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Brand Management Training Program

  1. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. How we make brand leaders smarter Brand training program to help brand leaders reach their full potential
  2. How good are your people on your Marketing team? Better people on your team will pay off with smarter brand strategies and amazing marketing execution that leads to stronger brand results.
  3. 1. Digs deep into data, draws comparisons and builds a story toward the business conclusion 2. Able to lead a best-in-class 360-degree deep-dive business review for the brand 3. Understands all sources of brand data—share, brand funnel, consumption, financials 4. Writes analytical performance reports that outlines the strategic implications 5. Thinks strategically, by asking the right interruptive questions before reaching for solutions 6. 360-degree strategic thinking: core strength, consumers, competitors, situation, engagement 7. Able to lead a well-thought strategic discussion across the organization 8. Makes smart strategic decisions based on vision, focus, opportunity, early win and leverage 9. Defines ideal consumer target, framed with need states, insights and enemies 10.Consumer centric approach to turn brand features into functional and emotional benefits 11. Finds winning brand positioning space that is own-able and motivates consumers 12.Develops a big idea for brand that can lead every consumer touchpoint 13.Leads all elements of a smart brand plan; vision, purpose, goals, issues, strategies, tactics. 14.Turns strategic thinking into smart strategic objective statements for the brand plan 15.Strong in presenting brand plans to senior management and across organization 16.Develops smart execution plans that delivers against the brand strategies 17.Writes strategic, focused and thorough creative briefs to inspire great work from experts 18.Can lead all marketing projects on brand communication, innovation, selling or experience 19.Able to inspire greatness from teams of experts at agencies or throughout organization 20.Makes smart marketing execution decisions that tightens bond with consumers Define the Brand Think Strategically Create Brand Plans Inspire creative execution Analyze performance Use our skills assessment tool to evaluate your Marketing people on the 20 ‘must have’ skills
  4. Marketing Skill Element 1 2 3 4 5 Comments 1. Able to analyze and draw conclusions 2. Leads a deep-dive business review 3. Understands all data sources 4. Writes analytical reports 5. Uses strategic questions for thinking 6. 360-degree strategic thinking 7. Leads strategic discussions 8. Makes smart strategic decisions 9. Defines target consumer 10. Turn features into consumer benefits 11. Finds winning brand Positioning statement 12. Generates the Big Idea for brand 13. Leads all elements of Brand Plan 14. Writes smart strategic objective statements 15. Effective plans presentation to management 16. Aligned marketing execution plans 17. Writes focused and inspired creative briefs 18. Leads all marketing execution projects 19. Inspire greatness from experts 20. Smart strategic decisions on execution Skills assessment scorecard to evaluate your team Assessment scoring for your team 90%: Exceptional team delivering for the brand 80%: Strong Team, but may have one major gap area 70%: Performance gaps holding team and brand back 60%: Team not trained to deliver on your expectations Below 60%: Team is holding the brand performance back Scoring for each element 5: Exceptional 4: Very strong 3: Solid 2: Below expectation 1: Unable to perform
  5. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. We will build a custom Brand Training Program to unleash the full potential of your Marketing team. Strategic Thinking Brand Positioning Brand Plans Creative Briefs Marketing Execution Brand Analytics and the Business Review Creating a Beloved Brand Consumer Centricity Managing your Marketing Career 1 2 6 4 5 3 7 8 9 Menu of training programs
  6. Strategic Thinking is an essential foundation for Brand Leaders, so they ask big questions that challenge and focus their decisions. • We teach Brand Leaders how to think strategically, to ask the right questions before reaching for solutions, mapping out a range of decision trees that intersect and connect by imagining how events will play out. • We take Brand Leaders through the 8 elements of good strategy: vision, opportunity, focus, speed, early win, leverage and gateway. We introduce a forced choice to help Marketers make focused decisions. • We teach the value of asking good questions, using five interruptive questions to help frame your brand’s strategy. This helps to look at the brand’s core strength, consumer involvement, competitive position, the brand’s connectivity with the consumers and the internal situation the brand faces. • We show how to build strategic statements to set up a smart strategic brand plan. Training Workshop 1 Strategic Thinking
  7. Training Workshop 2 Brand Positioning A winning brand positioning statement sets up the brand’s external communication and internally with employees who deliver that promise. • We show how to write a classic Brand Positioning statement with four key elements: target market, competitive set, main benefit and reason to believe (RTBs). • We introduce the Consumer Benefit ladder, that starts with the consumer target, with insights and enemies. We layer in the brand features. Then, get in the consumers shoes and ask “what do i get” to find the functional benefits and ask “how does this make me feel” to find the emotional benefits. • We introduce a unique tool that provide the top 50 potential functional and top 40 emotional benefits to help Marketers stretch their minds yet narrow in on those that are most motivating and own-able for the brand. • We then show how to build an Organizing Big Idea that leads every aspect of your brand, including promise, story, innovation, purchase moment and experience.
