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Guide to futuremorph


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This presentation forms part of a module for careers teachers on careers in Science Engineering Technology and Maths

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Guide to futuremorph

  1. 1. An IntroductionSTEM Basics On line Learning Module
  2. 2. This Presentation…..}  Describes the Future Morph website}  Guides you through the different features of the site}  Gives hints and tips for using
  3. 3. Why Future Morph?}  Future Morph shows that studying science, technology, engineering or maths beyond the age of 16 isn’t just a one track road to becoming a scientist or engineer – the skills and knowledge gained are valuable in almost any career and make you very employable.}  Future Morph helps people explore a range of careers and think about where their future might lie. There are useful links and subject specific resources}  It is a central resource in STEM Careers Promotion
  4. 4. Who is behind Future Morph?Future Morph was launched in November 2008 by the ScienceCouncil as part of the Careers from Science initiative. Primary organisations involved are;}  The Institute of Biology}  Royal Society of Chemistry,}  Institute of Physics}  Association for Science Education}  British Computer Society}  British Psychological SocietyFor others see the Future Morph About Us section
  5. 5. Homepage 6 Sections: 11-14, 14-16, 16 - 19+,Parents, Teachers Careers Staff Easy to print/send/searchThe welcome ‘post’on every sectionpage, is closed Feedbackdown to read text about theunderneath site is welcomed RSS feeds from BBC, Science Daily and Scenta refresh the home page
  6. 6. Features in all SectionsMy Future Finder}  Articles and case studies relevant to 7 different areas. Each illustrates exciting careers linked to a topic, such as music festivals or third world development, and provides links to more info.Globe Plotter}  Go around the world and find out about science in action – choose a topic, leave your opinion and follow the linksYou can also Register to keep in touch with STEMhappenings
  7. 7. Features found across the site}  Real People case studies, lesson plans and videos}  Science and Maths - See Where They Can Take You click page}  Postcards from the Future e-comic book about time travelling Maya’s adventures}  Quiz The Scientist 3 short videos of scientists interviewed by young people}  Bite sized facts, leading to career ideas and info}  Register for STEM Young Leader’s Award}  Link to the Planet Scicast Film Competition}  Download the Hidden Science app, submit questions on a monthly theme, real scientists answer them – all recorded on the site.}  Links to resources for parents/teachers/careers staff
  8. 8. All Young People’s Pages have…..}  Values GameBased on US research, where a similar exercise was foundto boost self-esteem and performance in exams, this gamehelps students reaffirm their own beliefs and values beforeexploring career options.}  Placements and Work Experience (Getting Experience in16-19+ section)Helpful information, advice and links tailored to differentlevels of need.}  FAQsShort answers to some common questions, tailored foreach age group.
  9. 9. Specific Features for 11-14What Might You Be?}  Explore how things you enjoy link to 50 different jobs involving science and maths with this fun quiz.Studying Science}  Article explaining how studying science and maths keeps your options open to lots of different jobs.
  10. 10. Specific Features for 14-16}  Finding Careers Advice - how to find help and useful links}  Applying for Courses and Work very comprehensive resource, useful for all.}  Next Steps guide to qualifications, apprenticeships, HE and other routes
  11. 11. Features in the 16-19+ Section}  Finding Careers Advice and Applying for courses and Work are repeated from14-16 section}  Beyond School looks at topics such as gap years, financial help and applying to HE and other options
  12. 12. Sections for parents/teachers/careers Common features }  The Introduction to Student/Kid Content summarises the relevant main features of the site }  Resources Database (or Help and Information in the Parents’ section) takes you to searchable library of posters, leaflets, websites, teaching resources etc. }  Case Studies/ Real People/ Leading Lights takes you to a library of real people role models }  Stem Careers Quiz quick 6 question PowerPoint
  13. 13. Parents }  Practical ways to help – exploding myths about STEM }  Supporting your child’s work experience }  STEM Careers Activity Pack for parents to work through with their children, showing the relevance of science and maths, in future careers, and everyday lives. }  Information on Financial assistance
  14. 14. Teachers }  Teaching resources – “Science Within Work” booklet and CD ROM. }  6 Teachers .tv programmes }  Hints and links to help find work experience placements }  Help organising speakers and visits }  Top tips for using the site: 6 features explained
  15. 15. Careers Staff }  Helping your students find placements and summer activities }  Inspire your students with speakers, visits and other activities }  CEIAG Resource pack helps to }  Develop STEM careers awareness }  Check knowledge and understanding of learning routes }  Collaborate with to raise visibility of STEM subjects and careers }  Build up knowledge of local agencies and initiatives }  Motivate and engage young people }  Challenge stereotypes
  16. 16. Promoting Future Morph}  Use a hook: recommend a specific feature}  Integrate into teaching}  Set homework (quizzes, checking RSS feeds for news)}  Put up Future morph poster.}  Show video clips in tutor/ guidance periods}  Use at Parents and Options evenings
  17. 17. .be …become someone}  Keep checking the site, new things are added and/ or Register}  Evaluation in 6 schools, with 300 students found that since using the site 45% now looked at science and maths differently and 77% would recommend Future Morph to a friend. Follow Future Morph on Twitter