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Shooting Schedule

  1. 1. Shooting ScheduleDate and Time Frame/Section People Involved Equipment Location of Shot Shots Used Problems and Needed Solutions12thDecember Protagonist falls Milo Watson Tripod and Hartlepool Sixth Establishing shot-This Actors-it may be 2012 asleep in class Video Camera Form College, shot is used in the hard trying to and enters Joshua Howie Media Class opening of the music find people who 12:00 dream-scape Room and West video in order to are available on Luke Gibson Rugby Club Field introduce the the day of character and show filming. If this Mary Wiley the situation he is in. issue occurs we will just have to Matthew use close ups of Marshall the main Mid shot-This shot is character with John Pattinson used in order to show the tables and the protagonist sitting chairs behind him Rhys Stevens in his chair in order to show James daydreaming. that he is in a Robertson classroom. Extreme Close-Up-This shot will be used to Lighting-There show the protagonist may also be slowly falling into a trouble with deep sleep. lighting in the field, due to us Long Shot-This shot filming in will show the December and protagonist sitting on also because it a chair in the middle gets dark earlier. of the field. If this issue occurs well use Extreme Long Shot- Flash-lights or This shot has been film on another used in order to day when its further examine the light. environment the protagonist is in. Close up-This shot is used to show the protagonist looking into the distance. Medium Close Up-This shot is used to show the protagonist looking up into the clouds. Point of view shot-This shot is used to show the clouds what the protagonist is focused on.
  2. 2. Long Shot- This is used to show the protagonist walking towards the girl. Stop Motion Pan-Isused to create a verysurreal effect and to relate to the pop culture videos of today. Point of View shot- This is used to showthe girl who the maincharacter/protagonist is fascinated with.Reverse Point of View shot-This is used to show that the girl isfocusing on the man. Medium Shot-This show the main character waving at the girl. Medium Shot-Thisshows the girl walkingaway from the man by turning around. Close-Up-This showsthe man apologising to the girl. Medium Shot-Thisshows the girl walkingaway into the distance as if shes trying to ignore the man. Low Angle-This usedto show the power the girl has over the man due to the man being far away to represent him being small and her being powerful and controlling.Long Shot-This shows the woman walking away and the protagonist chasing after her.Defocused Shot-This isused to show that the protagonist is still inhis dream and may be waking up.
  3. 3. 12thDecember Protagonist Milo Watson Tripod and video Grahams Home High Angle/Close Up- Actors-it may be 2012 wakes up in his camera and Garden, This shows the hard trying to home and starts Luke Gibson Hartlepool protagonists head laid find people who 1:00 a party in order on top of a few are available on to impress the John Pattinson pillows. the day of girl he is in love filming. If this with James Medium Close-Up-This issue occurs we Robertson shows the rolling his will just have ask legs out of the bed. some of my Mary Wiley neighbours or Dutch Tilt/Mid Shot- family to act as this is used to show party goers. the protagonist sitting on top of the bed Long Shot-Shows the Lighting-There protagonist standing may also be inside of his room with trouble with a guitar by his side. lighting in my garden, due to us Close-Up-This is used filming in to show the December and protagonist playing his also because it guitar and also to give gets dark earlier. an in depth look at the If this issue guitars fretboard. This occurs well use also Andrew Flash-lights or Goodwins theory film on another which states Visuals day when its can illustrate or light. contradict the lyrics and music. Camera-Snow may get in the Long Shot- Is used to lens while filming. the protagonist To be prepared playing his guitar in we will use a lens time to the music. protect in order Long Shot-Is used to to avoid any show the protagonist snow or other staring into a mirror. things hitting the lens. Mid Shot-Is used to show the protagonists reflection in the mirror. Mid Shot-Is used the protagonist strumming chords on his guitar in time to the music. Mid Shot-Is used to show the protagonist looking confused while looking up towards the sky. Close Up-This shows a group of of clouds in the sky. It also relates to the lyric in the songs context up in the clouds.
  4. 4. Long Shot- This shows the main character walking towards a house.Medium Close-Up-Thisshows the protagonistplaying his guitar in his field with adisgruntled look on his face. Close-Up-This shows the back of the girls head as if she is ignoring the music.Medium Close-Up-The camera starts to pan around theprotagonist while he is playing his guitar to create a dramaticeffect, this also relates to the Sven ECarlssontheory which states Performance videos are when the audience are able to see the artist(s) singing and dancingthroughout the videoLong Shot-This is used to show that the protagonist is in fact playing in front of an audience. This alsoshows the girl dancing with another man. Mid Shot-Is used toshow the girl dancing alone. Mid Shot-Is to show the protagonist smiling while playing his guitar as if hes having a lot of fun. Long Shot-Is used toshow the girl dancing with two men. Mid Shot-Shows theprotagonist squeezing in-between the man and woman while playing his guitar in order to impress thegirl. The man and girl both have angry expression on their face as if they are annoyed by the
  5. 5. protagonist.Long Shot- This is used to show the main character chasing theboy and girl in order to create a comic effect. Mid Shot-Is used toshow the protagoniststrumming his guitar.Medium Close-Up-this shot is used to show both the boy and girl talking while the protagonist is in thebackground playing his guitar.Medium Close-Up-This is used in for theprotagonist to matchthe falsetto singing in the audio track. Close-Up-Is used to show the protagonistyet again matching the falsetto in the audio track. Medium Close- Up/High Angle-This is used to create a liveband effect as it shows the protagonist playing in front of a live audience. It also shows you what it looks like from his perspective.Medium Close-Up-Thecamera rotates aroundthe protagonists head as he matches the falsetto in the audio track.Medium Close-Up-The camera pans out as the main character matches the falsettoin the audio track. This lasts for 3 shots, until a quick zoom is used, which is reminiscent of the forest scene in The Evil Dead. This also relates to the Andrew Goodwin theory because it states that Inter- textualreferences are
  6. 6. popular too. Mid Shot-This shows the protagonist playing a few chords on his guitar. Close-Up-This showsthe guitar fretboard as the protagonist plays the songs main riff. Medium Close-Up-Shows the protagonist strumming a fewchords on his guitar to the song.Medium Close-Up-Thisshows the girl avoiding the other man while smiling and focusingon the main character. Mid Shot-this shows the main character walking towards the girl.Mid Shot-This is quite a romantic shotbecause it shows both the boy and girlwalking towards each- other in sync with each-others steps.Medium Close-Up-This shows the main character singingtowards the camera.Medium Close-Up-This shows the womansmiling at the camera.Long Shot-This shows the main characterand girl holding hands with each as if theyare sharing a romantic moment. Medium Close-Up/Continuity Editing- This shot is used in order to show the audience that the main character has awoken, this shot continues onto the next scene to which the main characterturns his head in orderto see the girl from his
  7. 7. dream. Medium Close- Up/High Angle-This shot shows the main character looking at the girl from his dream. It also shows you the students who are in the classroomwith him. The girl thensees him and turns herhead as if she is trying to avoid him.