Monthly Report Example


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This is a fictional version of a best in class monthly report on one page.

Monthly Report Example

  1. 1. EXAMPLE ONE PAGE MONTHLY REPORT Graham Robertson | President of Beloved Brands Inc.
  2. 2. Novatine Monthly Report for October 2012Consumption OverviewNovatine hit a record 42% $ share in September, up 11% vya. Both Benytineand Private Label both lost share.For the latest 4 weeks, Novatine achieved a 42% dollar share (+11% vya and a gain of 2.2 share ptsvya) and a 38% unitshare (+12% and a gain of 2 share ptsvya). The source of growth for the period is the new Purple flavour and increasedfood shares. This keeps Novatine’s momentum going, with the dollar share going from 39% up to 41% for the year. Themajor growth continues to the Blue flavour with accounts for 48% of the overall consumption. We continue to see that thenew advertising is driving an increase in future purchase intent, up from 67% in Q1 up to 79% in Q4. The new purpleflavour, which now has 93% distribution, now accounts for 15% of the brand’s consumption. Latest 4 Weeks Latest 12 Weeks YTD $ Vol % $ $ Pt Unit Vol Unit Unit Pt $ Vol % $ $ Share Pt $ Vol % $ $ Pt Chg Share Change % Chg Share Change Chg Share Change Chg Share ChangeCategory 4% 100% 0 5% 100% 0 2% 100% 0 4% 100% 0Novatine 11% 42% 2.2 12% 38% 2.0 14% 42% 2.1 11% 41% 2.0Nextact 0% 28% -0.2 1% 27% -0.3 1% 27.% -0.2 0% 27% -0.2Benytine -6% 10% -1.1 -4% 12% -1.1 2% 11% -1.1 -6% 10% -1.1Private Label -2% 20% -1.0 -4% 23% -0.8 4% 23% -1.0 -2% 22% -0.9Key Drivers Key Inhibitors Purple 1L up to a 7% $ share, with distribution up from New TV ad has soft link scores: 42% vs norm of 55%. 73% to 93. New food listings include Publix. Looking at new edit options for Q4 media. TV Advertising continues to drive consideration and Q2 promo had strong sell in, but did not achieve same purchase intention. coop and display vs year ago. Adjustments made to Q4 Benytine has cut spend and seeing consumption falling program to regain customer support. for second straight year. Green awareness is softer this year, over-shadowed by Innovation plan behind the Purple launch has helped launch of purple. Explore Green sampling program to steal share from Private Label (down 2% for the year). keep brand top of mind.Shipments OverviewNovatine sales were up 15.7% vya for October, up 6% in Q3 and up 9.7% for the year. Latest forecast for the yearhas Novatine exceeding plan by 3%. Wal-Mart continues to lead the way, Costco has some risk. Safeway had a verysoft October but on pace for a strong year. The 1.5L size continues to be strong and the new Purple flavour continues tosee strong sell-in. October 2012 Year To Date Key Drivers Total % Total % Wal-Mart remarkable 27% growth continues, outpacing Sales change Sales change the brand by 3-fold. Additional promo and increased $MM vya $MM vya display have helped sell through. Total Novatine 10.0 +15.7% 112.0 +9.7% Purple having a strong year (+22%) following last year’s Top 5 Accounts launch. New food listings have helped shipments. Wal-Mart 1.5L promotion sell-in for Q3 much stronger than last 2.59 +23% 25.0 +27% Costco year. Need to ensure consumption to stay on forecast. 1.11 -11% 11.7 -6% Walgreens Walgreens had a strong month (+9%), regaining some 0.85 +9% 7.2 +3% Kroger of the softness from the first half of he year. 0.55 +2% 4.4 +2% Safeway 0.41 -44% 5.3 +15% Key Inhibitors Publix 0.33 -9% 3.8 -7% Safeway had a soft October (-44%) but continues to Top Skus stay strong on the year (+15%) 1L Blue 4.5 +2% 53.7 +5% Costco continues to see softness (-11% in Oct and -6% 1L Green 2.2 +1% 26.2 -2% for the year) as some of the FDM customers launch the 1L Purple 1.5 +5% 17.3 +22% 1.5L sku. Exploring combo pack for Q1. 1.5L Blue 1.8 +73% 11.2 +11% Green is stabilizing, but has seen cannibalization at the shelf from retailers and with consumers. Continue to push for re-listing at the expense of Benytine.
  3. 3. About Beloved Brands Inc. I started Beloved Brands Inc. to help your brand realize its full potential value by generating more love for your brand.The biggest difference that I offer is that I will challenge your team to come up with new ideasthat will drive real growth. I have walked a mile in your shoes. I am a former business leader witha reputation for finding growth where others could not, whether it’s a turnaround, re-positioning,new product launch or sustaining success. With my experience, I’ll be able to get you and yourteam to a strategic action plan that will set your brand up to win in the market. I bring a unique perspective: I believe the more loved the brand, the more valuable is the brand. Brands move along a Brand Love Curve, going from Indifferent to Like It to Love It and finally to the Beloved Brand status. It is the tight bond created between a brand and its consumers that can be used as a source of power to drive further growth and profits. Brands can find themselves stuck at a point on the curve, uncertain how to get more from their brand. I will help unleash the power of your brand by finding aUnique Selling Proposition that best matches the needs of your consumers with your brand’s assets. Together, we’ll develop strategies that will make your brand become a more beloved brand and in turn a more powerful and more profitable brand.The areas where I can help you the most are: Strategic Planning: I will help your team to develop a Brand Plan with vision, mission, objectives, strategies and tactics. I will help you to discover a Unique Selling Proposition that matches up the needs of your consumers against your brand assets. The plan and new positioning will separate you from your competitors and set you up to win in the market. Marketing Training: I know I can make your team better, because I have done it my entire career. You can get a training program customized for your team, which will meet specific needs or adjusted to any level of your team. I also provide coaching at the brand team level or personalized one-on-ones for key individuals. The Marketing Training program includes: 1. Strategic Thinking 2. Brand Plans 3. Developing Creative Briefs 4. Driving Profits through your Brand 5. P&L and Forecasting Management 6. Judging Advertising Creative 7. Media Planning 8. Marketing Careers