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Developing Work based Learning


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Presentation on work based learning at launch of project on Lifelong Learning in Bucharest. March 2010.

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Developing Work based Learning

  1. 1. Developing Work Based Learning Graham Attwell Pontydysgu
  2. 2. increasing growth of work based learning
  3. 3. authentic and situated
  4. 4. practice and context based
  5. 5. build on informal learning
  6. 6. continuous learning and development
  7. 7. developing learning organisations
  8. 8. developmental work tasks
  9. 9. opportunities for practice
  10. 10. support from a knowledgeable other
  11. 11. recognition of learning
  12. 12. induividual and organisational learning
  13. 13. edge s haring p port knowl ology to su Usin g techn
  14. 14. Thank you for watching