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Asbestos qualifications

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72195 shc stmnt of qual 6

  1. 1. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONSINTRODUCTIONSouthwest HAZARD CONTROL, Inc. (SHC) is a woman owned small business that is a financially sound, growth-orientedenvironmental remediation company. Our staff applies innovative procedures to solve environmental problems for ourcustomers. Our employees strive to be the best at solving environmental issues in a safe and effective manner. Our goal isto do the job right the first time, on time and within budget. We treat our customers as the reason for the existence of SHC.We also actively promote sound environmental practices within the community by participation in a variety of businessand professional organizations.SHC offers a variety of remediation and disposal services for commercial business, private residences, and governmentagencies. SHC is fully insured and will provide the necessary remediation and disposal documentation to satisfyrequirements from local, state, and federal government agencies. The full range of environmental contracting servicesoffered by SHC includes: • Cleanup of Chemical & • Hazardous Waste Disposal • Environmental Sampling Industrial Spills • Disposal of Used Oil & Analysis • Mercury Cleanup & Disposal • Confined Space Entries • Bioremediation • Underground Storage Tank (UST) • Asbestos Abatement • Mold Abatement Removal • Animal Feces Cleanup • Lead & Lead-based Paint Removal • Petroleum Contaminated • Lab Dismantling & Cleanup Soil (PCS) Remediation • Storage Tank Cleaning • Abandoned Waste • Hazardous Materials • Blood Borne Pathogens Transportation & Bio-Hazard Cleanup Cleanup & Disposal • Homeless Camp Cleanups • Sewage Spill Cleanup • Packaging & Disposal of Unused Chemicals (Lab Pack) • Lighting & Ballast Disposal • Roll-off Servicefirm establishmentSHC was founded in 1982 by Gerald J. Karches and Chrisann Karches. Mr. Karches retired in 1999 and the company isnow solely managed by Chrisann Karches making SHC a woman owned enterprise. It is the oldest, continuously operatingasbestos abatement company in Arizona. SHC established itself as a hazardous materials remediation company in 1985and began lead abatement services in 1991.1953 West Grant Road • Tucson, AZ 85745 2416 West Campus Drive • Tempe, AZ 85282520.622.3607 • Fax 520.622.3643 • 1.800.279.5266 480.517.9040 • Fax 480.517.9140 • 1.866.794.9040 www.swhaz.com
  2. 2. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONScontacts Chrisann Karches, President/Owner Dave Giles, HAZMAT Division Manager 520-622-3607 602-615-4878 karches@swhaz.com dgiles@swhaz.com Eric Fritz, HAZMAT Operations Manager Jeffrey Zenan, HAZMAT Operations Manager 520-954-2298 520-954-1251 efritz@swhaz.com jzenan@swhaz.com Jim Santino, HAZMAT Project Manager Eric Donaldson, HAZMAT Project Manager 520-954-1942 520-471-0677 jsantino@swhaz.com edonaldson@swhaz.com Bob Peshak, HAZMAT Project Manager, CHMM 602-568-2435 bpeshak@swhaz.comlicenses Arizona • General Commercial Contractor 79036 B-1 • Asbestos Abatement, Hazardous Waste Remediation & Lead Abatement (Com) 104551 BE • Asbestos Abatement, Hazardous Waste Remediation & Lead Abatement (Res) 116401 C-5 • Wrecking 215888 K-57 • Underground Storage Tank Removal 092741 L-5 New Mexico • Asbestos Abatement 25562 GB98 GS29 California • Asbestos Abatement & Containment 515656 C-2 Asb Nevada • Asbestos Abatement C-173 • General Contractor 0023810 A13 & A23 Transportation • EPA ID# AZR000507152 (Tucson) • ADEQ Special Waste ID# 302576 (Tucson) • EPA ID# AZD982463101 (Phoenix) • ADEQ Special Waste ID# 320254 (Tempe) • US DOT Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration No. 112211 550 012TV • EPA ID# NMR000017681 (New Mexico) www.swhaz.com
  3. 3. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS PROJECTSProject name & location: Korita repack - Nogales, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC responded to an emergency response request from Korita Repack in Nogales, AZ to clean up a diesel fuel spill on asphalt and concrete. The spill covered a large area and was discovered to have penetrated the asphalt and concrete to the soil below. SHC excavated and disposed of 402 tons of petroleum contaminated soil, asphalt, and concrete. Once all of the contaminated soil was gone, SHC collected confirmation samples and backfilled the excavation. Total Cost of the Project: $91,703.95 (T&M Contract) Completion Date: May 2009Project name & location: nu chrome - Tucson, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC was originally contracted to perform site characterization of former chrome electroplating facility that was under enforcement action from the EPA at the time. After soil sampling results confirmed the existence and chrome and lead contamination up to a depth of 8 feet in the soil, SHC bid and was awarded the remediation work that was required. After developing an EPA approved Site Assessment Plan and Site Cleanup Plan, SHC successfully excavated and disposed of approximately 400 tons of chrome and lead contaminated soil classifying as hazardous waste. Once removed SHC backfilled and compacted the excavation. Total Cost of the Project: $171,573.51 (Fixed & Unit Rate Contract) Completion Date: October 2009 www.swhaz.com