  8. A good Brand Plan helps make decisions to deploy the resources and provides a road map for everyone who works on the brand • We demonstrate how to write each component of the Brand Plan, looking at brand vision, purpose, values, goals, key Issues, strategies and tactics. We provide definitions and examples to inspire Marketers on how to write each component. We provide a full mock brand plan, with a framework for you to use on your own brand. • We offer a workshop that allows Marketers to try out the concept on their own brand with hands on coaching with feedback to challenge them. At each step, we provide the ideal format presentation to management. We offer unique formats for a Plan on a Page and long-range Strategic Road Maps. • We show how to build Marketing Execution plans as part of the overall brand plan, looking at a Brand Communications Plan, Innovation Plan, In-store plan and Experiential plan. This gives the strategic direction to everyone in the organization. Training Workshop 3 Brand Plans
  9. Training Workshop 4 Creative Briefs The Creative Brief frames the strategy and positioning so your Agency can creatively express the brand promise through communication. • Marketing Execution must impact the brand’s consumers in a way that puts your brand in a stronger business position. The Creative Brief is the bridge between the brand strategy and the execution. • Through our Brand Positioning workshop, you will have all the homework on the brand needed to set up the transformation into a succinct 1-page Creative Brief that will focus, inspire and challenge a creative team to make great work. • The hands-on Creative Brief workshop explores best in class methods for writing the brief’s objective, target market, consumer insights, main message stimulus and the desired consumer response. • Brand Leaders walk away from the session with a ready-to-execute Creative Brief.
  10. Training Workshop 5 Marketing Execution We show Brand Leaders how to judge and decide on execution options that break through to consumers and motivates them to take action. • We provide Brand Leaders with tools and techniques for judging communication concepts from your agencies, as well as processes for making decisions and providing effective feedback. We talk about the crucial role of the brand leader in getting amazing marketing execution for your brand. • We teach how to make marketing decisions with the ABC’S, so you can choose great ads and reject bad ads looking at tools such as Attention (A), Branding (B), Communication (C) and Stickiness (S) • We teach how to provide copy direction that inspires and challenges the agency to deliver great execution. We also talk about how to be a better client so you can motivate and inspire your agency.
  11. Training Workshop 6 Brand Analytics We show how to build a deep-dive business review on the brand, looking at the category, consumers, competitors, channels and brand. • We start with the smart analytical principles that will challenge your thinking and help you gain more support by telling analytical stories through data. • We teach you the steps to complete a deep-dive Business Review that will help assess the health and wealth of the brand, looking at the category, consumer, competitors, channels and brand. We show key formulas you need to know for financial analysis. • We teach how to turn your analysis into a presentation for management, showing the ideal presentation slide format. We provide a full mock business review, with a framework and examples of every type of analysis, for you to use on your own brand. • We show you how to turn your analytical thinking into making projections by extrapolating data into the future.
  12. Training Workshop 7 Generating Brand Love Why does Brand Love Matter? We believe the more loved a brand is by your consumers, the more powerful and profitable that brand will be. • We challenge Brand Leaders to find brand love through the by creating a Big Idea to rally around, strategically focusing all their resources and instilling passion in the work to exceed the consumer’s expectations: 1. Build an organizing Big Idea that connects consumers at every touchpoint, tightening the bond, reflecting the inner Brand Soul and desired external reputation. 2. Need strategic focus in deploying the brand’s limited resources to breakthrough points, moving consumers along the brand love curve to enable your brand vision. 3. Put all your passion into the execution creates breakthrough ideas that surprise and exceed consumer expectations, becoming a favorite brand of the consumers.
  13. Training Workshop 8 Consumer Connectivity Marketers have to find the most motivated consumer who wants to buy what you do. You have to matter the most to those who care the most. • We challenge you to listen to your consumers, get in their shoes to understand their mindset and speak in their voice as you represent them to your brand. Instead of asking which consumers you want, ask which consumers want you. • We build a consumer profile that looks at segmentation, need states, pain points, consumer insights and desired consumer response. We outline the difference between “selling” and “marketing” target. To ensure Marketers focus on those consumers who provide the full impact of your effort.  • We go into depth on the 360 degree gathering of consumer insights. We teach that insights should start with “I” to get you into the consumer’s shoes and then use quotes to ensure you are using their voice.
  14. Training Workshop 9 Marketing Careers Workshop for Brand Leaders to help explore your strengths in marketing and how that can shape what you do next. • We lay out the skills, experiences and behaviors that you should be trying to build upon. We go through the four levels of the Marketing Career, looking at Assistant Brand Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Director and the VP level. • We go through the 4 potential career streams, building around your personal strength: strategy, people leadership, creativity or business management. • We provide a full evaluation and line those up to creating your personal brand. We go through each level of the marketing function. • We show how to build your own personal Brand, so that you can reach your full potential.
