Open content in the internet as link between learning, knowledge and development


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Presentation exploring the future of Open Educational Resources and the use of social software for (lifelong) learning and knowledge development

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Open content in the internet as link between learning, knowledge and development

  1. 1. Open content in the internet as link between learning, knowledge and development <ul><li>Graham Attwell </li></ul><ul><li>Pontydysgu </li></ul>Salzburg - April 2007
  2. 2. The Open Educational Resources movement - has it been successful?
  3. 3. Yes - in terms of raising consciousness
  4. 4. and in fighting back against the creeping privatisation and commodification of education
  5. 5. But there are problems
  6. 6. Open education resources are little used
  7. 7. and still less adapted and repurposed
  8. 8. Why?
  9. 9. Web sites offering OERs are poorly designed
  10. 10. log in requirements are a barrier
  11. 11. navigation is poor
  12. 12. information is sparse
  13. 13. file formats can be restrictive
  14. 14. quality is variable
  15. 15. from a teachers point of view there are two further issues
  16. 16. style
  17. 17. and context
  18. 18. We can do things about this
  19. 19. provide distributed metadata including context of use
  20. 20. and information (metadata) about creators (people)
  21. 21. but there are more fundamental issues
  22. 22. open educational resources should be open for learning
  23. 23. not just a repository of institutional teaching materials
  24. 24. this has design implications
  25. 25. and implies we have to provide tools for learners
  26. 26. regardless of whether they are enrolled as a student
  27. 27. OERs can play an important part of a paradigm shift in education
  28. 28. where education (and learning) are integrated in society
  29. 29. breaking down the walled garden of the school fence and the VLE
  30. 30. de-schooling (or re-schooling) society
  31. 31. where learning becomes part of living and working
  32. 32. where the internet becomes a context and source of learning
  33. 33. where learning takes place in (distributed)communities of practice
  34. 34. and informal learning is recognised for its true value - not just its certificated exchange value
  35. 35. Personal Learning Environments will be important
  36. 36. but we need imagination in designing opportunities for learning
  37. 37. including ideas drawn from social software (for learning is a social activity)
  38. 38. introducing Sarah Jones
  39. 39. Profile Oooh! How am I supposed to describe myself? Tall? Sexy? Italian Sophia Loren lookalike seeking fun, friendship and maybe more, GSOH, own teeth. Hmm.....this is not Dating Direct. How about shortish, reddish hair, glasses (contact lenses if I'm going out), half Welsh, half Italian (that bit was true) age 30 (ish). Live in Pontypridd in Wales. Adult Ed cookery teacher. Single (ish). No kids but 2 cats. Career? Education? Hmm again.... this is not job application Graham said just put down stuff like hobbies and interests. Aaagh. How about European politics, Times crossword, 14th century Etruscan pottery, reading Existentialist poetry? (usually make these up for job interviews - or rather i used to until someone asked me about my interest in local politics and I couldn't remember who my MEP was). OK.....let's try Rugby (Ponty supporter), cooking (helps if you are cookery teacher), cake decorating (or is that still cooking?), shopping, reading trashy novels.... Also drink too much (real ale only), smoke too much and try and overcome genetic predisposition to being couch potato by struggling to the gym once a week. WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO? WILL THAT DO?
  40. 40. Am depressed. Just got home after staff meeting at Adult Education Centre. Principal is not happy. He has just had the report on the inspection last term. Some OK stuff but mainly bad. ..... Apparently we got criticised for “inadequate and inappropriate evaluation practices” - whatever that means. Inspectors have got some daft idea that we “do not involve students sufficiently in the evaluation process”. This is unfair - I am really conscientious about handing out the end-of-year evaluation sheets AND I make sure that they fill them in (unlike some people who think this is a joke). Anyway, Mr High Principals has agreed that he is going to send some of us on a course about “Developing Self Evaluation Techniques for Adult Learners”...... Worse, he has asked me to go. Why me? This is really unfair..........
  41. 41. Bit of a silence, which didn’t seem to bother her, but then people started calling things out and she wrote it all on a flipchart. People were saying stuff like “really nervous” “apprehensive” “worried” “excited” “curious” “wondering where I fit in - will the others be better than me or worse than me?” “who are all these people? Will I like them? Will they like me? Are they going to be really boring or a bit of fun?” Which is more or less what I was feeling really. Then she said “Well, guess what, that’s exactly how your students will be feeling at the beginning of your course.” I suppose they would really.
  42. 42. Challenges
  43. 43. Linking (e) learning to practice
  44. 44. overcoming the divide between informal and formal learning
  45. 45. overcoming the divide between knowledge management and learning
  46. 46. all require a new understanding of openess
  47. 47. Thanks for Listening Sounds of the Bazaar - Sarah Jones’ Diary - s/SarahJones Wales Wide Web - eblogs/Graham_Attwell