare Communicate Teacher-student(s) Students- students Students – broader community Skype Twitter WhatsApp Tlk-io Google sheets Collaborate Joint project work Group work management Working up ideas WhatsApp Kanban Trello Google wiki Linoit Padlet Mindomo coggle Consider Reflection Wordpress or Edublogger Feedback Skype Annotated word file Audio feedback A.nnotate Voting Facebook poll Easypolls Polleverywhere Survey monkey Consolidate Feedback from learners Easypolls Polleverywhere