  15. Brand Boot Camp We have created two separate 3-day training programs for brand leaders. Strategy Boot Camp Training sessions include strategic thinking, brand analytics, writing brand plans and brand positioning statements Execution Boot Camp Training sessions include brand positioning & concepts, writing creative briefs, judging marketing execution and media planning
  16. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. Gyongyver Menesi-Bondar Head of Marketing Strategy Shell Asia Pacific “Beloved Brands has helped us to accelerate our journey towards building emotional connection with our customers. The journey of transformation from a traditional tactical driven marketing approach to a Brand and Experience Driven marketing approach is enormous and requires changes at all levels of the organization. Graham has been instrumental to enable the change, building long lasting marketing competencies of our teams. He spent time with our diverse Asia teams he has been one of us, understanding our business, our challenges, and able to quickly connect with relevant examples and stories.”   Our clients speak out on our behalf Zhelyaz Koliovski Marketing Director Vinprom Pashtera, Bulgaria “The most efficient investment was having Graham’s train my team. He managed to translate the “heavy marketing” slang into down- to-earth brand management frameworks that are practical and easy for everyone to understand. Beloved brands covers it all including analytics, key issues, strategy and brand activation. Every word will make you a better brand leader.”
  17. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. Feyi Olubodun VP Planning, Grey Advertising, Nigeria “Beloved Brands’ knowledge base is vast and practical. They helped me upgrade my strategy team significantly, from strategic thinking to creative briefs to overall brand management.” Lana Jensen Marketing Manager 3M Canada “Graham provided expert advice and reliable suggestions during coaching sessions to build brand performance with my team. His knowledgable experience was extremely valuable.” Our clients speak out on our behalf Doug Rozon Director of Marketing Henkel Sun Products “Beloved Brands created and delivered a custom training program to meet the developmental requirements of a diverse team of Marketers. Graham puts the training in context of their own businesses, resulting in real-time application of the training modules. His philosophies push strategic thinking and get people to see the “what if” questions before jumping to solutions. Graham challenges you to think different making each Marketer better.” 
  18. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. Canada Ghana Nigeria Barbados United Arab Emirates China Germany Thailand USA Philippines SingaporeIndonesia Bulgaria Malaysia Oman Australia New Zealand Pakistan The markets we have served
  19. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. Graham spent 20 years in Brand Management leading some of the world’s most beloved brands at Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, General Mills and Coke, rising up to VP Marketing. In his career, he has won numerous Advertising and Innovation awards. Graham played a major role in helping Pfizer win Marketing Magazine’s “Marketer of the Year” award. Graham started Beloved Brands believing he could make brands stronger and brand leaders smarter. Graham will challenge you and your team to think differently and strategically. He leads workshops that will help define your Brand Positioning Statement, create a Big Idea for your brand, and write Brand Plans to motivate and focus everyone that works on the brand. He will build Brand Management training programs that will help unleash the full potential of your team, so your team can produce exceptionally smart work that drives stronger brand results. The Beloved Brands robust client roster has included the NFL Players Association, Reebok, Acura, Shell, Jack Link’s, 3M, Melitta, Capital One and Pfizer. Graham Robertson at Beloved Brands One of the voices of today’s Brand Leaders.
  20. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. Graham Robertson at Beloved Brands Significant career experience in Brand Management Education • MBA, Ivey School of Business, Western University, 1994 • Bachelor of Commerce, Carleton University, 1989 Work History • President, 2009- Present • VP Marketing, 2005-08 • Group Brand Director, 1999-2005 • Senior Brand Manager, 1997-99 • Associate Brand Manager, 1994-96 • Coca-Cola, Summer Marketing Intern, 1993 • Marketing Training Program, 1989-92
  21. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. We lead a 360 assessment of your business, looking at the marketplace, consumers, channels, competitors and the brand. We help you define your brand, with a simple, unique, inspiring, motivating and own-able Brand Positioning Statement. We will create a Big Idea that will transform your brand’s soul into a winning brand reputation. We help you build a strategic Brand Plan that everyone who works on the brand can follow We coach on Marketing execution, helping to tighten the bond with your consumers and drive brand growth We will build a Brand Management training program, to unleash the full potential of your Marketing team. 1 2 3 4 5 6 TM
  22. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. Do you want to be a smarter Marketing professional? Visit Over 5 million views from Marketers getting smarter
  23. We make brands stronger. We make brand leaders smarter. We would love the opportunity to help you unleash the full potential of your team of brand leaders. Graham Robertson • 416 885 3911 • Ask us to design a customized brand management training program for your team.