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How to Reinvent Your (Membership) Magazine for the Digital Age

Are you a membership organisation? Or are you just looking to get the most out of your magazine? Take a walk through our slideshow to find out how to reinvent your magazine for the digital age.

You can also see the majority of the presentation on YouTube:

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How to Reinvent Your (Membership) Magazine for the Digital Age

  1. 1. (+44) 0207 183 3690 @pagelizard Reinventing your membership magazine for the digital age
  2. 2. How are membership organisations using digital publishing to enhance their membership magazines?
  3. 3. Client case study: Times Educational Supplement
  4. 4. 1 - Make it available online and create a searchable archive
  5. 5. 2 - Publish them to native apps
  6. 6. 3 - Or web apps
  7. 7. Wiring behind the scenes + hosting +maintenance + technical support
  8. 8. Enable members to log in with their normal membership user-name and password
  9. 9. Production, editing and design
  10. 10. Your digital workflow
  11. 11. PDFs of your magazine Your website Your writing Video + audio iPads & iPhones Android phones & tablets Web browsers (+ archive editions) Content you can push to other websites Content is manually edited and styled OR Auto-produced by attaching pre-defined templates
  12. 12. Some (controversial?) facts…
  13. 13. Page Lizard factoids • 57.62% of your readers will be on Android • 50% will be on a phone • Reading PDFs on a phone is a rubbish experience • HTML is the only way to go (ideally with re-sizable text) • Create and edit once – publish to multiple devices
  14. 14. (+44) 0207 183 3690 @pagelizard Getting the most out of your digital editions
  15. 15. PDF vs. HTML HTML (text view) • Resizable text • Contents pages • Endless styling options PDF (page view) • Exact image replica of publication • No interactivity • Difficult to read
  16. 16. Include video and audio A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words “ ” [Forrester Research, 2014]
  17. 17. Live news feeds
  18. 18. Some marketing stats… 73% of all adults that are online use a social networking site of some sort of small businesses feel that social media efforts generate more exposure than anything else 80% 89% of small businesses indicate being on social media increases traffic to their website
  19. 19. Social media comments • Share articles to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn • Comments appear at the bottom of relevant article, creating discussions • All done from within the app
  20. 20. Result: A social hub • Create an interactive, social environment for readers • More information, more easily available • You increase your digital presence, and in turn readership.
  21. 21. - 60% of new users are on mobile, rather than tablet 87.5% repeat users 12.5% new users Case study: The Pharmaceutical Journal
  22. 22. Case study: The Pharmaceutical Journal 84% Total PDF/HTML views 45% 40% Page (PDF) view Text (HTML) View 36% 16% 55% 60% 64% Default view changed to HTML July 19th issue September 6th issue September 13th issue September 27th issue
  23. 23. (+44) 0207 183 3690 @pagelizard Creative achievements Understanding design and creative options
  24. 24. Design concerns • Time consuming to produce • Costly to implement • Difficult to cater for iPad/tablet/mobile
  25. 25. CILIP
  26. 26. ILM’s EDGE Image of Edge’s complex magazine layout (Digitally materialises into beautiful HTML)
  27. 27. (+44) 0207 183 3690 @pagelizard Thank you With special thanks to Helen Mayson, editor of Edge magazine The Institute of Leadership and Management