  4. 4. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS PROJECTSProject name & location: ADOA I-19, Interstate 19 Kilometer Post 16.5 median Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: At the request of the Arizona Department of Transportation, SHC responded to a tanker truck accident on I-19. The tanker truck was hauling up to 7800-gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. The accident resulted in the release of several hundred gallons of fuel onto the soil in the median, some of which also passed into a stormwater drainage canal. The spill was of particular concern due to the proximity of the Santa Cruz River and the fact that the groundwater levels in the area ranged between 15 and 60 feet below ground surface. SHC set up the necessary traffic control, installed stormwater controls, obtained clearance from Blue Stake, and obtained the necessary permits to complete the remediation. Petroleum contaminated soil (pcs) was removed from the stormwater drainage canal and the median and was loaded into end dump trucks to be hauled off to the Cactus Landfill for disposal. Approximately 3,069 tons of pcs was hauled offsite and disposed of. SHC completed confirmation sampling throughout the remediation project to ensure that contaminant levels were below the applicable Arizona Residential Soil Remediation Levels and Groundwater Protection Levels. Following confirmation that the remediation was complete, SHC backfilled the excavation and returned the site to pre-spill conditions. Total Cost of the Project: $331,972.09 (T&M Contract) Completion Date: July 2010 (Project Duration: 2 months)Project name & location: SUNDT Historic Landfill Remediation - Tucson, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC was contracted to remediate a historic landfill that had been in operation during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Scrapers, front loaders, bull dozers, an excavator, a blade, dump trucks, a water pull, and a water truck were some of the equipment used to remediate the landfill that was located on a site that encompassed an area less than 10 acres. SHC was responsible for removing and stockpiling the overburden soil covering the top of the landfill, constructing engineered benched side walls and entrance ramps, and removing and disposing of all of the landfill waste. SHC’s responsibilities also included environmental overview of the project to include Air Quality Permit and SWPPP implementation, dust control, odor control, and environmental sample collection and analysis. This remediation project was completed in approximately 3-months from initial site preparation to collection of over 125 confirmation soil samples. At the completion of the project, over 35,000 cubic yards of overburden soil had been removed and stockpiled and over 31,500 cubic yards of landfill waste was removed and disposed of. This included over 47,600 tons of municipal solid waste hauled offsite in over 2300 truckloads, disposal of approximately 100 cubic yards of tires, 800 tons of concrete, and 32 tons of hazardous waste. At the successful completion of the project, SHC secured for the client a “No Further Action” determination from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Voluntary Remediation Program for the soils remediation on the site. Total Cost of the Project: $1,743,224.00 (Fixed & Unit Rate Contract) Completion Date: March 2011 www.swhaz.com
  5. 5. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS PROJECTSProject name & location: Freeport Tanks - Near Silver City, NM Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: Removal of product and cleanout of over 100, fuel, oil, and corrosive material storage tanks at the Freeport McMoRan Cobre Operations Mine and Tyrone Operations Mines in New Mexico. Several of these tanks required confined space entries to complete the scope of work. Total Cost of the Project: $111,863.94 (Fixed Contract) Completion Date: December 2010Project name & location: TEP Bunker Oil Tank - Tucson, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC won a contract to clean out a 10,000,000 gallon bunker oil tank at the Tucson Electric Power Plant in preparation for demolition. After cutting an 8x8 foot doorway through the 1 3/8” thick steel sidewalls, SHC began the process of cleaning the tank. This opening allowed us to drive a man lift into the tank so personnel could power wash the 48 foot walls. Due to the extreme temperatures of August in Tucson, the work was completed at night. This physically demanding, confined space operation took SHC 19 working days to complete. Total Cost of the Project: $110,085.67 (Fixed Contract) Completion Date: August 2011 www.swhaz.com
