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Hr leadernotesv4


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We know people issues are a key strategic pillar of any organisation but the question is how strategic is HR?
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Hr leadernotesv4

  1. 1. The Challenge of Change:Transformational HR leadershipGraham Hart, Director, Leadership by Design
  2. 2. “The single mostimportant strategicpillar of any greatenterprise is people,”best-selling author Jim Collins
  3. 3. Why we hate HRgets over 4million hits inGoogle
  4. 4. Leadership is a verb not a position
  5. 5. The average organization forfeits more than $1 millionper year through less-than-optimal leadershippractices.• Nearly three-quarters of all leadership teams fail toachieve business goals.• A 2008 survey by Egon Zehnder International foundnearly six in 10 global leaders consider a lack ofleadership a major cause of their company’s inabilityto deal with business change.Leadership Vacuum
  6. 6. • Why does HR Matter so much more today?• Building trust and influence in HR value creation• Leading major change across a larger organisation• Implementing the right HR enablers to deliver change• The qualities of a transformational HR LeaderOverview
  7. 7. It’s a VUCA worldVolatileComplexUncertainAmbiguous
  8. 8. Near collapse of the global financial systemReassessment of strategy and cultureLoss of morale and erosion of loyaltyGrowing public concern about actions of globalorganisationsSignificant morale and performance issues in publicsectorWhy does HR matter?
  9. 9. Research by Gloria Mark (reported in The New York Times Magazine in October 2005:“Meet the Life Hackers” by Clive Thompson),The Average Worker is interrupted every 11minutesIt takes thosesame workers about 25minutes on average toreturn to the original task
  10. 10. A leadership vacuumCompetence to visionTrust and integrityManaging Complexity and “Busyness”New Social contractThe rise of StewardshipBroadening GovernanceBuilding Adaptive organisationsBuilding trust and influence in HRvalue creation
  11. 11. Does HR deliver competitiveadvantage through people?•55%HRLeaders•26%BusinessLeaders
  12. 12. Why are annual performance appraisals so time-consuming-- and so routinely useless?Why is HR so often a henchman for the CFO, finding ever-more ingenious ways to cut benefits and hack at payroll?Why do its communications -- when we can understandthem at all -- so often flout reality?Why are so many people processes duplicative andwasteful, creating a forest of paperwork for every minortransaction?And why does HR insist on sameness as a proxy for equity?Building trust and influence in HRvalue creation
  13. 13. Grow the talent pipelineManage age demographicsMale workforce more diverseReduce additional employment costsUpgrade HRIS systemWould you be bothered if it fell into competitorshandsWill it make that much difference?Pull out your HR Strategy
  14. 14. HR and Business are aligned on top 5priorities today
  15. 15. How involved in strategy are we?6229Setting5135Communicating6035Implementing
  16. 16. • Behaviours 69%• Issues 41%HRLeaders•Behaviours 62%•Issues 22%BusinessLeadersHow well does HR Challenge?
  17. 17. HR executives top scoredEducating and Influencing the lineWhich HR leadership capabilities aremost critical Towers Perrin/IBMAsked if they possessed those skills8% said yes
  18. 18. (1) focus on talent and develop the next generation ofleaders,(2) standardize HR policies, programs and operationsso the company can quickly reconfigure itself inresponse to changing global market conditions; and(3) focus on workforce management to enable newbusiness models including M&A, divestitures,alliances and joint ventures and new market entry.Implementing the right HR enablers to deliverchange
  19. 19. Every HR leader should have a really solid understanding ofthe shape, composition, profile and major dynamicelements in their workforce.Key elements to this are the foundational metrics that arethen used to build all other analysis.These include headcount, hires, terminations, transfers,promotions and the entire core demographics associatedwith these metrics, e.g. location, job family or role, salarygrade, employment status, diversity, gender, tenure, ageand so onThe Shape and Dynamics of YourWorkforce
  20. 20. It is now somewhat trite to say that people are your greatest assetManaging this risk has become increasingly important, as a study by theEconomist Intelligence Unit found that human capital risks carry the largestpossible weight to business outcomes, greater than any other risk facing acompany.Workforce analytics provides tools to HR Managers to identify and managethese risksHighest performersRetentionTalent bench strengthHuman Capital Risk
  21. 21. Employee AdvocateHuman CapitalDeveloperStrategic Partner Functional ExpertTransformThe qualities of a transformationalHR Leader
  22. 22. Like to be strategic but don’t know howToo much time discussing HR details that don’t relate to thebusinessThey seek line manager approval and leadership and don’tprovide it themselves enoughLack detailed business knowledge to discuss it in the businessDon’t tie HR initiatives to bottom line enoughThe use jargon that doesn’t appeal to Management or staffDont bring enough to the strategic conversationHavent helped other see why HR is at the top tableStill a Huge gap between theory andpractice
  23. 23. Align business strategy and HRstrategy.Develop the capabilities to build newHR services..Make talent a real priority.Focus on workforce effectiveness.Four Ways to Get More Value Now
  24. 24. Choose your focus
  25. 25. Optimistic rather than pessimisticSolutions rather than problembasedAgile rather than fixedInquisitive rather than acceptingCourageous rather than timidSelf aware rather than self-denialComfortable with ambiguityLeadership is driven by your Mind Set
  26. 26. "Free leadership resourcesAndSign up for our newsletter us on TwitterGraham@leadbydesign