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School presentation


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School presentation

  1. 1. Lessons ArtMaths English Science Chinese Sport Geography History Music
  2. 2. School Uniform
  3. 3. Time table Wednesda Monday Tuesday y Thursday Friday Registratio Registratio Registratio Registratio Registratio 8:30 n n n n n 9:00 Math Geography Math Art Chinese10:00 English Science History Math Science11:00 Reccess Reccess Reccess Reccess Reccess12:00 Sport English English Music English 1:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 2:00 Chinese Music Geography Science Math 3:00 Art Chinese Art Sport History 4:00 Hometime Hometime Hometime Hometime Hometime
  4. 4. People at school
  5. 5. I get to School by…
  6. 6. In my school bag there are…
  7. 7. Celia’s School DayThis is Celia, she is ? years old.Celia goes to ? School. She getsto school by ? Today is Monday.Her first lesson is ? Which startsat ? Her favourite subject inschool is ? Her least favouritesubject is ? For lunch Celia likesto eat ? Celia goes back home at?