  6. 6. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS PROJECTSProject name & location: Mt. Graham - Mt. Graham Observatory, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: At the request of the University of Arizona, SHC responded to a large diesel spill from an above ground storage tank at the Mount Graham Observatory. After working with University of Arizona personnel to work out a plan of action, SHC personnel mobilized to the Observatory on two occasions to provide bioremediation services to areas around the observatory where soil excavation was not feasible. SHC collected and analyzed initial samples and final samples of the bioremediation areas to confirm that bioremediation efforts were successful. SHC also collected and analyzed confirmation soil samples from the excavation areas. The University of Arizona excavated the pcs from other areas around the Observatory and transported the wastes to the base station at the base of the mountain. SHC provided transportation of the wastes from that point to the Los Reales landfill in Tucson, AZ. A total of 1,515 tons of pcs was removed and disposed of as a result of the spill. SHC also provided transportation of clean backfill back to the base station to be used by University personnel for backfilling. Total Cost of the Project: $87,819.57 (T&M Contract) Completion Date: October 2011Project name & location: DM Shooting Range – Davis Monthan Air Force Base Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC was contracted to alter the design of an existing small arms shooting range contaminated with lead at the Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ. SHC using a bull dozer, excavator, and loader moved a berm meant to trap lead shot to extend out the length of the range. Once the berm was moved, SHC had to install new drainage culverts and ensure that pooling of rainwater would not occur crating a ricochet hazard. Total Cost of the Project: $34,165.00 (Fixed Contract) Completion Date: September 2011 www.swhaz.com
  7. 7. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS PROJECTSProject name & location: FM NaHS Tank – Freeport McMoRan Sierrita Mine Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC was contracted to perform a confined space entry and clean out a sodium hydrosulfide tank in preparation for demolition. SHC pumped the corrosive, toxic, and potentially flammable chemical out of the tank, removed the liner, washed the tank, and applied a hydrogen peroxide solution to neutralize any hydrogen sulfide producing residues. SHC also neutralized and decontaminated all wastes produced during the clean out. Total Cost of the Project: $43,975.91 (T&M Contract) Completion Date: December 2011Project name & location: TMC Diesel Fuel Spill ER – Tucson Medical Center Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC responded to an emergency response request from TMC after a 1500+ gallon diesel fuel spill occurred on a Saturday evening. The spill traveled over a public walking path and traveled into a wash with a concrete floor. SHC removed all pooled liquids, excavated contaminated soil and asphalt, and removed sections of the concrete floor from the wash and removed contaminated soil from the wash. SHC disposed of 35 roll-offs filled with petroleum contaminated soil. Total Cost of the Project: $121,683.33 (T&M Contract) Completion Date: February 2012 www.swhaz.com
  8. 8. STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS PROJECTSProject name & location: Paramount – Phoenix, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: SHC removed asphalt material from a secondary containment around an asphalt tank farm. Once all spilt material was removed, new imported fill material was added to the containment where contaminated fill had been removed. In the areas of the containment with a concrete floor the spilt asphalt was removed and the area power washed. Total Cost of the Project: $57,012.50 (T&M Contract) Completion Date: March 2012Project name & location: Tucson Unified School District – Tucson, AZ Nature of SHC’s Responsibility: For over 10 years, SHC has provided emergency response and remediation services to the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). Since 2010, SHC has responded to and remediated mercury and sewage spills, completed mold abatement services, and disposed of bulk and lab packed chemical wastes to include hazardous wastes, universal wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, and non-regulated wastes. The SHC Hazardous Materials Division has completed over 30 projects for TUSD since 2010. Total Cost of the Project: $150,000+ (T&M and Fixed Contracts) Completion Date: N/A - SHC completes year-round projects for TUSD www.swhaz.com