How to Ditch Tummy Flab Forever with Fat Burning Foods


Published on - Having a flat stomach is easy when including fat burning foods
in your diet.

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How to Ditch Tummy Flab Forever with Fat Burning Foods

  1. 1. How to Ditch Tummy Flab Forever with Fat Burning FoodsMillions of people are dreaming right now of having a flat, washboard stomach. Butknowing how to get that dream body can be a mystery. What is the difference thatallows some people to look so fit and trim while others struggle with the battle of thebulge? Below are some shocking truths about what works (and what doesn’t work) toburn fat and get a flatter stomach.Fat Burning Truth 1: Exercise is not a surefire method to get a flatter stomach. If youwere to Google “ab crunches” you would find over 173,000 results. Many fitness guruspromise flatter abs in a few minutes a day. While this may tighten the ab muscles, itdoesn’t address the fat that lies around the belly. The exercise doesn’t focus on how toburn stomach fat. That is why even after regular sit-ups or ab crunches, you can stillhave a gut.Fat Burning Truth 2: Being fat or thin is not always a factor of genetics. It’s easy to wantto blame bad genetics for why you have a little extra padding. But the truth is that ourbodies are a result of the diet we eat. In fact, there are special fat burning foods thatactually burn stomach fat. Imagine weight loss being as easy as choosing foods thatburn belly fat, instead of contributing to it.Fat Burning Truth 3: Healthy foods are not always what they are cracked up to be. It’scommon sense that sugary foods, greasy foods, and processed flours aren’t healthy. Butwhat about foods like whole grains and soymilk? Surprisingly these “healthy” foods canadd belly fat.Fat Burning Tip 4: It’s a myth that all carbs are bad. We need carbs to stay healthy, butselecting the right carbs is important. Foods like white bread, rice and pastas arestripped of their nutrients in the processing. Additionally, these foods break downquickly into sugars in the body and can boost blood sugar levels. It is for this reasondiabetic people should be careful when eating processed carbs.Fat Burning Truth 5: Eating less promotes weight loss. However, starving yourself is nota smart way to lose weight. Instead it’s smarter to create a balanced diet with healthyfoods so you can eat regular meals. Feeling satisfied helps prevent grabbing snacksthat pack on the pounds. In addition, starving yourself can affect metabolism. Whenyour diet has foods that burn belly fat, it’s easier to eat when you’re hungry, and feelgood about treating your body right.Fat Burning Truth 6: Bring on the fiber. While the recommended daily amount of fiber is20 to 35 grams a day, the average person consumes about half that, taking in only 12 to15 grams. Because the body breaks down fiber slowly, it helps keep your blood sugarsteadier. When the body has high insulin levels, you have the tendency to store morefat. Eating fiber helps lower sugar levels, which in turn helps to burn stomach fat. Extrafiber in the diet also increases the body’s metabolism. Plus, fiber helps the body to feel“full” so you’re less tempted to eat unhealthy snacks between meals.Having a flat stomach is easy when including fat burning foodsin your diet. Selecting theright foods that burn belly fatwill help you get a flat stomach and feel confident abouthow you look.