Banker Discovers Common Household Foods that Burn Belly Fat


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Selecting the best foods that burn belly fat will help you get a flat tummy and feel secure about the way you look.

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Banker Discovers Common Household Foods that Burn Belly Fat

  1. 1. Banker Discovers Common Household Foods that Burn Belly FatGrenada, of the Caribbean Islands, November, 2010…..Astrid Bullen is a banker and part time writer. She wasone of those people everyone loves to hate: naturally skinny with a flat washboard stomach. Then, after givingbirth to her daughter she found her metabolism changed. The once thin mom suddenly found herself putting onthe pounds. After tipping the scale at 40 pounds over her ideal weight, Astrid desperately wanted to regain herslim, trim figure. She tried it all: diets, exercise, even meditation – but nothing would burn stomach fat.But the real turning point came when she stumbled across an ebook by Mark Geary called “The Truth About SixPack Abs: Training & Nutrition - Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body” This new ebook reveals how to get a flatterstomach without diet pills, cardio workouts, or a fad diet. In the ebook, “Truth About Abs,” Mark Geary revealseveryday fat burning foods with the power to create a flatter tummy.Astrid discovered basic fat burning foods she already had in her kitchen. These are foods that burn belly fat.With a few simple changes in her diet, she found that the love handles she hated had melted away. And now, thisCaribbean native mom was back to what her body looked like years ago when she was in her twenties. She wasable to lose twenty pounds and burn stomach fat using the Truth About Abs system.Astrid thought of the thousands of individuals who struggle with weight loss and belly fat and decided to share thesecret with others about what she had found. Now, Astrid offers the ebook as an affiliate on her website, She is passionate about helping others discover the simple secrets she used to loseweight, get rid of the “muffin top” and keep it off for good. The Absolute Truth about Abs system covers both themindset of “thinking yourself thin” as well as the science of what to do to burn fat and keep it off forever. Theresult is many happy people realizing their perfect weight for the first time in years and feeling new confidenceabout their bodies.Here is what one customer had to say about The Truth About Abs.Leith Carnie from Australia was running regularly and working out but found she was still gaining weight despiteher best efforts. She says, “Before I started your program, I was getting fatter.... and fatter. I didnt really notice ituntil my friend took a photo of me at the beach. I was horrified!!!! I knew I had to do something about it, but Icouldnt move the fat. Everything changed when I started your truth about abs program. The Program isFREAKIN BRILLIANT!!! In the 6 months that Ive been on the program, Ive lost 25.4 kg and gone from 30% bodyfat down to 11% body fat. I have been sending friends photos of my progress. THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!!”In the last 4 months Leith continues to burn stomach fat and now has a solid six-pack abs that she is proud toshow off.Astrid continues to share the Truth About Abs system with everyone she knows and to promote it. She wantsothers to learn the important truths she has learned. This system reveals how foods people think are healthy mayput unwanted pounds on their bodies, and why most of the popular tummy tuck exercises really don’t do the trick.It also gives reasons why popular cardio exercises are completely ineffective for slimming the tummy and why faddiets and diet pills are short-term fixes that won’t last.Astrid Bullenwww.absolutetruthaboutabs.com