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Logical Sonnets 2


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Logical Sonnets 2

  1. 1. Logical Sonnets Graeme McAllister
  2. 2. Contents 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 27 March Movements ……………… Ab Initio Ad Astra ……………… Albert ……………… Evolutionary Exile ……………… Spoken ……………… Blazing Flame ……………… Black Diamonds ……………… Hawk Mind ……………… System of a Soul ……………… Colour Mirrors ……………… Vision Tunnel ……………… Melding Memories ……………… Aria’s Awe ……………… Lough And Key ………………
  3. 3. MARCH MOVEMENTS Quiet blooms flex steel strands Bending, breaking earthly bones. Precision moves beneath the sands; Revealing, raising painted thrones. Daylight dancer cross the sky, Shift your veil just to one side. Golden skin against the grey, Subtle glimpses tease, entice. March Movements warm the hands, Draw curling ciphers from the bones. Swirling inks extend their strands, Recalled to warm winter snows.
  4. 4. AB INITIO AD ASTRA The morning mists that seek a home, Bind silver shells in ivory domes. Ab initio ad astra One circle course with varied scenes, The roads restart, signpost new dreams. Ab initio ad astra Loud, deepening drums pull fast like sails, Sleepers’ words wander paper trails. Ab initio ad astra Held salted seas within these forms, What golden gains could calm their storms? Ab initio ad astra
  5. 5. ALBERT He measured the cosmos in a single sum, Plotting the patterns woven by light. He showed them the secrets and he felt delight. When the world danced to the rhythm of a war drum, He witnessed the madness of what we’d become. He said; “I endeavoured to broaden their sight, But one thousand suns burned and the world turned to night.” They stop just at the brink of coming undone. Knowledge climbs quickly but understanding is slow. All children who run shall eventually fall, Spinning again, too heedless to remember. The last generation’s lessons are a distant echo, As scientists and philosophers follow the call. What shall we do with the secrets of the Hadron Collider?
  6. 6. EVOLUTIONARY EXILE Soft chimes play on my ribcage; Neanderthal, alien That blinking lights can't lull to sleep. Moves beyond the liquid crystal lens, 3D mediocrity fades out, colours smooth, deep. Sculpted drumbeats, engraved signals, Spiral pathways blur the start, the edge. Memory, sight, reverie; swirl, intermingle, Ego slips from core to edge. Ancestral circles and Linked formations Hold simian shadows, wild, aligned. Nerves spark, explode; primal constellations Beyond slowly shrinking carbon cycles.
  7. 7. SPOKEN Words gathered, grown, lie in bundles, Gardener’s gifts or scientist’s samples? Carried gently past expectant faces, Strive to flee parental pages. The space vibrates with reinvention, A realisation of an Escher etching. Walls scramble, trembling, fleeing, Between twin mirrors; reflections repeating. The mic, Medusa, hisses, wriggles, Mesh woven into shaman sigils. Merge with double helix strands To call out the sleeping sounds. A voice meanders through my disassociation Releasing syllables in a rocket’s reign. The Countless days, through which they’ve slept, Now ended in a mayfly moment.
  8. 8. BLAZING FLAME Egypt’s ancients, paperback mystics, Such enlightenment to prove. A quiet fact amongst the physicists In solid form, we shake, we move. Diamonds dance in empty hands, A glimmer in a facial fold, Heart’s veins aflame with molten strands, Cherished less than freezing gold. Paused in position and place, Electric dancers noted, named. Sliding into system and shape, Fact fantastic, blazing flame.
  9. 9. BLACK DIAMONDS Black diamonds disturbing thinkers From labours for the masses. A defiant star, cause, effect, collapses Illuminated, futile, final answers. Movements of a million brothers Elude, taunt the learned classes, Collected, Questioned, facts statistics. Relative motion's darkest mirror Rotation, regression, Illumination, Illusion. Society strives to bridge, mend The distance between science and seers Defiant dancing, effervescing electron. Answers, answers, the masses demand. Black diamonds disturbing thinkers.
  10. 10. HAWK MIND Who writes laws of astral economics Without a biological insurance policy? Still, cunning hands play stellar harmonics, Compose logical sonnets, fractal poetry. Tracks with patience and ease, Sparks rush, collide without control. Symbols flow, slide into the soul, Passing ghosts; pages remain pure, clean. Hawking’s mind taking flight Through infinity? No words describe Rhythms, pulses; savage, bright. Inspiring awe, fear in technological tribes. Time; Predator, chaser, Chronos Tied in an equation’s subtle elegance. Clockwork revelry, suggestions of sentience, Connected, locked; Collected, lost.
  11. 11. SYSTEM OF A SOUL Hydraulic Hearts and Neural Networks, In perfect rhythm and Control. Is the mind controlled by chemicals, Or do the cells obey the soul?
  12. 12. COLOUR MIRRORS The millions march in ordered step, Beneath the gloom of charcoal skies. They're buds upon a concrete carpet, The coloured mirrors of the mind. A slinking shoot that cracks it's seed, To forge it's fruit across the skies. A tapestry flowing from the thread. The coloured mirrors of the mind. A touch to make the planets tremble, Strokes the spheres above the skies. Given voice like struck cymbals. The coloured mirrors of the mind.
  13. 13. VISION TUNNEL Eyes absorb the ceaseless shapes That slip, that spill in oily pools. Patterned waters pile their waves, Ceaseless shapes that burst, that bloom. Signals run the coiling corridors To stroke, to steer the reaching threads. Tapestries of crawling colours Stretch across the granite bends. Clouds plough their formless territory To shake, to swirl darkness, lights. Ancient stars suspend their entropy. The moon's curve has smoothed tonight.
  14. 14. MELDING MEMORIES Thoughts float on coloured clouds, Repel, mingle, separate strands. Fantasies, memories, bounce, bend Chaos subsides, the moments meld. Thoughts meet and swirl softly, Rise, climb to sudden symphony.
  15. 15. ARIA’S AWE Diva drifts across the stage. Cloud carrying the waxing storm Still silhouettes taste it's rage. Tension tingles cold then warm. Moment’s meditation; she channels Verdi’s vision through her form. Majestic, masterful the notes swell. Echoes embrace, sedate resistance. All absorbed, ordered, deferential. Sights, sounds merge, fragile ambience. Heaven holds no equal joy or solemnity, Shining syllables mock cosmic radiance. Aria awes with strength, fragility. Quiet! Quick hands offer appreciation. Illumination? Illusion? Hymn to humanity?
  16. 16. LOUGH AND KEY Some mornings as I pass the lake, I forget to let it touch my mind. Eyes clutch the colour, the shape, But awareness spins, then slides. Nymphs dance in the swirling mists, Orchids stir, straining in synaptic beds Amid the briars of tasks and lists. Pause to bloom or race ahead?