Best practice for e commerce


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We take a look at what great eCommerce looks like and use as an example.

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  • We had been in existence for 6 years concentrating only on PPC campaigns.
  • Best practice for e commerce

    1. 1. eCommerce Best Practice
    2. 2. • Based in Cape Town, South Africa, with offices in USA,UK & Australia.• Specialist PPC agency with over 50 clients mainly in Retail & Travel.
    3. 3. A little bit about me...
    4. 4. Your site should be built for one
    5. 5. Figure out what that purpose is. Is it really eCommerce?
    6. 6. This is not eCommerce
    7. 7. Neither is this…
    8. 8. According to Wikipedia “Buying and selling of a product or service conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems”
    9. 9. In EnglisheCommerce is the buying and sellingof services and stuff over the internet using a payment gateway
    10. 10. Manage that inventory!
    11. 11. Leave no droidunturned aka Makesure you collect all the data
    12. 12. You know what they say about chains… Make sure yours isn’t weak!
    13. 13. Getting people to your site
    14. 14. “Give the users what they want, and the rest will follow.”-Sergey Brin & Larry Page
    15. 15. Where are we todayand where are we going?
    16. 16. Yes, there is a difference between SEO and SEMMakingyour site Advertsgetfoundeasier byGoogle
    17. 17. Search is where users show their intent
    18. 18. Keywords! Adcopy! Landing Pages!The Holy Grail of PPC
    19. 19. The Longtail “Mixer”$ “KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer”
    20. 20. WISCAYAKA Unique Selling Point
    21. 21. Homepages are where users go to dieIf they have to go to the homepage, make sure they can search your site easily
    22. 22. So what does a great eCommerce site look like?
    23. 23. Great UX is the key to conversion2 levelsofnavigation Different ways of shopping Popular brands are displayed
    24. 24. Compared to this…
    25. 25. A quickie is a goodieMake sure your sight isn’t a yawny.
    26. 26. Google offers you a site speed test
    27. 27. Yuppiechef got 88 out of 100! Nifty suggestions to make the site load even quicker!
    28. 28. Make sure it is responsiveAKA make sure it can cater for the user’s preferences
    29. 29. The content changes as the screen size does Make a mobile version for mobile browsers
    30. 30. Automatically deliver the content the audience wants, in the context they’re in Either: Optimise the layout of your contentOr: Adapt the content itself – perhaps a summary of the desktop site
    31. 31. Provide Quality Pictures and DescriptionsPhotosANDvideos! Special offer!All sortsofcolours!
    32. 32. Upsell by recommending based on what other users boughtOnline shoppers are interested in each other’s good taste.
    33. 33. Bonus points for customer reviews!
    34. 34. Email addresses > Usernames
    35. 35. Avoid hidden chargesAnd, if you’re going to charge, be transparent!
    36. 36. Make it safe!Easy forms remove user pain
    37. 37. Allow for multiple payment options
    38. 38. Make it easy to get hold of you
    39. 39. Ignore the community at your peril
    40. 40. Make sure you don’t let go of their hand after the sale!
    41. 41. Que?