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Walk to class

  1. 1. Go to courses.millermotte.edu . This is your main student web page . I would add this to your favorite so you can quickly reference it. Now let’s login into the classroom. In the top right corner, click on Login
  2. 2. You will use the same user name and password that you set up for your orientation class. Now, don’ t share your username or password with anybody, and if you forget your password, you can utilize the “Yes help me login” feature and it will be emailed to you.
  3. 3. On the home page, you will see that it is divided up into many areas. On the left column, you will see “helpful Hints” , your courses and information of how to get to Technical Support. On the right side you will find your Library link, additional library resources and then information about additional finance details In the middle are the important announcements that the school has, due dates of your lessons and at the bottom it also has a list of your courses. As you can see, each class has different access links, so remember to attend both classes. Lets Click on the first course to see what it looks like
  4. 4. Ok this is the main page of your course . As you can see, the structure of the class is down the middle. At the top, you will see a brief description of the course. After that you will see where the course material starts. It starts with announcements. You should check here each time you come into the course to see if the instructor has announced any changes in the course. Next is the Syllabus. Let’s go ahead and click here to see how the grading works for the class.
  5. 5. The syllabus has a lot of detail in it. The two parts I always look at is the software required and the grading section. Scroll down about 2/3rds of the way until you see grading and evaluation. As you can see, the grading section is divided up into two parts. The left side shows each type of assignment you will have during each lesson and how many points it will be worth. On the right side it shows the over all grading scale. We will go over each section in a bit, but as you can see going into the classroom three times a week and participating in the discussion is an easy 30 points or 30% of your grade . Go ahead and click on the back button so we can go back to the main course page.
  6. 6. The next section down is the Rubric, which is where the details of how your instructor is going to be grading your activity in the classroom. Now let’s click on “Rubric” and see some of the details.
  7. 7. As you can see the rubric is divided up into categories down the left side. These are the categories of the different assignments you have. Across the top will let you know what the max points are for each section of the assignment. The important part is to look in the middle and see what the instructor will be looking for to give you max points. Usually when a student misses points, it is because they didn’t do what was in the rubric. Ok, let’s click on the back button at the top and go back to the Home page.
  8. 8. The next section is how to convert a file over to a PDF if you need to do that. Below that is the Course Introductions section. This is a chat room where all the students are required to post a small Bio about themselves. Let’s go a head and click on the Course Introduction and we will learn how to post in the class room
  9. 9. Here you will see any other Bios that have been posted. If there are none, you will only see the button asking you to add your discussion topic. Let’s go ahead and Click on the Discussion topic and we will post your Bio.
  10. 10. Now you will see a screen that looks similar to an email. In the subject line, put what ever you would like to title your Bio as. Usually students will put their name. Now if you have already typed your bio, lets copy and paste it into the text section. If you don’t have one, lets spend a couple of minutes and type up a paragraph that you would like everybody to know about you. Now if you were handing in an assignment, you would attach the document just above the post button. Once you are done, click on “Post the Discussion” button. Now since that is done, let’s go back to the home page
  11. 11. The next section is “Are you feeling cloudy” this section is where you can go and ask your instructor or other students in the class questions or for help. The next section is a self evaluation that you might use with your student service coordinator if you are struggling in the class room.
  12. 12. Now let’s look at the main curriculum for the course. The class is divided up into 6 lessons. The lessons are divided up into 5 sections. The presentation section gives a short summary of what you will learn in the text reading. The class discussion is worth 30% of your grade, so let’s click on that and see what it looks like.
  13. 13. The discussion section will usually have two questions. Each question will be assigned a week to hand them in. Usually the discussion questions will take about 30 minutes to complete. You will need to read a bit and then type up a response that other can read. I think of it and raising your hand in class and expressing your opinion. To earn full points you will also need to go in two other days during the week and respond to two other students posts. This is an easy 30% of your grade if you spend a few minutes a couple times a week participating. Remember you need to have a minimum of a three sentence response . A few words will not earn you max points. To post, you need to click on “Reply” at the bottom right corner. Let’s go back to the home page to look at the next section
  14. 14. The next section is the Textbook assignment. This will require some reading or research on the internet or textbook. It is worth 20 – 35% of your grade. For me it is fairly simple so don’t over complicate it. You look a the topic, do a little research and then type up somewhere between 200-350 words depending on the course. Now make sure you spell and grammar check it also. Now to hand this assignment in, It will be like posting your bio, but you will attach it like an email
  15. 15. The next one down is the “course project assignment”. It is 20% of your weekly grade. Now this is an assignment that you will do in Word and then upload the assignment here. Usually these assignments are only due in the first 5 lessons. Lesson 6 is the accumulation of lessons 1 – 5 and is worth 30% of your grade in Week 6. So please make sure you stay up on the weekly portfolio assignments because it will make you last week in class much easier. So for example the portfolio project may be laid out as follows for example: Lesson 1: Submit some topics you would like to use for your project to your instructor for immediate feedback. Lesson 2: Submit an outline for your project along with reference materials you plan to use. Lesson 3: Submit a rough draft to your instructor so that they can comment and offer advice to strengthen your project. Lesson 4: Submit your project to a group of your fellow classmates so that they can also comment and make suggestions to help your project become even better. Lesson 5: Submit you final project to your instructor for grading. Lesson 6: No requirements, you finished your Course Project in Lesson 5!  
  16. 16. Now the final section each week is the assessment. As you remember from orientation, they are open book, but timed. If you have not done the reading, it will be hard to get a good grade. These are usually worth about 30% of your grade. Now let’s look a the MyMoodle section on the right hand side. This will allow you at a glance to see your grade and what you have handed in. Let’s click on MyMoodle on the right hand side.  
  17. 17. Remember to get an “A” you will need to be consistent and have a schedule. I have learned if you dedicate 4 days a week to go into the classroom and then an amount of time for reading you will do great. Any questions?